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Post  dippet on Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:04 pm

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The year is 1944, and Tom Riddle is a 6th year at Hogwarts. He is just now forming and finalizing his plans and gathering followers
This is after Tom had opened the Chamber of Secrets, in his 5th year. It was also when Hagrid had gotten the blame for it.
Myrtle was killed by the Basilisk.

While Grindelwald is at his most powerful. There is much unrest as Grindelwald’s threats extend to the school, bringing into question beliefs and loyalties.

As Tom Riddle charms (and curses) his way through his sixth year, students will have to choose between staying safe or protecting others, between right and wrong, and their choices have the possibility to alter everything.

There is an Hufflepuff girl, who is in her 5th year. She has been having dreams about Tom even since the first day she had come to Hogwarts. She never knew who he was, till she finally met him. She just thought they where dreams, but they are more than that as it is a warning.

And over sometime she started putting somethings together about him, like she knows he is evil. She has powers that can help him or hurt him. But, Tom and her don't knew that till sometime. Can she stop him in time? Will others believe her? Or will she join Tom?


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