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Welcome to the Highgrove Home for Children Empty Welcome to the Highgrove Home for Children

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Welcome to the Highgrove Home for Children Welcomeka

Welcome to the Highgrove Home for Children, a privately funded home for children and adolescents who have been unable to thrive in government sanctioned homes for children, or within the foster care system.

Highgrove Home for Children provides an intimate home environment for troubled children and adolescents who have not found peace or prosperity in other homes for children or in foster care. It caters specifically to troubled cases of a psychiatric nature, ranging from nervous conditions to antisocial behaviours. Highgrove also accepts private admissions, from families who have not been able to cope with their child's behaviour, providing the case meets Highgroves admission standards. Highgrove's current resident capacity is Thiry-Six. Eighteen boys, and eighteen girls, with room for expansion. It supplies on-site psychiatric screening and care, as well as boasting a private medical clinic. Residents are assigned chores both indoors and out to help build a sense of responsibility and character. Highgrove considers its residents as family, and relies heavily upon an honour system and the granting or revocation of privileges.

Welcome to the Highgrove Home for Children Houseop

The House

The Highgrove Home for Children is located at Highgrove House, a wealthy country estate founded in the mid 1700s. As well as being home to the grand manor house, it includes a small community of cottages for Highgrove staff, a medical clinic, farm and equestrian facilities and extensive country grounds. Highgrove was home to the Highgrove family from its inception up until the 1880s, when the family fell on hard times and were forced to sell the house and estate to private owners. The house stood in disrepair for a decade before its doors opened to disenfranchised and sickly children in the 1890s. Though it has changed hands a few times since then, it has continued to function as a home for children who have nowhere else to go. Rumours abound amongst the residents -as they always will- about the house's previous occupants, and whether or not they still remain within Highgrove's many halls and gardens.

Welcome to the Highgrove Home for Children Townz

Grove End

The nearest population centre to Highgrove House is the small village of Grove End. Located in a remote corner of England's picturesque Lake District, the village serves as the perfect country backdrop for a quiet, rural life. It offers little in the way of modern entertainments or distractions, but its residents seem happy enough to be away from the rush of major towns and cities. Its remote location also helps to keep Highgrove House out of the public eye. Residents of the house may acquire town privileges from time to time, but for the most part, Highgrove's Staff make up a fair percentage of those who spend time in the village's pub and cafe.

Welcome to the Highgrove Home for Children Autumnd


Highgrove Home for Children is an advanced, literate role-playing game. All members are expected to have a firm grasp of the English language and grammar. Player posts must meet a word count minimum requirement of three-hundred and fifty words. We would like to encourage a diversity of characters, from different resident issues, to varying staff positions. As such, places at Highgrove may be limited. Characters must be well thought out and well rounded. Players must read all of the necessary character creation guidelines and information before posting an application. For further information, please refer to the standard forum rules before you begin.


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