Or Maybe This Is Danger (Matthias)

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Or Maybe This Is Danger (Matthias) Empty Or Maybe This Is Danger (Matthias)

Post  Josephine St. James on Fri Feb 03, 2012 4:13 am

Canon Ability: All men in this thread have their inhibitions lowered.

For the rest of the afternoon Josie could only think of Dr. Savage and the one on one session that never was. She’d had it all planned out too. When the group began to wind down she would have lingered off to the side and wait for the others to filter out. She’d tell him that she wanted to talk a little more, about regrets and the ones she felt about not being better for people. They could sit beside each other, perhaps a little close than most would have given their therapist/patient relationship but neither would notice. She’d tell him about how she wanted to do more for people, to make them happy and put a smile on their face. Then their eyes would meet in the same intense stare and she’d admit to wanting to see him smile. From there it would become a less appropriate and would require censoring and an eighteen and up rating. Josie was technically in her thirties so there was nothing illegal about hooking up with Dr. Savage. The age of consent was sixteen anyway. So there was absolutely nothing wrong with her little fantasy aside from the professional side he was coming from. Most practices probably frowned upon therapists sleeping with their patients. It’s a good thing she was on someone else’s roster.

However, it would remain a fantasy because the freaking boy had spoiled everything. He had to go post traumatic on the group and it pulled the doctor way, causing the session to end prematurely. Damn him! Damn him to…eternity at Highgrove. It was kinda like Hell, she figured. All she could do now was hope that she’d left as much of an impression on him as he had on her. Josephine had met some sexy staffers during her years at Highgrove but it had been awhile since one had caught her eye quite like that. Dr. Savage fit the tall, dark, and handsome ideal down to the T but it was more than that. There was an air of mystery about him and it called to her, daring her to get close enough to solve it. He was so intense all the time and she couldn’t help but wonder if that level of power carried over to the bedroom. There was only one way to find out but her golden opportunity to grease the wheels had been blown by some kid shitting a brick. Or…had it?

Josie sat upright on the couch in the activities room as realization struck her. Maybe…maybe the weird kid had actually done her a favor by going postal. If they had stayed in the group room their time would have been much more limited. It was a very public room and anyone could drop in at any time. But if he were, say, at his office they would have more privacy and could take the session into the later hours of the evening. After all, she hadn’t seen her therapist yet and was deeply in need of a sit down with a professional. Josie’s pout was replaced with a please smile and she set out in a brisk walk to the administration hall.

It was a short walk but by the time she stood outside Dr. Savage’s office a game plan had been formed. She knew exactly what she would say and had a number of excuses as to why she needed to stay should he try to kick her out. She would get somewhere, this she vowed. The only way this could backfire now would be if there was already someone there or if he had another appointment lined up. It was fairly late already so the odds were good that he wouldn’t be expecting anyone right now. Josie cleared her throat as she prepared herself for the performance she was about to give and her fist raised to knock on the door. “Dr. Savage?” She called out, waiting a moment before continuing. “I-It’s Josie from group. May I come in?” She did not wait for an answer before she began turning the knob to stick her head inside, eyes scanning the room. Her brow was creased with worry, eyes wide with similar emotions. By now Josie had playing men down to an art and right now this was just another masterpiece in progress.

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