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Post  Dr. Matthias Savage on Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:16 pm

Riiiiiiiiing, riiiiiiiiing, riiiiiiiiiiiiiing

Matthias: Yes?

Female Voice: Matt?


Female Voice: Matthias? Is that you?

Matthias: Katherine. I...I’m surprised to hear from you. (pause...the sound of papers shuffling can be heard) I trust this is not a social call, Dr. Largent.

Katherine: I--No, Dr. Savage…this is not a social call.

Matthias: I see. Then you must have a good reason for calling. What is it?

Katherine: (sighs and mutters) Ever the charmer. (speaks up) I’m calling about your wife. She--

Matthias: Ex-wife, Dr. Largent. Lydia is my ex-wife.

Katherine: Yes...I remember. I'm calling about Lydia.

Matthias: I see. What's happened?

Katherine: She...God, I hate doing this. (pause) Lydia committed suicide this morning.

(the sound of crumpling paper can be heard)

Matthias: I see. How?

Katherine: Matt, I don’t think you want to --

Matthias: I didn’t ask you to think, Katherine. I said how?

Katherine I ....she cut her wrists. One of my orderlies found her. We’re looking into how she got the razor.

Matthias: I’d consider looking into your own fucking incompetence, Dr. Largent. I left her in your care with explicit, yet very simple instructions. Were they too complicated for your feeble mind to comprehend? Was it too much of me to expect you to do your fucking job?

Katherine: Matthias---

Matthias: Quiet! When I want to hear from you, I will tell you when to speak. (pause) This conversation is over. And so is your career. Goodbye, Dr. Largent.

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