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Post  Faith Williams on Tue Jan 24, 2012 6:52 pm

So. Things are just a tad crazy at the moment. Not a huge amount going on, 'cept for that whole moving schools things. My current school is a sixteen-kid place. As in, the school. All of it. After growing adjusted to a small, mixed, very relaxed environment... Well, going to a thousand girl upward school is causing minor freak-outs. Posting has been slow recently, mainly due to worrying, but I plan on sorting this out ASAP. Sorry, guys.

That would be CrazyCabbage, with Faith Williams, Miranda Samedi and apping Lady Highgrove (and suppressing an0ther muse...). I'm doing my best to get posting/active again, but seem to get distracted and end up squeaking over uniform prices. I shall do my best. I love you
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