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Post  Ghost on Sat Dec 24, 2011 6:42 am

Christmas at Highgrove House

About the Christmas Event Blackandwhiteolivebranc
Event Information

'Tis the Season, or so they say, and whether you love or hate the festive decorations, gorging on over-rich food and giving of gifts, Highgrove is no exception to the festive rule. While the rest of the world is decking the halls with boughs of holly... Well, so is Highgrove. Whether the residents love or hate the season, it does afford them the opportunity to let loose and break away from Highgrove's usually strictly scheduled day to day life.

This year, Highgrove has prepared a formal Christmas dinner and a formal dance for its residents and staff. Unfortunately for the more shy of Highgrove's residents, all residents will be required to attend. A quiet are has been set aside for them however, in the solarium, so if they're not the dancing type, maybe they'd like to hang out amidst the plants, or hide in the ferns from all those crazed holiday lovers.


Christmas Dinner will consist of the standard English Christmas fare of Turkey, Goose or Pheasant, with all of the vegetables and trimmings on the side. Each student will be permitted to have a small glass of wine with dinner. The glass must be consumed by the resident it is given to and may not be passed to another resident. Staff will be monitoring. It will not be enough wine that they will become intoxicated. They may choose between a sweet, white dessert wine, or a fruity, full-bodied red wine.

The Christmas Dance will take place in the newly opened functions hall, refurbished to its former early 1800s glory, and decorated festively and in keeping with the antique feel of the surroundings. A small DJ-For-hire from the nearby town will be on-site, playing acceptable music from the 80s through to today. Staff will be supervising the dance, and 'humping' etc. will not be tolerated.

The Dress Code is formal. What this means is suits for the gents (which will be provided for them should they not own one) and evening gowns for the ladies (likewise provided for them.) Ladies dresses must not be strapless and must not show the midriff. They must reach at least to the knee, and must generally be tasteful in appearance. Both gents and ladies may choose their outfits from an appropriate selection in a pamphlet provided for them... some days ago. (Yes, we know, Ghost's a bit late with this event. Just assume they got to choose a few weeks ago.)

Potential Doom is possible for residents who upset others, or in any way ruin the experience for residents or staff who wish to participate in the festivities. Infringement of Highgrove's rules may result in unpleasant consequences. Dr. Bjorgen will be in attendance. You have been warned. As you may notice, the forum itself is currently low on staff characters, so please, when you're playing, assume that there are staff everywhere, watching the event like a hawk. Basically, don't take advantage of the forum's lack of staff characters, please.

This event will run from Today (Dec 24th) until Sunday Jan 1st, to give everyone time to play. Also, we're lowering the minimum word count to 150 words for the event boards only. So make some threads and jump on in. This is the perfect opportunity to earn points for posting!

And of course...

    Have a Happy Christmas (yes, I said it) and a very good new year.
      Ghost & the Staff of Highgrove


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