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Maxwell Rose Staffapp

Maxwell Rose Dm61jt

    Full Name: Maxwell Rose
    Date of Birth: 10/03/1962
    Age: 49
    Gender: Male
    Current Address: Finches Hollow, Ferry Lane
    City/Town: Guilford
    County/State: Surrey
    Country: England

    Hair Colour: Brown, turning grey
    Eye Colour: Green
    Height: 6’
    Weight: 155lbs
    Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Employment Interview

Please list position(s) for which you are applying:

I’m applying for the position of head of household.

Please explain why you are applying for the position(s):

Your current head of household, Dr. Penhurst, reached out to me some weeks ago asking if I was interested in the position. At the time I was not looking to change careers but after giving it some thought and doing some research I’m rather excited about the potential move.

Why do you feel you would be the best candidate for the position(s)?:

Dr. Penhurst seems to think that I am the best candidate for the position otherwise she wouldn’t have contacted me about the job. My entire career has been dedicated to helping young people deal with the issues that plague them. Perhaps because this is my focus of study she felt that I would do well as head of household.

Do you posses the necessary qualifications for the position(s) for which you are applying? If yes, please list them below:

I do. I was educated at a university in Guilford, where I reside, and achieved my medical degree with the specialization in psychiatry.

What other qualifications or skills do you possess which you feel will aid your performance in the chosen position(s)?:

I dedicated several years of study and focus on drug abuse and the connection it has with mental illness. Since some of the children at Highgrove will have come from either homes with drug problems or will have had them themselves this background might be able to help me connect with them.

Have you worked in this type of position or facility before? If so, where and when?:

I’ve worked in a psychiatric facility before that had both in and out patients but it wasn’t a home.

Please describe your most recent employment experiences, including your positions there, company names, and locations:
The facility I worked in previously was a proper institution with a clinic attached to it. The children’s ward was where I primarily worked but I also saw patients who came in through the clinic for weekly sessions. Most of my patients were children or teenagers.

How do you think your previous education and employment experiences will aid your performance within the chosen position(s)?:

Because I have worked with teens and children, in addition to the studies have done, I feel that I’m prepared to handle the challenges that Highgrove will present.

Psychological Evaluation

Please describe yourself to the best of your ability, in only five words. ('And' will not count towards these.):

Confident, focused, friendly, up-beat, skilled.

What methods would you employ in order to relax during times of stress, and how effective do you think these have been in the past?:

I’m a very hands on person and when stressed I like to work on something that distracts me from my other thoughts. I might do a puzzle, build a little something, or learn a new skill. This allows me to keep my brain active but requires focus so I’m not left dwelling on whatever is stressing me out. Because of this I can knit, play the piano, and have gotten rather good at baking.

Please list three traits about yourself that you consider negative, and three traits about yourself that you consider positive. Explain these choices if necessary:

Three positive traits about me would be my dedication to my work. I often go out of my way to make sure my patients are getting the best help they need. I’m the type you can call at four am if you’re having a rough night and need to talk. I’m also quite the good cook if I do say so myself.

Negative traits would include a rather stubborn nature. Some would say I’m simply determined but it’s to a fault. I don’t let go of things easily. I often get too involved with my work as well. I find that sometimes I take on some of the burden of my patients and carry it with me when I should remain objective. I also don’t always take a joke well. I take thing too personally sometimes.

Describe one event in your life that you would change if you could, and why:

I’d never get married. When I was thirty-one my girlfriend and I got married after the pressure from our families became too much for us. All three of my brothers had gotten married by this point and her sister had just gotten engaged. So we bit the bullet and tied the knot. I think we both knew we weren’t meant for each other. Our relationship quickly spiraled downward and after a year and a half we were finished. We split up and I haven’t heard from her since.

If a superior gave you a task to complete, to which you were wholly, morally opposed, what would you do?:

I wouldn’t do the task and that would be the end of it. My employer would have the option of working with me and sorting something else out for me to do or I’d be looking for a new job.

If you caught a friend and co-worker stealing from your place of employment, breaking rules, and/or endangering the safety of others, what would you do?:

I’d report them to their superior immediately and let them handle it. Trying to handle the situation myself could lead to more problems and I could possibly get in trouble if the friend convinces others I was taking part. It would be better for me to stay removed and let those qualified to do so handle it.

Environmental Screening

Where did you grow up, and what was it like there?:

I grew up in Guilford, Surrey, England and have remained in the city for my entire life. I can’t really complain about my childhood since I was born to a wealthy family and had pretty much anything I wanted. I have one older brother and two younger and we got on like boys do. We fought, cussed, challenged each other, and then sat down and laughed over chips. I’m in touch with all of my family and am the proud uncle of four and a great uncle to one.

What are/were your social interactions like? Do/did you have many friends and/or relationships?:

I like to think that I’m a friendly guy and make friends. I wasn’t the most popular guy in school but I had many friends who I got along well with. I still have some friends from my school days as well.

What prompted you to pursue the career path you are now following?:

As a boy I had wanted to be a doctor like my father but as I began preparing myself to head down that path I drifted away from it. I read bits about psychiatry and I found it far more interesting than general medicine.

Were you ever a member of the armed forces or of a law enforcement or security agency? If yes, please list rank and branch, or company name and location:

I have never been a member of the armed forces.

Do/Did you ever abuse controlled substances, including but not limited to alcohol, prescription medications, street drugs and tobacco?:

I have never abused any controlled substances.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If yes, please list conviction(s) and served sentence(s) below:

I have never been convicted of a crime.

Out Of Character Section

Is there anything your character isn't telling us? Do you have more information to add about your character that they would not tell the representative about? Please explain below:

Not too much has been left out of Max’s application. He’s not on as good of terms with his family as he claims however. Their relationship has been strained for a number of years given the allegations made against him. Some say that he takes his work a little too personally and has gotten too close to his patients. No formal charges have been brought against and even those who stop seeing him still think very highly of him. But those whispers have been enough to raise the eyebrows of his family. His failed marriage, something his patients don’t typically know about him, also has his family questioning him for the exact details of the divorce are unknown.

Character Playby: Greg Wise
Player Nickname: Nebby
Chatango Username: TinyNebula
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Maxwell Rose Approved
Employee Information & Assignments

    Full Name: Dr. Maxwell Rose
    Age: 49
    Gender: Male
    Position: Head of Household
    House Number: Highgrove House Addition Apartment 1

Final Approval Steps

Before you begin posting, please be certain that you have completed the last approval steps below. Failure to complete these last steps will result in the deletion of your character during the next activity check.

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