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Forum & Gameplay Rules
Standard Forum Rules Branch

Advanced, Literate Role-Playing, And What This Means
    Highgrove is listed as an advanced, literate role playing game suitable for mature players only. What this means is that we expect and enforce the correct use of spelling and grammar in all In Character posts and applications. We also require a minimum word count of at least three hundred and fifty words per post. Filling posts with quotes from a prior post to buffer the word count is not acceptable behaviour, and we encourage all players to fully explore the setting and their characters in posts and applications. Characters lacking much depth at all, or following the archetype of a Mary Sue without real character development or reason will not be accepted. This does not mean you cannot have an angst ridden character with a tragic history, or a character that is very good at something despite circumstances, but the character must have real substance and a reason for it.

    Role-playing themes may be dark and/or violent, or make reference to ideals or images of an adult nature. (We will not post pornography or overtly graphic 'smut' however.) As such, we require our players to be aged sixteen years or above, with no exceptions given. If the administrative team does not feel that you meet the standard requirements of age or of a firm grasp of the English language, we may ask you to resign from the site.

Character 'Play-Bys'
    Character play-bys on Highgrove must be human celebrities. We will not accept so called 'Celebrities' from social networks such as Facebook and Myspace, or from places like Deviant Art and Model Mayhem. Please try to use only genuine actors, musicians, models etc. You may not use artwork for your avatar or signature image, such as anime pictures, etc. You must use a photograph of your chosen, human play-by.

In Character, and Out of Character
    All serious in character interactions must take place on the designated in character boards of the forum. We won't penalise people for in character banter in the chat box or out of character forums, as long as it is understood that this is not a part of game play, and is not taken seriously. Likewise, any out of character chatter should be contained to the out of character boards and the chat box provided. Out of character chat and comments should not appear anywhere on the in character boards.

Character Creation Information and Plot
    We request that all new members complete a thorough read-through of all the provided plot and character creation information. While this may seem daunting at first, once you've familiarised yourself with the information, it will aid your game play and the application process invaluably. If you post an application before reading all of the information, and this is apparent in the content of the application, we may ask you to go back and read the information anyway, so you may save yourself the time and hassle by being ahead of the game to begin with.

Registering a Forum Account
    When you register for an account on the site, your log in name should be your character's first and last name with correct capitalisation. If you register an account incorrectly, the account will be deleted and you will be requested to create a new account with the correct log in name. Please avoid using unreasonable names for your characters, as this is a real life setting. You will be asked to explain how your character got their overly unusual name in an application pend if you do choose something out of reasonable bounds.

Player Activity and Character Cap
    When you first begin playing on the forum, you will be restricted to five characters only, two of which must be Highgrove Staff. More characters may be added with the permission of forum staff, if you show consistently acceptable standards of character activity. You must get approval for each new character above the five character limit. Each of your characters must be posted for at least once a week in order for your request for more to be considered. Periodically, we may run activity checks to make sure that all of the characters registered to the forum are active. Characters that are shown to be inactive will be deleted, and may not be played again. So check in often, and try to keep your characters as active as free time will allow. If you find you struggle to keep all of your characters active, consider dropping some of them during the next activity check. Places on Highgrove are limited, so please do not try to keep characters that you cannot post for or have no inspiration for.

Personal Drama & Conflicts
    We, here at Highgrove, strictly maintain that all personal drama and conflicts be kept off of the boards and out of the chat box. Simply put we don't wish to see it. If you have a grievance with another player that cannot be settled between the two of you, either through Private Messages or a third party instant messaging program, then you may bring your grievance to a member of staff who may act as an intermediary for you both. We also strictly maintain a clique-free policy. We highly discourage gang mentality, and we expect all members of the site to welcome new members openly and freely. We want to be a friendly and open community of dedicated role-players, and forming exclusive groups either socially, or through playing and plotting only with friends goes against the ideal we would like to uphold. Likewise, we discourage the public display of personal drama having to do with anything about the game itself or the site. Members who are found bringing about drama that upsets or unsettles other members of the site may be asked to resign, or in severe cases,may be removed from the site by the forum administrative team. You have been warned.

The Chat Box
    The chat box rules are as follows: Please be respectful of other members in the chat box at all times. Do not flame or otherwise insult other members. Please use English only when chatting. Respect your forum administrators if they ask you to do or not do something in the chat box. Please do not spam the chat box with many messages in a row. As a general rule, try to keep your messages in the chat box to a maximum of three messages at a time. Please refrain from using 'net speak' or 'text speak' in the chat box. Some of us are purists and don't speak your strange new languages. Please do not post pictures, videos or links to articles that broach the Forumotion terms of service. These include links to pornographic materials, controlled substances, or any other articles that may be deemed "Not Safe for Work" or simply inappropriate. Some of our members view the forum from work or school, so keep it clean.

Content Ratings
    Posts on the forum may prove to be of an adult nature, involving adult themes, violence, use of controlled substances, foul language or other allusions that may offend those of a more sensitive persuasion. Foul language is acceptable in posts, and likely to occur. If you are sensitive to any of the things mentioned, venture no further. However, graphic scenes of sexual intimacy are not permitted in threads. If your thread is venturing that way, either take it to Private Messages, or kindly have the thread 'fade to black'.

Character Originality
    We do not accept any canon characters on Highgrove. Canon characters are characters that come from other works of literature, motion pictures, television shows, etc. We also will not accept characters that are glaringly based upon canon characters. All characters on Highgrove are original characters. Highgrove will in no way accept characters that are copied from other characters on the site. We consider copy-catting to be plagiarism, and should it occur, the case will be considered carefully by the administrative team, and a judgement made on whether the accusation is viable. If you are found plagiarising from other members, you may be given an official warning, or removed from the site. We take the matter of plagiarism very seriously. You have been warned.

Avatars , Signature Images & Images in Posts
    We would like you to at least display an avatar or a signature image depicting your character, on your account. Account avatars can be no larger than 150px wide by 200px tall. Signature images should be no larger than 500px wide by 275px tall. Please do not use animated GIF images, as these are very distracting. In the event of a scheduled real-time role playing event such as a Group Therapy, your avatar for the live chat box should be a square. 100px by 100px is ideal. Images used in posts should be no wider than 600px. Anything that stretches the standard forum frames will be removed.

Post Templates
    We do not allow the use of post templates on the site. Post templates are pre-formatted, coded templates into which posts are placed, which when posted provide extra images, unreasonable fonts and colours, song lyrics, quotes, etc. If you don't know what we're talking about, then chances are you don't have to worry about this regulation.

Post Formatting
    We request that you do not change your font size in posts to anything overtly smaller or larger than the standard forum font. We also request that you do not change the font colour to something that may make it difficult for another member to read. And remember, just because you can read it might not necessarily mean that someone else can read it. We all have differing strengths of eyesight and colour settings on our monitors. We also request that you do not utilise fonts that differ greatly from the standard system fonts, such as downloaded fonts, script fonts or handwriting fonts.

The Application Process
    Please be patient with the forum administration team when you post your application. We may not get to it immediately, as many of us have other tasks to attend to, and we also wish to enjoy the role-playing on the site as much as you do. As a general rule, we allow 72 hours for application reviews. Please do not pester staff in any way about reviewing your application before the 72 hour waiting period is up. The 72 hour waiting period renews after each application pend that may be posted.


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