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Alexander Lance Staffapp

Alexander Lance YG3XL

    Full Name: Alexander Lance
    Date of Birth: 19th Febuary 1979
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Current Address: Apartment 217, Al Seef Road
    City/Town: Dubai
    County/State: Dubai
    Country: United Arab Emirates

    Hair Colour: Brown
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 190lbs
    Distinguishing Marks: I have a few scars and tattoos, but nothing that will be seen while I am on duty. They serve as reminders of my military service.

Employment Interview

Please list position(s) for which you are applying:

Head of Security

Please explain why you are applying for the position(s):

I am looking to return to the UK, having worked in the middle east for the past three years. I am also seeking a lower stress job than my previous employment in the private security sector, and I feel that this position is what I am looking for, It will allow me to use my experience, training and leadership capabilities, while at the same time, allowing me to pursue other interests in my off hours.

Why do you feel you would be the best candidate for the position(s)?:

I have five years of experience working in leadership positions in the private security sector, largely providing security for oil installations, but I have also provided close protection to VIPs, perimeter security for embassies and a variety of military facilities, as well as public protection work, including high visibility patrols, both armed and unarmed. This work has given me a wide range of experience I feel will come in useful in this position, for example, I am trained in a number of non lethal methods of takedown and restraint, skilled in public liaison methods and am trained to defuse a situation peacefully.

Prior to this, I spent ten years serving with 42 commando, Royal Marines, reaching the rank of Sergeant. The self discipline this gave me is something I feel will be an asset to any position, especially one in which I would be dealing with children.

Do you posses the necessary qualifications for the position(s) for which you are applying? If yes, please list them below:

I have the experience necessaries for this position. I do not feel there are any qualifications that would be required.

What other qualifications or skills do you possess which you feel will aid your performance in the chosen position(s)?:

As stated above, I am an experienced security co-ordinator and have worked in a range of situations. I am quick to respond to new developments in any situation, and strive to ensure no harm comes to the person or property I am protecting, nor the person I am protecting them from if at all possible. I lead by example, setting a high standard of professionalism I will require from all those who work under me, and I am not one to forgive errors.

Have you worked in this type of position or facility before? If so, where and when?:

I have not worked in this type of facility before, but as I stated above, I have worked in a similar position numerous times over the past five years. I have spent the last three years working as a head of security at a number of Libyan oil installations, for an international security firm. For obvious reasons, this work is no-longer available.

Please describe your most recent employment experiences, including your positions there, company names, and locations:

My most recent employment was as head of security for an oil installation in the Libyan desert. I had a dozen personnel under my command, mainly military veterans, guarding fifty others, engineers, drivers and other workers. This work came to an end during the summer, when both the oil company and the security firm I worked for pulled all personnel out of the country in the face of escalating violence. As an aside, my only involvement was firing warning shots over the heads of unidentified vehicles, which swiftly departed.

How do you think your previous education and employment experiences will aid your performance within the chosen position(s)?:

Not only have I already dealt with many of the scenarios I am likely to encounter at Highgrove, but I have the experience and instinct to allow me to quickly adapt to any situation and establish control, with the minimum of harm caused to all involved.

Psychological Evaluation

Please describe yourself to the best of your ability, in only five words. ('And' will not count towards these.):

The Best Applicant You'll Get

What methods would you employ in order to relax during times of stress, and how effective do you think these have been in the past?:

I tinker. I build things, take them apart, repair them, that kind of thing. It keeps me physically and mentally active, and focused on a task that is not linked to the stress. While I am aware it sets a bad example, I smoke too. I feel these methods have been very effective in the past. As an example, while I was stressed over my return to civilian life after leaving the marines, I restored a car, installed a new kitchen at my then home and was seriously considering buying a boat before I took up a job I was offered.

Please list three traits about yourself that you consider negative, and three traits about yourself that you consider positive. Explain these choices if necessary:


Stubborn - too much for my own good at times
Arrogant (On occasion)

Describe one event in your life that you would change if you could, and why:

The one event I would change would be to keep my family together. To cut a long story short, six weeks ago, my partner started talking about re-enlisting in the New Zealand armed forces. I was more interested in moving back to the UK, away from people shooting at us, to raise our daughter in safety. We argued, she kicked me out, and last I heard had signed herself up to guard an embassy in Bahrain instead. We haven't spoken since, I doubt I'll see them again. I respect her decision however.

If a superior gave you a task to complete, to which you were wholly, morally opposed, what would you do?:

I would state my opposition to the task, and what grounds I was basing it on. I would then refuse to complete the task until my concerns were addressed or reasonable provisions were made.

If you caught a friend and co-worker stealing from your place of employment, breaking rules, and/or endangering the safety of others, what would you do?:

It would depend on the severity of the actions. If they were pocketing stationary or a similarly minor infraction, I'd talk to them. If they were actively endangering others, directly or indirectly, then that talk would immediately be followed by a verbal report to their supervisor, and follow it up through the appropriate channels. Not knowing your facilities disciplinary procedures, I cannot expand on this answer.

Environmental Screening

Where did you grow up, and what was it like there?:

I grew up in Sheffield, on a council estate. Manor estate to be precise, one of the worst in the country. It was not a nice place to be. Unemployment was high, crime was higher. I don't think my mother kept count of how many times we were burgled.I'd be lying if I said that in my youth I wasn't another part of the problem. The first time I ever drive a car was joyriding a stolen Ford Escort around the estate, and setting it on fire afterwards. That didn't end well for me, an event I will go into more detail about further along.

What are/were your social interactions like? Do/did you have many friends and/or relationships?:

I had a lot of friends, if that's what you'd call my follow delinquents. A few relationships too, but nothing that stuck long. After I moved away, I severed all contact.

What prompted you to pursue the career path you are now following?:

A three hour talk with a recruitment officer during a six month stay in a juvinile detention facility. My third stay. Suffice to say, he offered me a way out, and a chance to make something of myself.

Were you ever a member of the armed forces or of a law enforcement or security agency? If yes, please list rank and branch, or company name and location:

42 commando, Royal Marines. I served for ten years and achieved the rank of Sergeant. I was mentioned in dispatches during operations in Sierra Leone. Following my retirement from the service, and six months of gardening leave, I took up employment with Erinys International, a private security firm. My most recent work with this company was in the oil fields of Libya.

Do/Did you ever abuse controlled substances, including but not limited to alcohol, prescription medications, street drugs and tobacco?:

I smoke cigarettes, and I drink socially. In my youth I abused cannabis, but that ceased prior to commencing my military service.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If yes, please list conviction(s) and served sentence(s) below:

In my youth, I was convicted of a number of offences. The most serious were three counts of assault, one of Unlawful Taking of a Motor Vehicle, and one of arson, though there were a number of lesser charges. I was given fines, cautions and three custodial sentences, of one, three and six months. These were the foolish actions of an out of control youth, not the actions of the man I am today.

Out Of Character Section

Is there anything your character isn't telling us? Do you have more information to add about your character that they would not tell the representative about? Please explain below:

Answer Here

Character Playby: Christopher Eccleston
Player Nickname: Space
Chatango Username: Spacebutler
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Alexander Lance Approved
Employee Information & Assignments

    Full Name: Alexander Lance
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Position: Head of Security
    House Number: Highgrove House Addition Apt 4

Final Approval Steps

Before you begin posting, please be certain that you have completed the last approval steps below. Failure to complete these last steps will result in the deletion of your character during the next activity check.


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