Never gonna stop, give it up (Verne)

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Never gonna stop, give it up (Verne) Empty Never gonna stop, give it up (Verne)

Post  Dr. Maxwell Rose on Sun Feb 12, 2012 8:19 am

Max remained rooted beside desk after Cecil left, standing there for a good minute or two as his mind ran wild behind wide green eyes. What the hell was he doing? He shouldn’t be out looking for a new ‘friend’ after what had happened in his apartment the other week. He should be writing a lengthy apology to Verne and Charlie, swearing that he would stay away from them and let them. He should be vowing to turn over a new leaf and not let himself turn into the monsters that he often heard about in group sessions. Instead, he was dangerously close to taking advantage of a patient’s inability to resist pain. Maybe Max was beginning to wonder if he was losing it like one of his patients, finally slipping down that slope toward insanity. Cecil was a vulnerable patient, the type he usually liked, but it wasn’t right. He should be focusing on work and not letting the urges get in the way. Doing damage control on the incdent with Verne was challenging enough that he didn’t need to add Cecil to the mix.

After waking up in the medical building and realizing that hell and Highgrove were not the same place Max realized just how far he’d fallen. He was never like this with the other boys. They had all wanted it, most putting the moves on him. Max had sort of influenced their want to be with him but at the end of the day they were the ones coming on to him. So for him to attack Verne the way he had…it just wasn’t right. He planned to write him once things calmed down, explain himself and make sure Verne knew that he would never have to deal with him again unless he wanted to. Max would provide whatever prescriptions he wanted without question or favor in return until Verne found a new therapist. Yes, this was the master plan.

But…What if he told the other therapist everything? What if Max went to jail because of it? And what of Cecil? What if Max gave into his urges to have the boy and then he threatened to tell? Max didn’t have the same leverage over Cecil that he had over Verne…But he shouldn’t be thinking like this anyway!

With a huff Max finally managed to move himself back around his desk to take a seat, picking up his mug and taking a sip of the now cold coffee. Yuck. He picked up his pen and began reading over his notes from the session that just ended, wanting to get them over with. As he wrote he began contemplating a vacation for himself to London. He could…blow off some steam and return to Highgrove refreshed and without all of these pesky frustrations and fears that were causing him to lose control. With a decisive nod he was now determined to get this paperwork done so he could begin planning his trip. He had no other appointments for the day so he could finish up here and head home.
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