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Stable Block Residents List
The Stable Residents Branch

Highgove's stable block provides accomodation for up to ten horses at a time. At present, the estate only houses five horses, one of which belongs to the stablemaster, but may be ridden by experienced riders, with his express permission. Naturally there is room for others to be added. If you wish to bring another horse to Highgrove, and you play a staff member who is equine-competent, you may purchase a pet reward in the rewards thread and ask a member of staff if it would be okay to purchase a horse.

Mr. Bingley
Belongs to: Verne Fitzwilliam, Stablemaster
The Stable Residents Mrbingley
    Nickname: Bing
    Gender: Male
    Breed: Hanoverian
    Temperament: Bing can be a little hard to handle at times. He is willfull and stubborn as a rule, but mostly harmless in the right hands.
    Riding Style: Bing is recommended only for educated, seasoned riders. He specialises in Steeplechase and Jumping.

Red Sky Night
The Stable Residents Redskynight
    Nickname: Red
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Welsh Cob (Pony)
    Temperament: Red can be a little schizy at times and spooks fairly easily. She is high strung but gentle and well-broken.
    Riding Style: Red is recommended for intermediate riders wishing to learn more. She specialises in general, riding small jumps and gymkhana.

Will O' the Wisp
The Stable Residents Willothewisp
    Nickname: Will
    Gender: Male
    Breed: Pinto
    Temperament: Will is high-spirited and hot headed. He is headstrong and clever, and can be quite the trickster.
    Riding Style: Will is best suited for experienced riders. He specialises in hunter-jumper and trail riding.

Charlotte Sometimes
The Stable Residents Charlottesometimes
    Nickname: Lottie
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Dales Pony
    Temperament: Lottie is the gentlest by far of all the horses at Highgrove. She possesses a sweet temperament and a relaxed attitude.
    Riding Style: Lottie is recommended for novice riders looking to learn how to ride. She is best suited to riding in the ring or lazy trail rides.

Lady Windermere's Fan
The Stable Residents Ladywindermeresfan
    Nickname: Lady
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Quarter Horse
    Temperament: Lady has a mild, happy-go-lucky temperament. She is the oldest of the horses, and is well experienced and well-broken.
    Riding Style: Lady is also perfect for novice riders looking to learn. She is well suited to trail rides and cross country, but is equally comfortable in the ring.

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