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Kaydance Kooper Resapp _____________________________________ Written Interview

Kaydance Kooper 1324650332

    Resident Full Name: Kaydence Kooper
    Resident Date of Birth: April 30, 1995
    Resident Age: 16
    Resident Gender: Female
    Current Address: 2311 Potter's Lane
    City/Town: Send
    County/State: Surrey
    Country: England

    Resident Hair Colour: Blonde
    Resident Eye Colour: Blue
    Resident Height: 5'8"
    Resident Weight: 110
    Distinguishing Marks: I have a Surgery scars on my right knee & left thigh; scar on my right thigh from a childhood accident involving a slide; round scar on the back of my left thigh where a foster brother set a dog on me.
Spoken Interview With Highgrove Representative

Representative: Thank you for meeting with me today. We will now begin the recorded interview. I will ask you a series of standard questions. Please try to answer them to the best of your ability. So, firstly, how are you feeling today?

Resident: I'm quite nervous, actually. Being here means I have to be honest...I don't want to be honest, honestly.

Representative: And what circumstances have led you to apply for residency at the Highgrove Home for Children?

Resident: I didn't. The matron @ the orphanage said she believed this was a good place for me to be. She thinks it could help w/ a few of my issues that she couldn't help me with.

Representative: Do you have any medical conditions we should be aware of? If so, please explain.

Resident: I have arthritis in my knee. That's the only one I can think of.

Representative: Have you ever been diagnosed with a psychiatric illness? If yes, have you ever been hospitalised or sent to a special care facility for these illnesses?

Resident: I've got a few of those. Let me tick them off for you: Chronic depression, anxiety disorder, post-partum depression, panic disorder, Attention Defecit Disorder just to name a few. I have never been hospitalised.

Representative: How does your current state of mind affect your day to day life? Are there any incidences of note which you feel are a direct result of your state of mind, such as suicide attempts, arrests, hospitalisations, et cetera?

Resident: I have never been arrested or hospitalized. Just medicated. It DOES make it hard for me to make friends due to my anxiety. It gets so bad some days, I don't want to leave my room. I feel like no one wants to be around me for some reason. It's like a...paranoia of sorts. That everyone's talking about me behind my back, even if it's obvious they're not. They don't even have to LOOK @ me. If they're talking, it's about me.

Patient observation: Based on her body language, Patience seems to be losing interest in the conversation. She's fidgeting w/ things used for play therapy, taking longer to answer questions.

Representative:have you ever harmed yourself, others, or animals? If yes, please explain.

Resident: I...cut once. It was so my foster mom would pay attention to me. She told me it'd would have been better if I'd just died & took me back to the orphange the next day.

Representative: We understand you are having trouble at your current place of residence. Could you please describe the problems you are having, and the results or repercussions that have come about because of them?

Resident: The matron @ the orphanage says I have more problems than she can cure. Had I just had depression, that's one thing, but I don't fit in w/ anybody there. I have no friends there.

Patient observation: Patient seems vaguely distant. She's here, but perhaps her mind is elsewhere?

Representative: What five words would you use to best describe yourself?

Resident: Five words? Um...Loyal...anxious...creative...depressed...lonely. There ya go!

Representative: Do you have many friends? Could you describe your relationships and where you met these friends?[/size]

Resident: That's easy. I have no friends. I am hoping to make some here.

Representative: How would you describe your relationship with your biological family? Did you spend much time with them? Do you have any siblings?

Resident: My parents are dead. My...um...dad killed my mom.

Patient Observation: Patient seems to shut down when speaking of parents. Crosses arms & stares @ floor.

My mum was a prostitute. Dad sold drugs & drank alot. His drug of choice was coke. He...came home, drunk & high, while Mum was with a client. Flew into a...um...drunken jealous rage. He...um...grabbed a gun & shot her in the face. I came out of my room when I heard the commotion. When he saw me, he...turned the gun on himself...

Patient obaervation: Patient willingly gives information, even when only a little information is needed.

No siblings. Just me. All this took place when i was 9...

Representative: Are you sexually active? If yes, are you aware of any sexual preferences regarding gender or situation?

Resident: I'm not active now. Not after what happened.

Patient Observation: Patient did not want to discuss her sexual past & needed further pressing.

I had a boyfriend 3 years ago. We dated since I was 13 & he was 15. I lost my virginity to him @ 14. 6 months later, @ the age of 15, I found out I was pregnant. I was exstatic! I loved this boy. I thought he loved me too. He told me he did...usually after doing something that hurt me... But not like that! He wasn't abusive! He would call me names, like fat & ugly. I knew he didn't mean them though.

Patient observation: Can tell this is a very hard thing for her. She continues to clam up & needs constant pushing to get it out. Doesn't understand the concept of abuse. @ this moment, she still hasn't given all her attention to the conv. Is now playing w/ objects on desk

Anyway, I got pregnant. I told him, all excited. He just...snapped. Called me a dirty whore, told me the baby wasn't his...then, the beatings began. He slammed me against the wall & just wailed on me. Kicking, scratching, punching with all the strength he could muster, screaming that he'd kill us both. Me & the baby. I thought it would never end, but his dad came in & pulled him off me. His mom called the cops & I was whisked away to the hospital. I.suffered 3 broken ribs & a misscarriage...

Representative: Where did you grow up, and what was it like there? How do you feel about where you grew up?

Resident: I grew up in a small home owned by my parents until I was 9 & my parents were killed. After that, the state took me to live @ an orphanage. I was there until age 10 when I got my first foster family. A nice couple w/ 2 kids they'd adopted. I lived there a year until the father lost his job & couldnt support a wife & three kids. As I was only a foster, I got sent back. @ 12, I found another foster family. They were not as nice as the first family. I rarely got fed & ended up w/ a vitamin deficiency. Lost most of my hair & bruised very easily. I was taken from them almost as quickly.as I got there. I was put into another home, but by then I was so depressed & angsty, they only kept me till I was 15 & pregnant. That wasnt their problem.

Representative: How is school? What are your grades like, and do you enjoy it? Do you participate in any after-school activities?

Resident Answer Here: Hmmm? Oh, sorry. Can you repeat the question? Oh. I don't very much like school. Students don't like you if you're smarter than them. I hide my intelligence so I'm not ridiculed.

Representative: What do you hope to find at the Highgrove Home, and how do you feel about potentially becoming a resident there?

Resident: I think some possible one on one time w/ someone able to make my...what's the word?...help w/ my afflictions would be superb for me.

Representative: Lastly, how do you feel about what you have done so far with you life, looking back on it. If you have done unacceptable things, how do you now feel about those?

Resident: I don't like where my life is now. I could use more realistic friends & less imaginary ones. If I could go back & redo one thing, it'd def be the pregnancy thing. I wouldn't have told him. I would be more outgoing. I would concentrate better in school, not let people take advantage of me so much...I'm tired of needing to please EVERYBODY. I can't do it, so why try? Everything I do is wrong, why bother?

Patient observation: Patient has tears forming & is shaking her head. She clearly does not want to finish. Her arms are crossed as are her ankles & she is looking @ the floor where she has been looking for quite som time. Her quiteness is an indicator that she os done talking.

_____________________________ Out Of Character Section

Is there anything your character isn't telling us? Do you have more information to add about your character that they would not tell the representative about? Please explain below:

Resident Answer Here: She talks to pictures that she carries around in her backpack. They're usually of the hottest celebs @ that moment. When she's alone, she occupies herself by having one-sided comversations w/ them. She keeps them hidden so no one can judge her.

Character Playby: Kaley Cuoco
Player Nickname: Rei
Chatango Username: ?
Preferred Chore Assignment Group: Please assign whatever is deemed nessacary. Smile


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Post  Ghost on Sat Dec 24, 2011 4:42 am

This Application Has Been Denied
Kaydance Kooper Branch

We apologise for the inconvenience, but this application has unfortunately been denied. The reasons for this denial are listed below. We encourage you to make another character and try again, but you may not use the same character name and primary issues for your next application.

  • Highgrove is a literate, advanced roleplaying forum with a heavy focus on the art of creative writing and the correct use of the English language. Text based roleplaying itself is about the writing and the ability to craft a well rounded character or a vision invoking scene through words alone. I cannot help but imagine that if you cannot be bothered to type one extra character ("at" instead of "@") or type "with" instead of "w/" that the language which you are using must not be that important to you.

    It states in our forum rules that you must have a firm grasp of the English language, and grammar, in order to play. I do not see either of those things in this application. I do not mean to be overtly offensive or mean, but I am frankly horrified that you would want to write for a hobby and yet you would so mercilessly murder the English language through the laziness of not just typing an extra letter or two instead of cutting corners and using text speak.

    Text speak is not English.

    It is also incorrect grammar to type out numbers in numerical form, instead of writing them out. For example, it is "Nineteen", not "19".

    If you are capable of using your own language correctly, and really putting in the effort, then you are more than welcome to try again. But if you don't feel like you can take the time to type a few extra characters, and not murder the language, then I'm afraid an advanced, literate forum is not for you.

  • Furthermore, your application code is broken in multiple places, which should have been fixed before the application was posted, as per the application rules.

  • Kaydance not only was raised by a drug-dealing drunk and a prostitute, but then witnessed their murder-suicide, was shuttled from foster home to foster home, got pregnant and lost the baby, was beaten by a boy she felt she loved, and has just generally had a life filled with misery and trauma. Yet, somehow she seems to be a genius, brilliant in school and hated by others for her superior intelligence. Her name is a quirky and unlikely mispelling of another name. She is inordinately attractive for a child born of a junkie and a drunk. She has a list of issues that reads like a shopping list (and also doesn't make much sense psychologically speaking) and which she doesn't really show on the application.

    I direct your attention to: The Mary Sue Litmus Test and recommend that you be totally transparent and honest with yourself when taking it. As also noted in the rules, we do not allow Mary Sue characters, and currently, you character is pretty much the definition of one. Sorry.

This Application Was Reviewed by: Ghost.

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