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Ninian Frost

Post  Ninian Frost on Wed Jan 25, 2012 10:55 pm


    Resident Full Name: Nichol Ninian Frost
    Resident Date of Birth: 11/11/1995
    Resident Age: 16
    Resident Gender:
    Current Address: Maidstone House, 5 Maidstone Road
    City/Town: Bowes Park
    County/State: London N11
    Country: England

    Resident Hair Colour: Blond
    Resident Eye Colour: Blue
    Resident Height: 5'11
    Resident Weight: 140lbs
    Distinguishing Marks: I have some scars on my back but you can't see them when I'm dressed. Otherwise, nothing.

Medical Screening

Do you have any ongoing medical conditions for which you require long-term treatment or medications?

Not any more. Well, never anything ongoing, I suppose. I spiral fractured my tibia about six months ago. I don't need crutches or anything any more, but I still limp a bit when the weather's cold and damp or if I twist it funny.

Are you aware of any allergies you may have to foods, medications or environmental elements? If so, please list them below along with age of onset.

Pineapple makes my lips swell and my throat close up. I don't really know when it started. I think it's always been that way.

Do you take any other medications or drugs not prescribed to you, or participate in the consumption of alcohol or tobacco?

Not at all.

Environmental Screening

Where were you born and where did you grow up? What was it like there?

I don't know where exactly I was born except that it was somewhere near Camden, in London. I was dropped off outside a hospital as a baby, with no name or anything. They don't know when my actual birthday is, as they guessed I was only a few weeks old when someone dropped me off. Since it was close to Remembrance Day, they picked that, and named me after St. Ninian. I grew up at Maidstone house when I was younger, and I'm back here again now. It's funny, I always wished for parents, like a normal family, instead of this place. I've learned my lesson about wishing for things.

Please describe your relationships with your biological family, including parents, and siblings if applicable.

There isn't one. I don't know who any of them are, and no-one's ever come looking for me.

How were/are you in school? How are your grades? Do you enjoy school?

I suppose my grades aren't that terrible. I didn't have much choice. She schooled us at home, and didn't like it when we got things wrong. I'm a little above my year in most subjects now, apparently. I don't mind school but I don't really 'hang out' with anyone. They're funny towards me since I came back. I don't remember many of them from before. I just stick to myself and do the work, it's easier that way. I'm not really Ninian any more, I guess. I used to like school a lot, before... I went away.

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities or belong to any after-school clubs?

Not any more. Not for a long time. I used to like music though, and they said I would be very good at it. But music's for girls, so I never got to continue any of that stuff.

If you no longer reside with your biological family, please describe any previous homes as well as your current situation.

Yeah. Previous homes... Well, when I was eleven, I was dragged out of the yard at Maidstone House by a woman named Mary Slater. We had been playing outside and it wasn't like we were locked up convicts or anything. I stayed behind after they called us inside, I don't even remember why now. I remember she seemed really nice and wanted to take me to the sweet shop down the road. We never made it to the sweet shop, just Edward Slater's car. They just... left with me and took me home. The old warden said they thought I'd run away, because lots of 'troubled boys' do that, and when I didn't turn up after the missing person's notice was put out, they just stopped looking for a while.

I went to a big house outside of Reading. It was off on its own down a cul-de-sac and the only people who ever came down there were the postman and the milkman. The only way I can describe it is... hell. From then on, until about six months ago, I lived as Nicholas Slater. There was a girl there too, Lizzy. She came about a year after me. She was really nice and I wish I never- ((There is scribbling here as if the rest of the answer has just been angrily crossed out.))

Do you have many/any friends? If so, please describe them.

No. Not any more. I don't really exist anyway. I mean, I'm here. Obviously I'm here. But who am I? I'm no-one. I'm nothing!

Are you sexually active? Are you aware of any gender preference, or preferences in intimate practices, activities or situations?

((This answer has been scratched out too, violently by the looks of it.))

Therapist Note from Dr. Thomas Penfield of Maidstone House. Ninian is having some trouble answering some of the questions as we go through this application. I will be providing supplemental information. Ninian was sexually active during his time in captivity with The Slaters. It is a fact he finds very difficult to discuss, as his relations were with Elizabeth, and not exactly consensual with either party. Since his return to Maidstone House, he has displayed very strong aversions to any topics involving sexuality, and can become very agitated.

Have you ever knowingly committed a crime? Were you caught and convicted? If convicted, what was your sentencing?

No. I don't think so.

Clinical Screening

Have you ever been diagnosed with any psychiatric ailments by a medical or psychiatric professional? If yes, please explain below.

Dr. Penfield says I have Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. It's a fancy way of saying I freak out because of what happened and everyone stares or laughs about it. He says it's not just "PTSD" because it's damaged my "sense of self', whatever that means. He says I have trouble with "attachment" and my emotional responses to things too, but that I can work through them if I go somewhere where they can help me with that.

A diagnosis of C-PTSD was made when Ninian's symptoms of PTSD were supplemented by a few other psychiatric aberrations, and when his time with the Slaters was taken into account. Along with C-PTSD he has a diagnosis of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, resulting from his time there. When combined, these two diagnoses can prove quite disruptive. Ninian, however, is not typically a violent or difficult boy. He simply needs more socialisation in a home setting where his issues can be addressed on a daily basis.

Please describe any incidents associated with these ailments, such as antisocial behaviours, social or environmental difficulties, incidents of self harming, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, substance abuse, etc.

Ninian displays some traits typical of a standard case of PTSD, but some other behaviours that are not, and which prompted a re-diagnosis. He is prone to bouts of anxiety and depression, and can at times become agitated in certain situations, seeming to regress psychologically to his time in captivity. During agitated states, he can range from simple emotional breakdown to angry or violent outbursts. As a result, his sleep has also been effected. He has wet the bed on a few occasions since returning to Maidstone House, and has become excessively upset each time. These traits at first seemed clear cut as PTSD, but further observation and consideration of his case prompted an amendment. He seems to lack any real care for or sense of his own identity, and has mentioned that sometimes he doesn't even know why he's behaving in certain ways, stating that it's "not him." Furthermore, he is socially withdrawn, and even in optimal circumstances seems to have trouble forming any real attachments to either his peers or the staff of Maidstone House.

Ninian's psychiatric complaints stem from a time period of almost five years wherein he was held captive by a married couple outside of Reading, along with a girl of his age who remained at the house for four years. During their captivity, both children were subject to emotional, mental and physical abuse. While Ninian claims the Slaters never touched the children in a sexually inappropriate manner themselves, he has alluded to the fact that he was forced to witness their own sexual encounters on a frequent basis, and later to perform these same encounters with the girl, under supervision. Outwardly, the Slaters projected a normal, if antiquated life, keeping the children only at the house. Ninian states that manners, cleanliness and personal hygiene were strictly enforced, along with education provided by Mrs. Slater in the home. He has stated that any perceived misbehaviour whatsoever was dealt with either by Mrs. Slater herself, who set aside a small hallway cupboard as a lengthy "Time Out" location, or by Mr. Slater, who would strike the children with a belt.

Ninian and the girl were discovered last year after Ninian sustained s spiral fracture of his leg from slipping on the stairs. After a day of no medical treatment, the girl fled from the house to find help. When the authorities arrived at The Slaters', the children were removed and returned to the children's homes from which they had been snatched some years prior. Mr. & Mrs. Slater are facing charges of child abuse, abduction and false imprisonment at this time.

Have you ever seen a licensed psychiatric professional, psychologist, or counsellor for these ailments? If yes, please list doctor(s) or counsellor(s) below:

Ninian sees me once a week, here at the Maidstone House. However, I feel he should be transferred to a home where a higher level of psychiatric care can be provided.

Do you take any medications for any diagnosed psychiatric ailments? If yes, please list medication, dosage, and frequency of dosage below:

I take something in the mornings with breakfast, and I think it's valium they give me before bed, or when I'm not doing very well.

Ninian takes 15mgs Fluoxetine in the mornings, and 5mg diazepam in the evenings to aid sleep. Further 5mgs of diazepam may be administered when symptoms of anxiety become distressing.

Have you ever been admitted to a short or long-term psychiatric facility as a result of these ailments or associated incidents?

No. Just Maidstone House.

How do you feel these ailments affect your quality of life or your situation in life?

I don't know. I don't know anything else any more. I don't know what I'm supposed to do or who I'm supposed to be. I don't know anything, I just get on with it because I don't have much choice, do I?

If you could be cured of your ailments, what would your goals in life be?

I don't know. Nothing, maybe.

How do you feel these goals would be best attained?

I don't know, because I don't know what my goals are, or what they should be. I used to want to play the violin but I wasn't allowed to keep studying music at the house. It's not for men. Now I don't have any goals.

Why do you feel you are being referred to Highgrove, and by whom?

Dr. Penfield's hoping to refer me because I'm messed up, because I don't know who I am. he doesn't want me to go to a hospital because he thinks I should get back to a normal life. I don't think I know what a normal life is. I don't think I've ever had one. But at least I'm not there any more, at the house. I'll go anywhere if it's not there.

Psychological Evaluation
The Spoken, Representative Interview

Hello, and thank you for meeting with me today. Our interview today will be recorded for review later. I'm going to ask you a series of questions, and I'd like for you to answer as fully as you are able. I'd like to start by asking you how you're feeling today.

I'm very well, thank you for asking. How are you?

Patient Observation: Mr. Frost seems very polite and well groomed, but his eye contact is evasive at best, and he is tense, possibly nervous.

Okay. And how are you feeling about this opportunity to join our family at Highgrove?

I think... It's a wonderful opportunity for someone like me, and I'm very grateful to have it offered to me. I heard it's in the Lake District. I've always wanted to go.

If you could alter one event in your life, what event do you think you would change or remove, and why?

Patient Observation: Mr. Frost seems to struggle with this question, and has to be prompted to answer after some time of obvious difficulty.

I wouldn't have been born.

If you had to describe yourself in only three words, what words would you choose and why?

Um... Lost... maybe nothing and, um...

Patient Observation: Mr Frost shakes his head, struggling to add another descriptor. He is prompted for a third.

... Anonymous?

How do you feel currently about your life so far, and anything you may have done?

Horrible, mostly, actually. Just... yes, horrible.

What would you do if you found a stranger being attacked by another stranger, and why?

I... don't really know. Maybe telephone the police or something. I'm not really up to fighting or anything.

What would you do if you were being threatened by a stranger, and why?

Patient Observation: Once again, Mr. Frost seems to struggle with the question and is prompted for an answer again.

I guess I wouldn't do anything. Maybe. It depends. If they were hitting me or something I might do something. I don't know.

Have you ever deliberately harmed yourself, another, or animals in the past? If so, why do you think that was?

Patient Observation: Mr. Frost shows clear signs of growing agitation and shame. He is reassured and encouraged to answer truthfully.

Lizzy didn't want to do those things they wanted us to do. But I knew we'd get the belt or the cupboard if we didn't. She cried a lot afterwards.

Patient Observation: Mr. Frost hangs his head, hiding his face in his hands.

And lastly, what do you hope to find at Highgrove, and how do you think this will help you to learn and grow?

I don't know! Can you just.. Just leave me alone? I don't know anything!

This concludes our interview for today. Thank you for filling out our application and speaking with me. We will contact you or your guardian shortly with our decision or recommendations.In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your day. Goodbye.

Out of Character Section

Is there anything your character is not telling us? Do they have any dirty or dark little secrets they're omitting from their application? Please explain below.

What you see is what you get, for the most part. There is an undiagnosed case of claustrophobia lurking in there, which hasn't been noted because he hasn't been crammed into a small dark space in the last six months. Oh, and the girl's name was Elizabeth Rush. She's not fully named on the app for "legal reasons" pertaining to being a minor, yadda, yadda.

Player Nickname: Ghost
Player Chatango Name: GhostDeliverance
Character Playby: Bart Grein
Ninian Frost

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Re: Ninian Frost

Post  Nebby on Thu Jan 26, 2012 12:30 am

Resident Information & Assignments

    Resident Full Name: Ninian Frost
    Resident Age: 16
    Resident Gender: Male
    Known Diagnoses: Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Hyposexuality

    Dormitory Number: Dormitory 01
    Bunk Number: 01 Top
    Assigned Chores Group: Kitchen Chores
    Assigned Therapist: Dr. Nadiya Zvarich

Final Approval Steps

Before you begin posting, please be certain that you have completed the last approval steps below. Failure to complete these last steps will result in the deletion of your character during the next activity check.

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Re: Ninian Frost

Post  Miranda Samedi on Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:34 am

Therapy Report


    Resident Name: Ninian Frost
    Therapist Name: Miranda Samedi
    Patient Observations: Ninian was polite and very quiet as we entered the kitchen. He and Milton talked quietly at the start, and seemed to form a friendship, as the two made their cookies together. Ninian expressed some distress at the idea of cookies, claiming to never have made them before. However, he participated with the aid of his friend willingly enough. Ninian did not interact well with any of the other students, only speaking when directly addressed and appearing to have very forced answers. He appeared to be awkward and unsociable, not seeming to enjoy the activity at all and seeing it as more of a chore than a fun session. He requested permission to remove his apron, a point which I thought was notable, rather than simply doing it himself. He talked with Milton throughout the baking process, the other boy helping him, and chatted with both the other two boys towards the end.
    Therapy Report: N/A.
    Notes: Overall, Ninian appeared to be very anxious and quiet - understandable, seeing as he only arrived at the hospital several hours before this session. Perhaps he will relax with time.

Miranda Samedi

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Re: Ninian Frost

Post  Dr. Nadiya Zvarich on Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:24 pm

Therapy Report


    Resident Name: Ninian Frost
    Therapist Name: Dr. N. Zvarich
    Patient Observations: Arrived on time and was extremely nervous and polite throughout. (politeness was a result of conditioning) seems to expect retaliation/punishment for any answer to ambiguous questions, constantly tried to read for behavioral and facial cues for the 'right' answer. fidgeted often Left the session anxious.

    Therapy Report: Mr. Frost arrived on time without an escorted but had to be offered a seat before he sat. His posture was rigid at first and he gave a nervous smile. Because this was his first session we began with some simple orientation and adjustment questions. Ninian mentioned meeting Milton (Wenceslaus.) and his bunk mate (H. Masterson) and informed me that he exchanged bunks with Mr. Masterson stating he did not want the top bunk.
    I believe this change was facilitated by his previously documented enuresis but we did not discuss that as this session was not intended to tackle heavier subjects. I informed Ninian that in the future he should contact staff when he needs to request a change, Ninian first flushed then dropped his gaze into his lap and initially began to fidget his fingers, then stopped himself, laying his hand still and apologising in a rehearsed manner even after he was informed that he was not in trouble for this change.
    We moved on to his group session run by Ms. Samedi and Ms. Adele. Ninian had never baked before stating he had been taught it was "Women's Work" presumably, by the Slater's. I asked him what men's work was "Fixing things or... economics. You know, the financial times? Or we'd watch the cricket or snooker." When asked if he enjoyed men's work he froze and said he guessed so, there was no conviction in his statement as he was again fishing for reassurance, I asked him if, given the choice as he is here if he would voluntarily watch Cricket or snooker, he paused and replied he would "if it was on." Because he was becoming highly uncomfortable I ended the session and Ninian left quickly.

    Ninian cannot handle multiple open ended questions without less stressful stimuli to distract him. Because of the abuse form the Slater's Ninian anticipates that he must find the 'correct' answer that whomever is asking him 'wants' to hear, if he cannot gauge that, he become anxious. I am also strongly recommending Seclusion not be used as a initial punishment with him considering his past. Double chores, written assignments, things that will not remind him so directly of his time in captivity, should be substituted.
    I do not believe that additional medication would help his case at this time, so I am not recommending medication. Finally, I am going to make his Bunk Change official, pending a consult with H. Masterson's Individual Therapist.

Dr. Nadiya Zvarich

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Re: Ninian Frost

Post  Dr. Matthias Savage on Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:17 am

Therapy Report


    Resident Name:Ninian Frost
    Therapist Name: Dr. Matthias Savage
    Patient Observations:Mr. Frost entered the therapy session in an obvious state of discomfort and fear which only increased as the session went on until he erupted into a panic attack.
    Therapy Report: The topic of the session was regret. My intent was to ask each resident to disclose something they have done that they regret. The majority of the residents in attendance were dismayed by the topic of discussion. As I asked every resident one by one, I noticed Mr. Frost becoming more and more agitated and uncomfortable. When I asked Mr. Frost to tell the group something that he’d done that he regretted he erupted into a panic attack, which resulted in the premature ending of the group session. After he calmed down enough, I had an orderly escort him back to his room.
    Notes: I recommend that Ninian’s feelings of guilt should be addressed during subsequent sessions with his individual therapist.

Dr. Matthias Savage

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Re: Ninian Frost

Post  Dr. Nadiya Zvarich on Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:05 am

Dormitory Reassignment


    Resident Name: Ninian Frost
    Previous Dormitory: 01
    New Dormitory: N/A
    Assigned Bunk: 01 Bottom

Dr. Nadiya Zvarich

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Re: Ninian Frost

Post  Thomas Ingram on Wed Feb 08, 2012 1:37 am

Behavioural Report


    Resident Name: Elizabeth Rush, Ninian Frost
    Reporting Staff Name: Aidan-Jeffrey Corrigan
    Behavioural Observation: Miss Rush and Mr. Frost have reconnected. They were observed upon their first reunion in which they spoke and comforted each other. Discussing their shared history, escape, and the home itself. All physical contact was appropriate and seemingly platonic.
    Measures Taken: None at this time. For obvious reasons the relationship between these patients must be monitored closely to ensure it remains a positive influence on both parties.

Thomas Ingram

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Re: Ninian Frost

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