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The Archive 2yno0fc

The Archive is a general discussion forum that thrives to cultivate a community that revolves
around conversation. Be it current events, sports, television, or what you had for dinner, we
want to hear about it. When was the last time you had an honest to god conversation
about something that was relevant to your real life interests?

TA is a welcoming and relaxed community and almost every topic of conversation under the sun.
With forums for literature, art, media, news, gossip, even spam - you're sure to find something
that suits your interests. With a relaxed setting and absolutely no pressure for activity - you
never need to worry about your account disappearing because you were away for a few months.

We want to be your place to go for discussion and conversation.
We want to generate new friendships and build upon current ones.
We want a place where we can relax, kick up our feet and talk about our day.

We want a place to call our own procrastination.
What can you bring to The Archive?

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