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It took a week to kill the world. Seven days from the first infections to more than ninety-nine percent of the human population roaming the world as zombies. If there's a government any more it's deep in hiding and not coming out any time soon. There is no police force, no organized military, the television channels and radio stations are mostly broadcasting static.

But there is some small hope. A band of survivors that traveled across the United States to their own promised land. They made it, and though it hasn't been easy they are still strong in their resolve to rebuild civilization as best they can.

Which is Silence is a member-paced horror RPG set in the days immediately after the end of the world. Board is 18+ for horror, violence, mature themes and general bloody-mindedness. Threads move quickly, plots come fast and (especially) furious, and the world changes according to player's actions. Writing standards are high but value is placed on quality over quantity--we'd rather see a pithy, well-phrased post a few lines long than 400 words of nothing-much. The player base is social and welcoming, a little older on average than the usual forum roleplay, and there's a whole lot excitement planned for the months to come.



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