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"The history is the past, my people. We must look toward the future, to what is best for the human race."

21st November 1858 A.D.

Dr. Maynard Sommer, an immunologist with a penchant for recklessness begins to experiment with the idea of a “master race”, a subset of super humans. He was declared as being too radical by his colleagues—his research was concluded to be immoral and unethical. But, Sommer did not need the assistance of any man, and used himself as the prototype, injecting himself with a serum that is still unknown to this day. He developed symptoms soon after that. The side effects far outweighed the strengths. Sommer became blinded by a ravenous hunger for human flesh, and after murdering his assistant, was forced to go into hiding. His body still has not been found. All traces of him have disappeared. He is wanted, dead or alive.

16th June 1982 A.D.

Vampires begin to become vocal in society—they have grown in large numbers and now want a sense of normalcy. There are now rallies and rebellions across the Capitol, and human sympathizers begin to show unyielding support for the lesser race. This caused a chain reaction—shifters and gifted humans alike begin to join the cause, wanting something akin to representation and equality. They are tired of hiding. The President, with help with the Assembly adopts a more tolerant policy, albeit not very effective.

3rd October 2025 A.D.

Simon Wolsey is elected Prime Minister. Unbeknownst to the general public, he secretly dissolves the power of the Assembly. But, allows it to remain as a front for democracy. He begins “Project Epsilon” —its mission is to eradicate all the other races. He begins a campaign about national security, calling these other races to be a danger to society and order. He does it in such a tactful way that it almost appears to be a genuine concern. People have now become divided, races are now uprising, and Wolsey still rules with an iron fist. Will his reign of terror ever cease?

2042 A.D.

Now is the time to act.

Entry log 20: History of the Capitol
Author unknown


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