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August Jonathan Munn Resapp

August Jonathan Munn TZRXQ

    Resident Full Name: August Jonathan Munn
    Resident Date of Birth: February 17th, 1995
    Resident Age: 15
    Resident Gender: Male
    Current Address: 485 31st Avenue
    City/Town: Penzance
    County/State: Cornwall
    Country: UK

    Resident Hair Colour: Dark brown
    Resident Eye Colour: Light blue
    Resident Height: 5’9”
    Resident Weight: 130lbs
    Distinguishing Marks: None

Medical Screening

Do you have any ongoing medical conditions for which you require long-term treatment or medications?

Other than psychiatric disorders detailed below, August does not have any chronic illnesses.

Are you aware of any allergies you may have to foods, medications or environmental elements? If so, please list them below along with age of onset.


Do you take any other medications or drugs not prescribed to you, or participate in the consumption of alcohol or tobacco?

August has stated that he has tried alcohol, but generally avoids drugs.

Environmental Screening

Where were you born and where did you grow up? What was it like there?

August was born several miles outside of Phenix City, Alabama. Lived with parents and sister who was five years older. Parents were both addicted to drugs, with father manufacturing methamphetamine. Sister ran away from home when she was fifteen, August nine. Parent’s were arrested and incarcerated by police for drug charges when August was ten. They were deemed unfit to raise children, so August was sent to live with grandmother (nearest living relative) in Cornwall afterwards.

August says childhood in Alabama was relatively boring. Acted out frequently in school, often causing destruction of property. Had few friends and spent most of time alone or occasionally with sister. During tie in Penzance, became more outgoing. August says people found him shallow and manipulative, and he continued to have few friends. Also continued to act out in school, but with less frequency and severity.

Please describe your relationships with your biological family, including parents, and siblings if applicable.

Had stable relationship with sister. Were close when younger, but eventually grew distant. Seems indifferent towards parents; says he had little to no contact with them. Spent most days out of house except to eat and sleep. Says town was very religious and their entire family was considered outcasts due to his parents’ drug addictions. August harbors great animosity towards grandmother, however. Complains of her being overbearing and restrictive. Often refers to her with expletives.

How were/are you in school? How are your grades? Do you enjoy school?

August loves being the center of attention. In elementary school, this presented itself as frequent classroom disruptions. Says people avoided him due to his overdramatic personality and quick mood changes. Became more manipulative after moving to Cornwall and starting secondary school. Admits to using sexual persuasion and blackmail to get what he wanted. Also admits to becoming increasingly frustrated when goals were not achieved. Classroom disruptions waned as he became older. Had few friends throughout school. Skipped often, and did not care about grades. Says he did minimum work needed to pass each class.

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities or belong to any after-school clubs?

Got into theater in secondary school. August said he liked being the main part in plays and having everyone in the audience watching him. Was kicked out at the end of first year of high school due to aggression towards other actors and causing excessive drama among team. Says he later tried to join football (soccer) team, but was again kicked out for bad sportsmanship and excessive use of force.

If you no longer reside with your biological family, please describe any previous homes as well as your current situation.

Has been residing in regular children’s home for the past two months after “incident” (described below) with grandmother. Currently kept isolated from other children until further evaluation.

Do you have many/any friends? If so, please describe them.

Says he has no close friends he can think of. August people were attracted to his gregariousness but always avoided him as they started to get to know him. Quote: “People said I was insensitive and just wanted attention.

Are you sexually active? Are you aware of any gender preference, or preferences in intimate practices, activities or situations?

August says he has been sexually active since beginning of high school, with multiple partners. Seems to prefer older men but is willing to sex as manipulation strategy on anyone. Admits to have attempted to seduce teachers at school. The majority of August’s partners have been strangers met on the internet, though a few have been from school. August is very clearly sadistic in sexual encounters, and admits to getting intense enjoyment from dominating his partners. Says favorite instrument to use is broken glass. Also likes to document sexual exploits in the form of photos. Photos all have date and sexual partner’s name written on them. They depict partners in various bondage scenes, with severity of scene and injuries increasing towards more recent dates. While none of injuries inflicted on partners seem to require hospitalization, the increase in severity shows August’s clear mental deprecation. Photos are currently on file and will be given if requested.

August also says he has once or twice allowed partners to dominate him, but seems to enjoy these encounters less than when he is in the position of control.

Have you ever knowingly committed a crime? Were you caught and convicted? If convicted, what was your sentencing?

August has said he enjoys making artwork out of dead animals. He likes to “pin them to walls” and “leave nice presents for people”. August says he enjoys the look on people’s faces when he finds the “present”. Also claims that all animals were dead before he does anything to them. Was cited a few times for vandalism due to these instances (August will usually let the recipients of his presents know that he was the one who gave them). No animal cruelty charges were ever filed since all specimens were rules to be dead days prior to August finding them.

Clinical Screening

Have you ever been diagnosed with any psychiatric ailments by a medical or psychiatric professional? If yes, please explain below.

Diagnosed with Sexual Sadism, Conduct Disorder, and Histrionic Personality Disorder. Sexual sadism is primary concern. I [Dr. Richardson] have not currently prescribed any medication.

Please describe any incidents associated with these ailments, such as antisocial behaviours, social or environmental difficulties, incidents of self harming, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, substance abuse, etc.

Evidence of conduct disorder and histrionic was present throughout school years. August had little empathy for classmates and misbehaved, often violently, in order to seek attention. Was extremely manipulative of others and loved causing drama among classmates. Aggressive when wants were not met or when not the center of attention. Element of sadism seemed to always have been part of behavior (animal “artwork” started in third grade), but the sexual element became present shortly after becoming sexually active. Incident which led to psychiatric evaluation involved grandmother finding August’s collection of sex photos. Led to confrontation between two, with August trying to assault grandmother with kitchen knife (no injuries cause). Police were notified and August was temporarily transformed to children’s home and given psychiatric evaluation. Grandmother has not pressed charges as this was a one-time incident and she believes he would do better getting treatment than being sent to juvenile detention. Strong evidence he poses a danger to both himself and others unless otherwise treated.

Have you ever seen a licensed psychiatric professional, psychologist, or counsellor for these ailments? If yes, please list doctor(s) or counsellor(s) below:

Doctor Jonathan Richardson has given patient a psychiatric evaluation. No previous counseling has ever been given.

Do you take any medications for any diagnosed psychiatric ailments? If yes, please list medication, dosage, and frequency of dosage below:

No medication has currently been prescribed. Dr. Richardson recommends keeping August’s nails short or giving him mittens in case he tries to hurt himself or others.

Have you ever been admitted to a short or long-term psychiatric facility as a result of these ailments or associated incidents?


How do you feel these ailments affect your quality of life or your situation in life?

August has stated conduct disorder makes it harder to not end up in jail, now that he is older. August also believes there is nothing wrong with his sexual sadism, and that histrionic personality disorder is just his usual personality. He states that doctors are over-exaggerating his condition.

If you could be cured of your ailments, what would your goals in life be?

August has stated they have no clear goals for the future. He would possibly like to find their sister, and buy a house or apartment somewhere far away from their grandparents. He would also like to look into going to acting school. He seems apathetic about future.

How do you feel these goals would be best attained?

August would like to get a job so he can hire someone to find his sister. He realizes he must finish high school and possibly go to college, but is unsure that he can do either. He expresses a desire to become famous, possibly in film or theater.

Why do you feel you are being referred to Highgrove, and by whom?

August is being referred by Doctor Jonathon Richardson. Dr. Richardson feels that the patient has had these disorders for years, but has been undiagnosed due to unstable family situations. Dr. Richardson believes that the patient poses a threat to both himself and others if he continues to live without treatment.

Psychological Evaluation
The Spoken, Representative Interview

Hello, and thank you for meeting with me today. Our interview today will be recorded for review later. I'm going to ask you a series of questions, and I'd like for you to answer as fully as you are able. I'd like to start by asking you how you're feeling today.

Okay I guess. A little tired, a little restless. Need some excitement in my life. How are you?

Patient Observation: Patient maintains straight eye contact but seems unable to keep his hands still. He appears quite talkative.

Okay. And how are you feeling about this opportunity to join our family at Highgrove?

Great. Awesome. As long as I get away from that [deleted] of a grandmother. This isn’t going to be like school, is it? I really hate school. Only good thing about it were all the people.

If you could alter one event in your life, what event do you think you would change or remove, and why?

Well, I guess my parents getting arrested. I mean they were methheads and the town was a [deleted]hole, but at least everyone knew who I was. It was much easier to get people to pay attention to you when your parents are outcast druggies. The school I go to now is too big. It’s hard to be anyone there

If you had to describe yourself in only three words, what words would you choose and why?

Charismatic, attractive, eloquent. I’m the top, baby. You can’t help but look at me. People say I’m a attention whore—so what? I love it. They’re just jealous everyone’s looking at me and not them.

Patient Observation: Patients winks flirtatiously and reclines back in his chair. He tries to take a relaxed position but still seems nervous.

How do you feel currently about your life so far, and anything you may have done?

Is this where I’m supposed to admit what a horrible person I am and that I need help? [deleted] that. Let me tell you, I have no regrets. My life right now, well, it’s not that great. But it’s a life. I screw people, and sometimes I make them bleed. Sometimes I screw someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend and cause a little drama. Though that’s getting harder now that most people at school know my name. But I guess if I switch to Highgrove, that won’t be much of a problem.

What would you do if you found a stranger being attacked by another stranger, and why?

Nothing. Who cares? Or maybe I’d help the guy attacking him. Or attack both of them. Ha ha! I think that’d be pretty funny.

What would you do if you were being threatened by a stranger, and why?

Threaten them back. Or scream for help. I mean, I’m not stupid—if someone has a gun or knife or something, I’m not going to face them head on.

Have you ever deliberately harmed yourself, another, or animals in the past? If so, why do you think that was?

Well, I’ve only harmed people in consensual sex. And I mean, they asked for it. I guess I do it because it gets me off. Making people submit to me, obey me—it’s this thing I have. Hurting myself? Never. You think I’d ruin my perfect good looks? And hurting animals…

Patient Observation: Patient pauses, as if recalling something.

No, I’ve never hurt live animals. I just like to make dead ones into paintings when I’m bored.

And lastly, what do you hope to find at Highgrove, and how do you think this will help you to learn and grow?

Well, I guess becoming more of a people person. Making and friends and all that—I’ve had a hard time doing it my entire life. And I mean, I want to be an actor one day. Personal skills are something I should work on, right?

This concludes our interview for today. Thank you for filling out our application and speaking with me. We will contact you or your guardian shortly with our decision or recommendations.In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your day. Goodbye.

Out of Character Section

Is there anything your character is not telling us? Do they have any dirty or dark little secrets they're omitting from their application? Please explain below.

August has tortured and killed live animals before. It’s been a very recent (within the past year) development, though, and he has only done it two or three times. He has only done it when he was extremely frustrated.

Player Nickname: Velocidee (Velo or Dee)
Player Chatango Name: Velocidee
Character Playby: Jaco van den Hoven


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Post  Nebby on Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:22 pm

This Application Is Currently Pending
August Jonathan Munn Branch

But don't fret! Just follow the steps given to you below and edit your application appropriately. When you're done, please reply to this thread to let us know that the application has been edited, and we will review it again.

  • So sorry for the wait. We try to not let applications sit longer than three days but life has been bugging many of us down. So, we'll get right to it then. August is going to need some work before he's ready to join the halls of Highgrove. To start both the account name and the application name are incorrect. As stated in the rules, we don't use middle names on the forum. Once you've edited the topic name on his app we'll change the account name to match.
  • The U.K. is not a country. It is a kingdom comprised of countries. Please amend your listed address to reflect this. We also don't tend to number our roads such as "31st Avenue".
  • Now, on to the bigger stuff. Throughout the application there are a number of grammatical and spelling mistakes that will need to be fixed. The note-like sentence structure does not reflect the use of correct English, and as such, will need to be altered throughout the application. We would like to see correct, full sentence structure on an application.
  • Tying in with above, we're not even sure who is speaking. At one point we're told it's Dr. Richardson but further down the application we're told about Dr. Richardson or he switched to speaking in third person. We need to know who's filling out the application if not August himself. If there are multiple voices throughout the written section then it needs to be denoted with some sort of font change, like italics or bold.
  • There are a number of contradictions August's story and overall continuity errors that will need to be sorted out. For example, it says that he an his sister grew apart as they got older and then she left. Later on it says he wants to find her and get an apartment away from 'their' grandparents. This suggests he wants to live with her again. Why is he looking for her and planning to live with her when they drifted apart and she left when he was nine? It also states that he wants to go into acting school and a sentence later says he's apathetic about his future. Please read through the app carefully, checking each question, to make sure that the stories match up.
  • August has a lot of diagnoses with overlapping symptoms and I struggle to see where one ends and another begins. The choppy, note style writing doesn't help this but he seems to have so much going on that some of the disorders seem unnecessary. One can have Conduct Disorder, like to be the center of attention, and not be diagnosed with Histrionic Personality Disorder. It also doesn't say anywhere that August needs to hurt people in order to get off, only they he really enjoys it. This is requirement to be diagnosed a sexual sadist. I feel that August's issues could be simplified down to Narcissistic Personality Disorder and it would cover everything you seem to be going for. It has the lack of empathy, the need to be the center of attention, and an inflated self worth. If you wish to keep the Sexual Sadism that's acceptable with the NPD. It doesn't cover the animal cruelty, which is a indicator of Conduct Disorder, but if you properly explore the other disorders I think you'll find that August can be evil enough without it.
  • If you wish to keep the animal cruelty with the conduct disorder it should go in the main part of the application, not in the out of character section. This is a classic symptom of the disorder and if August really doesn't care, why hide it? Why should a dead animal he killed with his bare hands matter at all?
  • August has a long history of violence and vandalism and yet he has never been punished for it. Given his record, it stands to reason that after the first few assaults and dead cats nailed to the wall he would be psychologically evaluated and either put in a mental health facility or put in jail. Even if he managed to avoid jail time there is no way he could assault his grandmother and not end up behind bars. They don't send a kid who threatened his granny with a knife to an insecure children's home. Highgrove takes children who struggle to fit into a children's home but they actually need to belong there first. A children's home is not punishment for a crime.
  • August's parents are supporting a meth habit in the small religious town that shuns them because of it. Would you please detail this a little more. It says the father makes it but is he dealing or just supplying his wife and himself? If so, how is he getting the money to continue making the drug if no one's buying? Do they work? If he is dealing, where is the market for it?

This Application Was Reviewed by: Nebby and Ghost.

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Post  Nebby on Sat Feb 04, 2012 2:43 pm

This Application Has Been Marked as Dormant
August Jonathan Munn Branch

This application has been inactive for three days, and as such it has been marked as dormant. If you wish to continue the application process, you must make the appropriate changes listed in your pending notice, and reply to this thread within the next two days. Failure to do so will result in this application being denied, and you may not apply to play this character again in the future.

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Post  Space on Sun Feb 12, 2012 11:32 pm

This Application Has Been Denied
August Jonathan Munn Branch

We apologise for the inconvenience, but this application has unfortunately been denied. The reasons for this denial are listed below. We encourage you to make another character and try again, but you may not use the same character name and primary issues for your next application.

  • This application has been abandoned and therefore is denied.

This Application Was Reviewed by:Space.


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