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Welcome, Traveler, to Mythopoeia. This is a land of Myth and Legend. A place of magic, where heroes live. Every story you've heard, every tale you've been told: They're true. And this is the land in which they live. This is a land of both danger and enchantment.

In Albion, King Arthur has taken the throne and has begun uniting the lesser kings of Albion under his reign. East of this, in Loegria, the old king, Richard, has died leaving only his younger brother, John to take the throne. The people aren't happy with this arrangement at all though, and have started rebelling. To the north, the Kingdom of Nóregr is threatening war against both countries, and to the south The kingdom of Víteliú is suffering under a wizard's curse.

So, brave wanderer, I have only this to ask you: Are you ready to prove yourself a hero? Are you ready to make your myth?



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