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Talon Rogers Resapp

Talon Rogers Article-1144124-037F9440000005DC-607_224x396

    Resident Full Name: Talon Abiram Rogers
    Resident Date of Birth: 31/12/1995
    Resident Age: Sixteen
    Resident Gender: Male
    Current Address: 4 Adelaide Road
    City/Town: Felixstowe
    County/State: Suffolk
    Country: England

    Resident Hair Colour: Dark blond
    Resident Eye Colour: Dark brown
    Resident Height: 5'6"
    Resident Weight: 116 lbs
    Distinguishing Marks: I have track marks all up and down my arms, but that's it, scar-wise. Father was careful not to leave scars. Other than that, I have a birthmark on my left hip, one of those port-wine stains, that's sort of shaped like a heart, and a few freckles on my shoulders.

Medical Screening

Do you have any ongoing medical conditions for which you require long-term treatment or medications?


Are you aware of any allergies you may have to foods, medications or environmental elements? If so, please list them below along with age of onset.

I'm allergic to the adhesive in most sticking plasters. I have to use those special foam ones or I break out in a rash. Not sure how long it's been an issue, but we first noticed it when I was three.

Do you take any other medications or drugs not prescribed to you, or participate in the consumption of alcohol or tobacco?

Yes. I do cocaine. Although I've been off it for three days and it is driving me CRAZY.

Environmental Screening

Where were you born and where did you grow up? What was it like there?

I was born and grew up in Suffolk, just up the river from here. We didn't exactly live in a commune or a compound or whatever, but there were times when it might as well have been. My father is a high-ranking elder in a small religious community started about thirty years ago, the Church of the True Light, and most of our neighbors were part of that church as well. I kind of enjoyed it when I was little, but then I got older and started to think for myself, and the Church of the True Light frowns on independent thought. I spent a lot of time in church as I got older and my parents found out the stuff I was into (twelve and up) being prayed over and generally churched at. It almost turned me off Christianity, but I found God my own way when I was thirteen and it's helped me a lot.

Please describe your relationships with your biological family, including parents, and siblings if applicable.

I don't get on with my father at all. He, for his part, highly disapproves of me as both a person and a son, and I for mine despise him for his hypocritical ways and abusive nature. My sister Agatha is a Good Christian Girl and therefore boring, and she supports what Father does, so we don't get on either. Mother is a little better, but she's so humbly obedient to Father and so afraid of him that she doesn't stand up for me often, so we don't have much to do with one another. Agatha's twin sister, Jackson, was my best friend and protector, until he ((Section heavily scratched out)) had to leave. We only talk now through the occasional letters that my parents don't know about it.

I know it says "biological" family, but I want to mention Michael here, too. He's technically only my foster brother, but I love him just like he was blood related. (Actually a lot more than if he was blood related, but you get what I mean.) He came to the family three years ago, right after Jackson went away, and he and I bonded. We've been close ever since. I would die for that boy.

How were/are you in school? How are your grades? Do you enjoy school?

I got straight A's, or Father beat me. (I can still quote Proverbs 22:15 from memory: "Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him." Father used to quote it right before he commenced with the punishment. I can truthfully say that he never laid a hand on me, though--he always used either a cane or a wooden paddle.) I have no idea how I managed to maintain my grades while I was doing cocaine. It's not that it affected my mental processes exactly--I could still function, and I actually used to do a lot better on tests and things if I was high at the time. It's more that I used all my available free time to solicit myself. Henry was, well, he was the one who kind of prostituted me out, and he would make arrangements for me to meet guys--and the occasional girl--in the loo or in a cupboard somewhere. I was late to class quite a few times, but I always had an excuse ready, and the teachers didn't like calling Father anyway because he was so patronizing on the phone with them, so I got away with it. And I only skipped once or twice.

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities or belong to any after-school clubs?

Apart from the interminable Bible studies and Christian Youth groups, I took piano, trumpet, and voice lessons. All for the glory of God, of course. At least, that was my parents' thought, although I don't think songs like "Heil Myself" were really what they had in mind. Mostly, though, my "extracurricular activities" centred around cocaine and obtaining the money to procure it. Supposedly I was part of a study group in school, but when I was supposed to be doing homework with my friends, I was usually out doing something else with total strangers, but I was very careful that Father and Mother should never find out--and neither should Michael.

If you no longer reside with your biological family, please describe any previous homes as well as your current situation.

Currently I'm at St. Adrian's Home for Youth, a group home down the river from where I grew up. I've been here for the last two months, ever since Children's Services got Michael and me the hell out of that house. It's boring as hell, and I do NOT want to be here any longer.

Do you have many/any friends? If so, please describe them.

As a young child, I was only permitted to associate with children who attended our church, and I didn't care for any of them because they were all automoton robots (on occasion I have been known to call them "boring little shits" as well). Jackson and I were super-close. When I was eleven, I met Peter. Peter introduced me to Teddy, Teddy introduced us to Henry, and Henry introduced us to cocaine and a lot of other things as well. Since I've been at St. Adrian's, I haven't made many friends, but there's one girl who's nice enough to me. Her name is Maggie. We hang sometimes. Not often, but sometimes. For the last three years, though, my best friend has been my little brother Michael.

Are you sexually active? Are you aware of any gender preference, or preferences in intimate practices, activities or situations?

I've been sexually active since I was eleven years old. I prefer guys, and my preference is for, well, normal intimacy, but I was addicted to cocaine, and I needed to support my habit (I got pocket money but I was expected to give ten percent to the church, buy myself lunch at school, and send the rest to missions, so I never had enough to buy coke), so I turned to prostitution. I would do anything, with anyone, if they were willing to give me cocaine, or the money to buy it. I didn't like it--I'm not into rough stuff or super-kinky stuff or anything like that--but I did whatever was asked of me, as long as they would give me cocaine, or the money to buy it.

Have you ever knowingly committed a crime? Were you caught and convicted? If convicted, what was your sentencing?

Possession of cocaine. Using it isn't a crime--just possessing it. Also prostitution. I've never exactly been caught, and I've certainly never been convicted...but the hospital knows I'm using. Father knew, too.

Clinical Screening

Have you ever been diagnosed with any psychiatric ailments by a medical or psychiatric professional? If yes, please explain below.

Not unless fear and hatred of my father counts.

Please describe any incidents associated with these ailments, such as antisocial behaviours, social or environmental difficulties, incidents of self harming, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, substance abuse, etc.

I got into cocaine as a way to escape...everything. I had a lot of feelings while I was on the stuff, but the most intense was a feeling of euphoria. For a few minutes while I was high off of it, I felt like God. Physically, especially the last few weeks, my heart sometimes skipped around and beat irregularly, but I don't know if that was emotionally caused or a symptom of the coke.

Father figured out I was doing cocaine and prostituting myself--I'm still not sure how--about six months ago. Or at least that's when he told me he found out. And he didn't so much tell me he had found out as tell me that I had a demon inside me that was causing me to be a "substance-abusing faggot whore" (his exact words) and I would have to have it exorcised. I don't really want to go into details about it, but it involved a Bible, a large wooden cross, a silver chalice used for the Eucharist, a rubber fish, boiled holy water, and quite a few more unpleasant things.

Have you ever seen a licensed psychiatric professional, psychologist, or counsellor for these ailments? If yes, please list doctor(s) or counsellor(s) below:

I've been seeing Dr. Lizana since I got to St. Adrian's. I didn't tell her about the cocaine (boy, she was pissed when she found out), but I admitted about the prostitution stuff, and I told her about the exorcism. She said I had a "casual attitude towards sex", and I suppose she's right.

Do you take any medications for any diagnosed psychiatric ailments? If yes, please list medication, dosage, and frequency of dosage below:

I don't take any medicine.

Have you ever been admitted to a short or long-term psychiatric facility as a result of these ailments or associated incidents?

I'm literally sitting in a hospital bed right now, waiting to be discharged. Maggie--the girl I mentioned earlier--found me slumped over in the side yard of the home three days ago. I OD'd on cocaine--I'm a "mainliner", hence the track marks, and I'd injected too much. I wasn't trying to kill myself--it really was an accident. It was just that I had to take more to block out the pain. I woke up at the Xavier Treatment Center hooked up to all kinds of I.V. drips and such.

How do you feel these ailments affect your quality of life or your situation in life?

Apart from the fact that I almost died? It's cost me everything I love--both my brothers were taken away from me because of something stupid I did while I was on cocaine.

If you could be cured of your ailments, what would your goals in life be?

Actually, I want to be on Broadway or in some other form of theatre. I should love to be the next Daniel Radcliffe.

How do you feel these goals would be best attained?

By kicking my drug habit and getting the hell out of this facility.

Why do you feel you are being referred to Highgrove, and by whom?

Dr. Lizana is recommending me. I think it's because she wants to get me away from my suppliers, but also because she really thinks that'll be a better environment for me. She might be right, but who knows?

Psychological Evaluation
The Spoken, Representative Interview

Hello, and thank you for meeting with me today. Our interview today will be recorded for review later. I'm going to ask you a series of questions, and I'd like for you to answer as fully as you are able. I'd like to start by asking you how you're feeling today.

"Fucking fantastic."

Patient Observation: Mr. Rogers is shaking slightly. He is experiencing the physical symptoms of cocaine withdrawal.

Okay. And how are you feeling about this opportunity to join our family at Highgrove?

"I'm thrilled. No, really, I'm not being sarcastic this time. I want to go to Highgrove. For one thing, I don't like being a coke addict--I like the feeling, yeah, but I don't like that I have to be on a drug to get it--and I want to shake the habit, but I need help. For another thing, my little brother is there already."

If you could alter one event in your life, what event do you think you would change or remove, and why?

"I would have got Michael and myself out of the house a hell of a lot sooner. I waited too long and he had to go through an 'exorcism'--thank God I was able to stop it before it got too bad--and then he had a serious anxiety attack and passed out. He ended up at Xavier for three days, and it took a day of basically shouting for me to get them to let me even see him. He's only a kid. He didn't deserve all that. If I could change anything, it would have been to save him."

If you had to describe yourself in only three words, what words would you choose and why?

"Christian, talented, gay. I might have been raised by weird cultists, but I do consider myself a Christian, and I have faith. Even if I might have strayed somewhat. I'm a bloody good musician. And...well, do I really need to explain the gay part?"

How do you feel currently about your life so far, and anything you may have done?

"I really hate that I got addicted to cocaine. It's done some pretty fucked-up things to me. But I can't bring myself to feel bad that I was a prostitute. And I will never feel apologetic or ashamed for being gay."

What would you do if you found a stranger being attacked by another stranger, and why?

"I'd jump in and knock the bastard out! No one deserves to be attacked by anyone else."

Patient Observation: Mr. Rogers leaped to his feet and clenched his fists as he spoke, then gradually relaxed and sat back down, although he drummed his fingers nervously.

What would you do if you were being threatened by a stranger, and why?

"Go straight to someone in authority. I don't care too much about what happens to me, but if a stranger was threatening me, God only knows what he could do to Michael..."

Have you ever deliberately harmed yourself, another, or animals in the past? If so, why do you think that was?

Patient Observation: Mr. Rogers pushed up his sleeves and turned his arm over to reveal the "track marks" from cocaine mainlining.

"I didn't set out to hurt myself, but even after I knew it was hurting me, I didn't stop, so I suppose in a way I did deliberately harm myself. I've never hurt anyone else deliberately--I mean, unless they were paying for a bit of the rough and kinky--and I sure as hell never hurt an animal."

And lastly, what do you hope to find at Highgrove, and how do you think this will help you to learn and grow?

"I hope to find my little brother, Michael, and maybe a bigger family of people I can love and trust. And maybe, someday, a world where I don't need cocaine to deal with the world."

This concludes our interview for today. Thank you for filling out our application and speaking with me. We will contact you or your guardian shortly with our decision or recommendations. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your day. Goodbye.

Out of Character Section

Is there anything your character is not telling us? Do they have any dirty or dark little secrets they're omitting from their application? Please explain below.

For the most part, Talon was completely honest with the application. However, the reason his brother Jackson had to leave the family was due to an incident Talon never speaks of, even to Michael, whom he trusts with almost everything else. Jackson is bisexual, into S&M, and definitely rebelled against the Church of the True Light from an early age. He was once friends with Henry, the older boy who got Talon into cocaine, and felt somewhat guilty that he was unable to protect his brother. Henry also took Talon's virginity--not entirely by Talon's choice--and when the younger boy told Henry that he wasn't sure how to get the money for his drugs, Henry got Talon into prostitution. When Talon was thirteen, Henry set him up with an older man who was part of the same S&M community as Jackson. The man had Henry secretly film him having his way with Talon. Jackson saw the video at an S&M party and confronted the man who had starred in it, who said the only copy belonged to Henry.

Jackson tracked Henry down and assaulted him with a tire iron. Henry survived the attack, and he and his mother pressed charges. Neither Henry nor Jackson brought up the tape, so the man was not charged, nor was Talon's prostitution exposed, but Jackson was convicted of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and sentenced to forty years in prison. Talon blames himself for this, because he agreed to be in the tape for money, never dreaming Jackson would find out or get in trouble.

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Character Playby: Thomas Sangster
Talon Rogers
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Talon Rogers Approved
Resident Information & Assignments

    Resident Full Name: Talon Abiram Rogers
    Resident Age: Sixteen
    Resident Gender: Male
    Known Diagnoses: Substance Abuse

    Dormitory Number:
    Bunk Number: 2 Bottom
    Assigned Chores Group: Kitchen Chores
    Assigned Therapist: Dr. Gunner Bjorgen

Final Approval Steps

Before you begin posting, please be certain that you have completed the last approval steps below. Failure to complete these last steps will result in the deletion of your character during the next activity check.


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