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Special Site Canons
Special Canons Branch
Canon Rules

Before you consider picking up a canon position, there are some things you should know. Please read this thread thoroughly and in its entirety before you go any further!

  • In order to play one of these special canons, you must have been with the forum for a minimum of a month. Your posting standards and frequency must be consistently high. We would hope to see posts that go above and beyond the minimum word count requirement, and characters that are well-rounded, well thought out and original.

  • To claim a canon, you must first post a reply to this thread stating which canon you would like to play. The forum staff will then review your prior RP experience on the board, and respond to let you know if you can go ahead and post an application, or if we would like you to wait a while longer.

  • These canon spots are extremely limited. You must remain active with your canon for the sake of the site plot and the other players on the board. If you do not feel that you can remain consistently active with a canon character, please do not request to take a canon spot.

  • Canon positions use a different application to the other characters on the board. You'll find the application in this thread. Canon applications will be subject to a higher level of scrutiny than regular applications. When you post a Canon application, you should title it: Canon: Firstname Lastname.

  • If you have any questions about one of these characters either before you request to play them, or during play, please contact me directly. You can frequently find me in the chatbox, or you may send me a private message and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.

How The Canons Work

Please also see: Canons FAQ

Special Canons at Highgrove are in fact ghosts. They are prior occupants of the house or grounds who have died here and have become trapped. However, they cannot make the walls bleed, disappear in front of someone's eyes, or walk through walls (Again, see the FAQ). They appear to other characters as live human beings. Some of the canons have special abilities, which are listed under each description. We do not wish you to abuse these abilities however.

Each canon should do their best to not be discovered. They should try to blend into the character base as much as they are able. Discovery by a member of the living could mean big trouble for them and those they are discovered by. However, this does not mean that they will not be discovered, or that you cannot choose to plot a discovery for them. Just be careful who you decide to plot with.

All canons may appear and play anywhere within the Highgrove grounds. Some canons have favourite locations they prefer to 'haunt', and these will be listed in the canon description. Canons are permitted to crash any threads except "Unbustable Threads" that are purchased through the rewards system. Canons may simply 'appear' on the scene when no-one is looking, as if they materialised out of nowhere. They should not just materialise right in front of someone however, for the reasons discussed above.

Canons are not able to leave the house and grounds. They are permanently trapped here, often much to their dismay and disappointment. Some canons are not entirely aware that they are dead. These canons move through un-life as if they are just another member of the living, and can become easily confused by their ever-changing surroundings. This too will be listed in the canon descriptions.

Animals do not typically like canon characters. Some canons may build relationships with animals on the site, but as a general rule they tend to spook the horses and livestock, as well as staff pets. Outside of this, no-one should be 'sensing' that they are dead. If you feel that someone you are playing with is metagaming by having their character 'sense' the canon or anything of the sort, please inform a member of the forum staff, and we will resolve the issue.

Canons who know that they are dead will appear to the living in clothing appropriate for the modern era, while those who are not aware they are dead will appear in clothing that seems sort of timeless. It has an anachronistic air about it, but it could pass for clothing that someone would wear today too.

How To Apply

If you would like to play one of the canon characters listed below, you will need to have read all of the information, and then you will need to post the following code, completed, as a reply to this thread. Once you have posted a reply, a member of the forum staff will review your RP history and your forum activity, and we will let you know if we feel you should play the canon or if we would prefer that you wait a little longer.

Canon Claim Code:

[b]Player Nickname:[/b]
[b]Player Chatbox Name:[/b]
[b]Player Characters:[/b]
[b]Player Join Date:[/b] (Find this on the profile of the first account you signed up with on the board.)

[b]Claiming the Following Canon:[/b]

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Special Canons Empty Canon Positions

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The Canons

Be aware that we may add to or subtract from this list of available canons from time to time. Claimed canons are shown in red. Available canons are in black. Note: This is currently a work in progress. Stay tuned while we work on completing this list!


Lord William Highgrove
Special Canons William1h Special Canons William2f Special Canons William3
    Date of Death: 1888
    Cause of Death: Self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.
    History & Personality: Highgrove House was always your beloved home. You grew up here, playing and hunting on Highgrove's expansive estate. The only thing that could make your life better here was the perfect wife and children. So you went to London to find a wife, and find her you did. But after you brought her to Highgrove, your luck seemed to change. Your wife became depressed, unable to bear children, and eventually she committed suicide in the rose garden she had planted. Finances took a steep decline following the failure of your textiles mill, and after you were forced to sell the estate, you blew your brains out in the stable block.
    Current Status: You are fully aware that you are dead, and you are miserable about it. You had just wanted the pain and loss to stop, but instead you are forced to witness decade upon decade of Highgrove growing and changing around you. To fit in and avoid discovery, you keep yourself busy around the grounds, posing as a groundskeeper. You work for very little money, or even for free if the establishment threatens to fire you, and you claim to live in the village.
    Special Abilities: You have an affinity for the animals of Highgrove. The horses and livestock know you well by now and do not become spooked by your presence. You are even able to ride around the grounds on your current favourite horse, Will, which is your preferred pastime.
    Favourite Haunts: The barn, the stables, the allotments and the livestock paddocks. From time to time you also tend to linger in the rose garden, in hopes of glimpsing your wife, Isabella.
    Playby: Simon Woods. (We recommend pictures from Pride & Prejudice, or Cranford.)

Lady Isabella Highgrove
Special Canons Isabella1d Special Canons Isabella2y Special Canons Isabella3
    Date of Death: 1886
    Cause of Death: Self-poisoning with laudanum.
    History & Personality:Everyone said you had just about the sweetest face they'd ever seen, but it was Lord Highgrove who eventually stole your heart. He whisked you away from the city life to which you were accustomed, and stranded you out here in the wilderness. Sure, you had the perfect house and more servants than you knew what to do with, but you were so lonely. It didn't help that no matter how hard you tried, you simply couldn't have any children. All you ever really wanted was a little boy or girl to call your own. Depressed and distraught with your circumstances, you eventually poisoned yourself with Laudanum in the rose garden.
    Current Status: You are not fully aware that you are dead, though you always have the sense that something is wrong. You do not completely recognise the passage of time, and you become easily confused and upset by the changes that have been made to your house, and all the strangers within it. You are an aloof spirit, and do not spend much time around the adults living at Highgrove. However, you have a special affinity for the children of Highgrove, and you enjoy talking with them, comforting them and generally caring for them. If asked who you are, and why you are at Highrove, your replies are usually vague and confused.
    Special Abilities: You have a special relationship with Highgrove's children, and are able to comfort and console even the weariest of spirits. In return, the company of children soothes the sense of wrongness you carry with you always, and calms your upset. However, you can be particularly vengeful if children are being harmed or neglected, and have shown telekinetic powers before. You hold a special hatred in your heart for this 'Ingram' fellow who keeps harassing and abusing Highgrove's children, and you frequently try to subvert him.
    Favourite Haunts: The second floor is your favourite haunt, because this is where the children sleep. You can often be found unlocking the seclusion doors when no-one is looking. During the day, you tend to drift around the house aimlessly, and sometimes like to spend time in your rose garden.
    Playby: Mia Wasikowska (We recommend pictures from Jane Eyre.)

Dr. Chester Branbury
Special Canons Chester1 Special Canons Chester2h Special Canons Chester3
    Date of Death: 1902
    Cause of Death: Broken neck, sustained during a fall from the main staircase.
    History & Personality: Ever since you were little, you knew you wanted to be a physician. You had a passion for helping the less fortunate, so when you heard about the need for a physician at Highgrove House, you were only to eager to jump in feet first. Unfortunately, you hadn't even been at the house a year before a scarlet fever epidemic overtook over half of the children at Highgrove. You were fortunate that you never caught the dreaded disease. It was a cruel irony indeed that you died during the worst of the outbreak. Perhaps becoming a doctor really wasn't the fate intended for you after all.
    Current Status: You know that you're dead, but you like to consider your predicament as another chance at the career you had been so dedicated to. You pose as a nurse at the clinic, helping with clinic duties and tending to the ill children of Highgrove. You claim to live in the village, and mostly do 'volunteer' work, using your forged credentials to belay any suspicions. Everyone speaks well of you, but no-one knows all that much about you. You don't currently have many friends because you try and keep to yourself to avoid discovery. You consider Nurse Fairfield as something of an arch enemy, but you can't tell anyone about her for fear she'll rat you out.
    Special Abilities: Your special abilities mostly lay in your trade. You're a very good doctor, even if you have to pose as a nurse. You can patch up even the most grave of wounds, and you're skilled at minor surgery and internal medicine. Of course, you're not technically supposed to be stitching anyone up... When you can't help out in a medical fashion, you help the dead children of Highgrove by forging their paperwork for them so that they can remain at the house. You're an all-around good Samaritan.
    Favourite Haunts: The medical clinic, of course, and the warden's station on the second floor. You also frequent the attic ward, where the children with scarlet fever were quarantined.
    Playby: Gaspard Ulliel (We recommend just about any pictures that can pass for classic or timeless.)

Caroline Swenson
Special Canons Caroline1z Special Canons Caroline2o Special Canons Caroline3t
    Date of Death: 1945
    Cause of Death: Overdosed on Barbiturates.
    History & Personality: You grew up in Grove End, but you always dreamed of living the high life. Unfortunately, you wound up living that 'high' life a little too literally. Unable to escape the confines of the small farm village in which you grew up, you wound up going to work as a maid at Highgrove House, if only to escape the toil and dirt of tilling fields or raising livestock for the war effort. While there, you fostered a romantic relationship with the resident psychiatrist. You both had aspirations of moving on to greater things one day. Unfortunately, you were both abusing the doctor's prescription pad. But at least you died together. How romantic!
    Current Status: You know that you're dead, and you remember why and how it happened. You also remember your lover's death, and you know that he haunts the house too. Unfortunately, he doesn't know that he's dead. You hate that you have to stay at Highgrove House as a maid of sorts, as you'd always dreamed of seeing the world. Now you're stuck here forever, and the only thing that keeps you from going completely crazy is continuing on with your work. You pose as a housekeeper and you help regulate the kids doing their household chores. You claim to live in the village, and you're very friendly and adept at lying in order not to be found out.
    Special Abilities: Fate was cruel towards you, and didn't grant you much in the way of special abilities. You trudge on through your un-life in the same menial position you occupied in life, trying to get your deceased lover to understand that he is dead too. You are, however, strictly territorial over the room you died in, which is in the nurse's quarters in the attic. You have been known to have a spiteful streak towards those trespassing there.
    Favourite Haunts: The house in general, particularly the laundry room and the kitchen. When you're not working, you spend your time hiding in your room in the nurse's quarters, which you have gradually furnished over the years by stealing a few things from the house here and there.
    Playby: Scarlett Johansson (We recommend any retro or vintage looking pictures, such as those shown.)

Dr. Adam Daugherty
Special Canons Adam1v Special Canons Adam2n Special Canons Adam3s
    Date of Death: 1945
    Cause of Death: Overdosed on Barbiturates.
    History & Personality: You grew up in the north of England, and wound up being a university boy. As such, you dodged the war draft, and once you graduated, you went to work at Highgrove as the resident psychiatrist. Treatments and therapy were much different back then, bordering on barbaric in some cases, but you never saw them this way. You believed you were helping the children. You dreamed of one day becoming a doctor at one of London's asylums. But in the meantime, you sparked up a relationship with one of the household maids. You were deeply in love, but perhaps too young. You gave into temptation and began abusing the medications you were prescribing, culminating in the accidental overdose of both yourself and your lover.
    Current Status: You do not know that you are dead. But you simply accept the changes in your surroundings, even if you don't agree with a lot of the new practices. You are somewhat aloof and hard to approach. You tend not to answer questions from the living, and instead try to continue your work. A lot of your time is spent with the 'patients' of Highgrove, and you avoid many of the adults who now run your department. As far as you're concerned, it's still 1945, and you're still madly in love with the maid.
    Special Abilities: Your abilities might be considered a curse by the living residents of Highgrove. You have a tendency to switch the medications at the nurse's station for those that should have been used in 1945. You also continue to try to treat the 'patients' if they wander into the old ward, in the attic. Perhaps they should have cleaned all the old psychiatric gadgets out of there when they renovated. You are not malicious, and earnestly believe you are helping the 'patients'.
    Favourite Haunts: The warden's station, the second floor and the old attic ward and nurse's quarters.
    Playby: Rupert Penry-Jones (We recommend any pictures that appear classic or timeless.)

Thomas Ingram
Special Canons Thomas1f Special Canons Thomas2 Special Canons Thomas3e
    Date of Death: 1953
    Cause of Death: Laudanum Poisoning
    History & Personality: The children all thought you were kind of a bastard, though they wouldn't dare say it to your face. Maybe they were right, or maybe you were just making sure that the Highgrove Home for Children was run as it ought to be. You were the head of the household, after all. You were expected to upkeep certain standards, and if that meant being strict toward the children then so be it. Unlike those that followed you, you were not trained in psychology, but came from a headmaster's position at a boarding school a decade before the old Lady of the House slipped that Laudanum in your nightcap, to protect the children. Maybe you had been a little hard on them after all...
    Current Status: You are aware that you are dead, but you're far more preoccupied with trying to hold Highgrove together behind the backs of the living. If we left it all up to them, this place would be a shambles! You leave notes in files under other people's names, and you watch the children like a hawk, assigning them chores and punishments for ill behaviour. You do not pretend to be alive, but instead use others' names to do your work. You are not above administering corporal punishment to naughty children yourself if you have to, either via a sound caning, or by dragging them off to seclusion.
    Special Abilities: You have the unique ability to remain invisible to the living adults at Highgrove if you so wish it. You try to go unnoticed by them so that you can sneak behind their backs and double check their work, or add in your own additions. Annoyingly, Lady Highgrove still seems to haunt you though, and frequently messes with your carefully ordered plans.
    Favourite Haunts: You spend a lot of your time in the reception area and staff offices of Highgrove, remaining invisible to the living occupants of them. When you're not overseeing the work done there, you're stalking Highgrove's children, keeping an eye out for naughty behaviour. When you see it, you're quick to discipline the child in question by whatever means necessary.
    Playby: Benedict Cumberbatch

Rueben Westwood
Special Canons Reuben1 Special Canons Reuben2 Special Canons Reuben3
    Date of Death: 1965
    Cause of Death: Internal Injuries
    History & Personality: You were quite the ladies man, so they said. You had the looks and the charm to go far, along with the rebellious bohemian sensibilities of your time. But you were lacking a good deal of the humanity that should have gone along with them. Women were entertainments to you, distractions. Sometimes, so were the boys. You never really built up any kind of meaningful connections to anyone. Perhaps it was that you were afraid to let anyone see the real you, afraid to let anyone close. A dark history dogged your heels, but you never let on to anyone what exactly it was. Regardless, it stunted your ability to truly be happy with one person, and ultimately it was this fact that came back and bit you. A romantic rendez-vous at the stables went all different shades of wrong when you were followed by a prior romantic conquest. The ensuing chaos culminated in your being trampled to death by the stable's four legged occupants.
    Current Status: You are not aware that you are dead. You exist in something of a childlike confusion about your surroundings, just going through the motions of each day as it comes to you. Dr. Branbury keeps you on the register of residents though, so you remain amidst your peers. You continue your string of meaningless hook-ups with the other residents to ease your sense of unease, but you still can't let anyone close enough to know the real you. The staff think you're just highly delusional every time you try to insist that it's still 1965...
    Special Abilities: You were raised with the gift of gab. You can talk your way into or out of just about any situation. You're also quite adept at talking yourself into other people's pants. But you're stunted by your inability to fully accept your reality. For now, you're doomed to be labelled as 'the crazy kid' and to deal with all the medicinal baggage that comes along with that.
    Favourite Haunts: You tend to be drawn back to the place of your death, at the stables, but your presence always spooks the horses something terrible. When you're shooed away from there, you spend your time as any other resident would; going to classes and therapy, doing chores, sharing meals, and sleeping in the dormitories. Dr. Branbury is something of a guardian angel to you, though you don't know it.
    Playby: Ben Barnes

Nurse Bianca Fairfield
Special Canons Bianca1v Special Canons Bianca2v Special Canons Bianca3ti
    Date of Death: 1993
    Cause of Death: Blunt Force Trauma
    History & Personality: They took your child away from you, so you decided that you'd take theirs. When your infant son died from Sudden Infant Death, your world fell apart, and you moved far away, to Highgrove, to try to get away from your old life. But living and working around the children always reminded you of what you had lost. So you decided that you needed the children to need you, to be closer to you. You achieved this by poisoning them. This way, they would simply have to come to you for medical treatment and comfort. Unfortunately, you did not go undiscovered. You're not sure who it was that killed you with a blow to the back of the head, but you have your suspicions that Dr. Branbury was somehow behind it.
    Current Status: You know that you're dead, but you don't let that stop you. You continue to work as a nurse in the clinic and on the second floor, and you continue to crave the neediniess and affections of the children. So, you continue your regimen of slow, non-lethal poisoning, much to the fury of Dr. Branbury, who tries to thwart you at every turn. He is so terribly meddlesome, isn't he? In the meantime, you occupy a staff cottage just as you did in life, and you pretend that you'd never died, continuing to work on the same credentials and resume you had in life. So far, no-one seems to have questioned why you don't appear to age. Perhaps it's just good genetics.
    Special Abilities: You don't have much in the way of special abilities, aside from the fact that you know the second floor and the clinic inside and out. It's easy for you to slip into the warden's station when no-one is looking, to switch the medications around. You're quite the ninja, really.
    Favourite Haunts: Naturally, your favourite haunt is the medical clinic, where inevitably a sick child will have to come and find medical help and a shoulder to cry on. And you're always right there, waiting for them, with just the perfect remedy. Somehow, it's like you just know what's wrong with them! Uncanny, huh? When you're not at the clinic, you're on the second floor, making sure that you'll have visitors at the clinic tomorrow.
    Playby: Rosamund Pike

Simeon Marsden
Special Canons Simeon1 Special Canons Simeon2 Special Canons Simeon3
    Date of Death: 1995
    Cause of Death: Exposure
    History & Personality: Some people think Highgrove House is hell, and if that's the case, then surely its residents are the demons sent to torture the virtuous. You had high hopes when you came to Highgrove, and you were eager to work and to help the unfortunate souls who resided here as little more than patients. Unfortunately, you didn't have much money growing up in the south of England, and you couldn't afford university. So you wound up as the second floor warden, with aspirations of getting a nursing degree. Still, you didn't mind too much, because you'd found love in the unlikeliest of places. You were a gentle soul, a romantic, but unfortunately you were also really good at your job. After breaking up a fight in the boys dormitories, and filing the requisite reports, those involved took it personally. You eventually died of exposure after they dragged you out to the woods en-masse, and tied you to a tree. You were left there to die alone, eventually succumbing to hypothermia, and after you were found, your lover left Highgrove, assuming you gone forever.
    Current Status: Though you know that you're dead, and though you harbour a persistent sense of melancholy about your grievous losses and your treatment, you try to make the most of what you have. You find solace in like-minded individuals and kindred souls, and since your lover left and moved on, you look for love and kinship in every unexplored, dark corner that Highgrove has to offer. You continue to hold your position of warden, and you occupy one of the cottages in Highgrove Terrace like any other member of staff.
    Special Abilities: Your special abilities might ultimately lie in the nature of your soul. There is a humane warmth to you and a sort of poetry that attracts the outcasts of society. The dreamers, the abandoned, the lost. They feel an uncanny kinship with you, and their connection to you keeps you going when all else seems lost. You also have a special affinity for Highgrove's animals. They do not spook when you walk by any more.
    Favourite Haunts: You like to spend a lot of time in the woods and the farm allotments, enjoying the simplistic poetry of nature over the glare of modern convenience. You find your self ever coming back to the place where you died, which always deepens your sense of loss. When you are not out of doors, you are working as a warden on the second floor, or ensconced in your cottage, getting up to whatever takes your fancy.
    Playby: Jamie Campbell Bower

Josephine St. James
Special Canons Josephine1 Special Canons Josephine2 Special Canons Josephine3
    Date of Death: 1997
    Cause of Death: Strangulation
    History & Personality: Everyone thought you were the school slut, but they were probably just jealous of your daring sense of style, your zest for life and action! ...And all those boys you hooked up with. You weren't exactly the most popular girl at Highgrove amongst the ladies, but you certainly had plenty of attention from the male residents, and even that old teacher who got fired a few years back. Unfortunately, you also frew the attentions of Julien Price, and after you slept with him that one time he just wouldn't leave you alone. He wound up strangling you to death after he caught you with another boy, and now he's still around! Your parents sent you to Highgrove at age sixteen, after you had to undergo an abortion. Oops!
    Current Status: You know that you're dead, but you make the most of it. Besides, you'll always have plenty of boys and men on whose shoulders you can cry, right? You just can't help yourself. If it's human, and filled with testosterone, it's a target. You consider boys and men as targets for your irresistible charm, and you don't take no for an answer. Your sexual appetite seems insatiable, much to the annoyance of the other girls at Highgrove. You pose as a normal resident, with help from Dr. Branbury, who forges your paperwork. Annoyingly, he keeps refusing your form of 'payment' though. Maybe one day...
    Special Abilities: You have the gift of infallible charm when it comes to the opposite sex. Somehow, men's morals seem to fly out of the window when you turn your attentions on them. You're quite content to make the most of your un-life for now, by sleeping with whomever you please, whenever you please.
    Favourite Haunts: You tend to frequent the places where boys like to hang out, such as the recreation room, the courtyard, and anywhere else that takes your fancy. You don't tend to hang out with girls much, as they're jealous of you. Unfortunately, Julien somehow manages to show up wherever you are all the time too. You try to be nice to him and let him down gently, but he's just relentless!
    Playby: Talulah Riley (We recommend any of her brunette pictures, such as those from St. Trinian's.)

ON HIATUS - Julien Price
Special Canons Isaiah1 Special Canons Isaiah2b Special Canons Isaiah3d
    Date of Death: 1997
    Cause of Death: Blood loss from self inflicted wounds.
    History & Personality: People thought you were kind of a sociopath, but you were just misunderstood. Honest. People should have just learned not to make you angry. They didn't like you when you were angry. You were sent to Highgrove at aged 14 by your parents, because they couldn't handle your 'tantrums' any more. If by tantrums you mean giving your mother a black eye of course. You had a serious temper problem and found it hard to connect to your peers. They all called you a freak. Except Josephine St. John. At least until that time you caught her with the cricket captain, and 'accidentally' strangled her to death. The only honourable thing to do after that was join her, so you slit your wrists in the boys shower rooms. At least you would be together forever, right?
    Current Status: You know that you're dead, and you've accepted this fact. You maintain the lie that you're a resident at Highgrove so that you can stay close to Josephine. Not that she wants all that much to do with you since you murdered her. You still have problems with your temper, and you absolutely can't stand a man laying his hands on your girl. Your quiet, smouldering rage causes problems for you though, and still leaves you as something of an outcast. But at least Dr. Branbury is helping the kids out by forging their paperwork for them.
    Special Abilities: For the most part you're just as you were in life, save for the inconvenience that your very presence seems to disrupt the normal functioning of electronic what-nots in your immediate vicinity. It's a shame too, because you love listening to the radio and watching the television. Otherwise, you're a force to be reckoned with. You anger easily, and are capable of doing considerable harm to those who get in your way.
    Favourite Haunts: You frequent the recreation room a lot, which annoys the others in there, because something always seems to be wrong with the TV. Otherwise, you tend to lurk wherever Josephine happens to be, when you're not doing chores or going to therapy or classes.
    Playby: Evan Peters (We recommend recent pictures, such as those from American Horror Story.)

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Special Canons Empty Re: Special Canons

Post  Ghost on Wed Nov 30, 2011 7:15 pm

The Canon Application

So, you've been given the go-ahead to app a canon character! Congratulations! Below, you'll find the canon character application. The canon application is very different from the other applications on the board, so please read the instructions carefully!

  • There will be sections on the application that will not apply to your character and which depend on whether you're playing an adult canon or a child canon.

  • The application has three distinct sections. The first section is out of character and must be completed by all canons.

  • The second section is for child canons, and is in character, from the time they were alive (So fill in this section with what they were originally sent to Highgrove for.).

  • The third section is for adult canons, and is their falsified employment file.

  • The only canons currently exempt from sections two and three are Lady Highgrove, who doesn't know that she's dead yet, and Thomas Ingram, who exists as something of an enigma.

  • Adult canons may list any employment position, even if it is taken. The position must make sense for that canon, however. Many adult canons have their position listed in their description already.

  • Try to elaborate as much as you can on the application. We would like to see at least a paragraph for each out of character section if possible. We have provided the gist of each canon, but it's up to you to fill in the blanks, and decide what the rest of their backstory is like. We highly encourage some historical research if you're playing a very old canon. If you're not comfortable with 'history' then we suggest you choose a younger canon.

  • As always, please don't change the code in any way, and please refrain from using eye-searing colours.

  • When you are done, please post your completed application as a new thread in the application process board, and title it thus: Canon: Firstname Lastname.

  • Please do not copy-paste anything from the canons page. We'd like to see how well you can write things out for yourself!

  • And remember, canon applications will be subject to a higher level of scrutiny than normal applications, so don't be discouraged if you get pended! We only want to make sure you have a firm grasp of the character, history, and circumstances before you jump into role-playing them. Don't forget to read all of the canon rules thoroughly before applying!


Canon Character Application
Special Canons Branch
Out of Character Section

Image of your playby here, in IMG tags.

    Canon Name:
    Canon Age at Time of Death:
    Date of Birth: dd/mm/yyyy
    Date of Death: dd/mm/yyyy

    Falsified Date of Birth: If they are posing as residents or staff
    Falisified Age: As above.
    Falsified Date of Admission: Children only.
    Require Housing Assignment?: Adults only.
    Require Staff Position?: Adults only.



Merits and Flaws:

Current Activities at Highgrove:


Child Canon Section - Written Interview
(Leave Blank if Playing an Adult Canon)

Have you ever been diagnosed with a psychiatric illness? If yes, have you ever been hospitalised due to your psychiatric illness(es)?:

(Answer Here)

What circumstances have led to your referral to Highgrove Home for Children?:

(Answer Here)

What was your childhood like? Where did you grow up? How do you feel your childhood has influenced your current circumstances?:

(Answer Here)

How are your relationships with your family members? Do you have any siblings?:

(Answer Here)

How is school? Do you achieve good grades? Do you participate in any after-school activities?:

(Answer Here)

How are your social relationships? Do you have any friends? Do you have any romantic interests?:

(Answer Here)

Have you ever knowingly committed a crime? Do you have a criminal record? If yes, what were your sentences?:

(Answer Here)

What are your hopes and aspirations for the future, and how do you feel you will best achieve them?:

(Answer Here)

Staff Canon Section - Written Interview
(Leave Blank if Playing a Child Canon)

For which position are you applying at Highgrove Home for Children?:

(Answer Here)

Why do you feel you would be the best candidate for this position?:

(Answer Here)

Do you possess the necessary qualifications and experience to hold this position? If yes, please explain:

(Answer Here)

Have you ever knowingly committed a crime? Do you have a criminal record? If yes, please explain:

(Answer Here)

How do you prefer to relax during stressful situations?:

(Answer Here)

If you could describe yourself in only five words, which words would you choose?:

(Answer Here)

If you were given an order by a superior, to which you felt morally opposed, what would you do?:

(Answer Here)

What do you hope to achieve by working at the Highgrove Home for Children?:

(Answer Here)


Player Nickname:
Player Chatbox Name:


[size=24] Canon Character Application [/size]
[size=18]Out of Character Section[/size]

Image of your playby here, in IMG tags.[/center]

[list][b]Canon Name:[/b]
[b]Canon Age at Time of Death:[/b]
[b]Date of Birth:[/b] dd/mm/yyyy
[b]Date of Death:[/b] dd/mm/yyyy

[b]Falsified Date of Birth:[/b] If they are posing as residents or staff
[b]Falisified Age:[/b] As above.
[b]Falsified Date of Admission:[/b] Children only.
[b]Require Housing Assignment?:[/b] Adults only.
[b]Require Staff Position?:[/b] Adults only.



[b]Merits and Flaws:[/b]

[b]Current Activities at Highgrove:[/b]


[size=18]Child Canon Section - Written Interview[/size]
[i](Leave Blank if Playing an Adult Canon)[/i][/center]

[b]Have you ever been diagnosed with a psychiatric illness? If yes, have you ever been hospitalised due to your psychiatric illness(es)?:[/b]

(Answer Here)

[b]What circumstances have led to your referral to Highgrove Home for Children?:[/b]

(Answer Here)

[b]What was your childhood like? Where did you grow up? How do you feel your childhood has influenced your current circumstances?:[/b]

(Answer Here)

[b]How are your relationships with your family members? Do you have any siblings?:[/b]

(Answer Here)

[b]How is school? Do you achieve good grades? Do you participate in any after-school activities?:[/b]

(Answer Here)

[b]How are your social relationships? Do you have any friends? Do you have any romantic interests?:[/b]

(Answer Here)

[b]Have you ever knowingly committed a crime? Do you have a criminal record? If yes, what were your sentences?:[/b]

(Answer Here)

[b]What are your hopes and aspirations for the future, and how do you feel you will best achieve them?:[/b]

(Answer Here)

[size=18]Staff Canon Section - Written Interview[/size]
[i](Leave Blank if Playing a Child Canon)[/i][/center]

[b]For which position are you applying at Highgrove Home for Children?:[/b]

(Answer Here)

[b]Why do you feel you would be the best candidate for this position?:[/b]

(Answer Here)

[b]Do you possess the necessary qualifications and experience to hold this position? If yes, please explain:[/b]

(Answer Here)

[b]Have you ever knowingly committed a crime? Do you have a criminal record? If yes, please explain:[/b]

(Answer Here)

[b]How do you prefer to relax during stressful situations?:[/b]

(Answer Here)

[b]If you could describe yourself in only five words, which words would you choose?:[/b]

(Answer Here)

[b]If you were given an order by a superior, to which you felt morally opposed, what would you do?:[/b]

(Answer Here)

[b]What do you hope to achieve by working at the Highgrove Home for Children?:[/b]

(Answer Here)


[b]Player Nickname:[/b]
[b]Player Chatbox Name:[/b]

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Special Canons Empty Re: Special Canons

Post  Faith Williams on Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:50 pm

Player Nickname: Cabby
Player Chatbox Name: CrazyCabbage
Player Characters: Faith Williams, apping Miranda Samedi
Player Join Date: 11/12/2011

Claiming the Following Canon: Lady Isabella Highgrove
Faith Williams
Faith Williams

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Special Canons Empty Re: Special Canons

Post  Ghost on Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:52 pm

For the most part, yes, go for it. I would like to get together with you in IM some time before you app, to discuss her though, if that's okay. I think she's going to be a slightly tricky one to pull off, so I'd like to iron out some of the bugs pre-emptively. : D

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Special Canons Empty Re: Special Canons

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