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Post  Tara Anne Barlow on Thu Feb 16, 2012 5:02 pm

Springs supporting the line of her back. Little bits of what? Wire, supporting the human frame like they were nothing but a figment of the imagination. Well, that was a bit extreme. Tara Anne had never had the pleasure of witnessing such a mattress. Everything she'd ever slept on had either been second hand with a mysterious origin or second hand, passed down for generations originally bought up in the 70's. You could always tell that from the patterning the featured blue or brown roses the size of Tara's head. Still, ads on the TV had lead her to believe that such mattresses existed. Somewhere. Highgrove had done nothing to confirm their existance. Still, regaurdless, Tara Anne had always found matresses to be a pretty weirdly amazing invention if you really thought about it. Sleeping on metal didn't really make much sence, yet it worked.

The springs supported Tara Anne, but she was supporting something else. Placed on her forehead like a front-riding weird hat for a royal wedding was a circlet called a roll of masking tape. Her arms out stretched before her, sticking the corners of a photo down to the underside of the bunk. She didn't do it the first day. She'd heard rumours about the other girl's dorm that involved the unfortunate occupant of the bottom bunk getting a golden shower. Tara Anne couldn't imagine how she'd react to her photos getting ruined so unceremoniously, but it would probably involve a whole new bald patch, bruising, and some time in isolation.

Hearing the door open Tara peeked over, careful not to move her head and let the tape fall off. Speak of the devil. Her bunk-mate, bunk-mate that thankfully didn't possess a bed wetting problem. She could handle a little piss, but only from her daughter preferably.


Admittedly, Tara Anne didn't know much more about Ellie than the fact that her bladder was more or less in solid working condition. Tara Anne hadn't made an overwhelming effort to get to know many people at the home. Dilly was a happy accident, especially given the fact she clearly needed someone who could look out for her around here. Beyond that, Tara Anne wasn't even sure she wanted to make friends, or if she knew how to. She held out two photos in front of her, trying to decide which to hang next. Picking one and putting the other down she grabbed the tape off her forehead, stripped away a rectangle and tore it off with her slightly bucked front teeth.

"How's your afternoon going?"

Might as well be pleasant right? Pleasant. Not Sweet.
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