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Verne Fitzwilliam Staffapp

Verne Fitzwilliam Bloodapp

    Full Name: Verne Fitzwilliam
    Date of Birth: 23/02/1980
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Current Address: 17 Ebbisham Lane
    City/Town: Tadworth
    County/State: Surrey
    Country: England

    Hair Colour: Brown
    Eye Colour: Blue-Grey
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 148lbs
    Distinguishing Marks: I don't have any tattoos or piercings, just a few scars I picked up here and there, from working in the yard etc.

Employment Interview

Please list position(s) for which you are applying:


Please explain why you are applying for the position(s):

I've been working at our family-owned livery and riding school since I was fifteen, and I think it's time to get out of Surrey and see other parts of the country. I'm also interested in applying my exprience and credentials where they can best benefit children in need.

Why do you feel you would be the best candidate for the position(s)?:

At this point, horses and instructing people in the care of, and riding of horses is pretty much my life. Aside from some school and the time I took on my certifications, it's all I've been doing for the past sixteen years. I'd be more than capable of managing and overseeing a small stable.

Do you posses the necessary qualifications for the position(s) for which you are applying? If yes, please list them below:

I do indeed. It took some toil to fit in between normal work and my own competitions, but I've managed to work my way up to possessing the BHS Senior Equitation and Coaching certificate, completing a good deal of my training at the BHS & ABRS approved Wildwoods Riding Centre, on the same street on which I currently live. I am a registered instructor for the British Horse Society, and my certification also qualifies me in Equine Specific First Aid.

What other qualifications or skills do you possess which you feel will aid your performance in the chosen position(s)?:

I would say that my years of experience and my proximity to the training centre throughout these years has well prepared me for the position of stablemaster. I am versed in stable management both physically and financially, and feel very comfortable in this environment. I have also had opportunity to work with and instruct many young and diverse people during this time, so I will not have any trouble teaching children despite whatever issues they might have. I take a personal, vested interest in helping troubled children.

Have you worked in this type of position or facility before? If so, where and when?:

Of course. I have been working at the family owned livery and riding school since I moved here at age fifteen.

Please describe your most recent employment experiences, including your positions there, company names, and locations:

As I mentioned above, I have worked in the same place since I was fifteen, though I have also taught some at the BHS & ABRS approved centre down the street from our livery.

How do you think your previous education and employment experiences will aid your performance within the chosen position(s)?:

I think my previous employment and experience will have more than prepared me to manage a small stable and instruct troubled children in the proper care of and riding of horses and ponies of many types.

Psychological Evaluation

Please describe yourself to the best of your ability, in only five words. ('And' will not count towards these.):

Workaholic, thoughtful, optomistic, creative and prepared.

What methods would you employ in order to relax during times of stress, and how effective do you think these have been in the past?:

Sometimes i like to go for a ride if I'm feeling stressed about thigns, but with the amount of time I spend around horses, and riding, sometimes I just prefer a hot bath and an Eastenders marathon, over a cup of tea.

Please list three traits about yourself that you consider negative, and three traits about yourself that you consider positive. Explain these choices if necessary:

I suppose I'd have to admit that I do have a few negative traits. Though I try to maintain a level of optomism, sometimes it only goes as far as optomism for other people, and I find myself getting a bit down about my own life. I have sleep troubles too, but I try not to let them interfere with my work. Another negative trait might be that I can sometimes be a bit zany or dramatic, and have trouble keeping my head out of the clouds because of it. Except when I'm at work, of course.

On the positive side, I'm dedicated to the work I do do, and I let my focus on it distract me from any kind of melancholy I might feel. Also, I like to be creative. I'm fond of writing, and of reading, and particularly enjoy creative expression of any kind. Lastly, I liek to think I'm easily approachable to anyone and everyone. I try to keep a positive and friendly state of mind when I'm around work, so that people can come to me with just about anything if they need to.

Describe one event in your life that you would change if you could, and why:

This is a tricky one. I know you, (Dr. Penhurst) will frown on me if I don't acknowledge the circumstances that got me to where I am, so I suppose I'll just get it out. I'd like to take back the day when my mother snapped. I wish I'd called someone sooner, and I wish I'd gone upstairs to check on Jeremy before dinner.

If a superior gave you a task to complete, to which you were wholly, morally opposed, what would you do?:

I don't think I could do it, if it was that bad. I supposed I'd just have to be fired.

If you caught a friend and co-worker stealing from your place of employment, breaking rules, and/or endangering the safety of others, what would you do?:

If they were a friend, I'd approach them about it first ad tell them to knock it off, ina friendly, helpful sort of way of course. If they kept doing it I'd probably have to report them if it was something significantly bad. I wouldn't be happy about doing it though.

Environmental Screening

Where did you grow up, and what was it like there?:

I grew up before age fifteen, in a small town in Lincolnshire. It was mostly farming based, but it had everything you'd need; shops, garages, supermarkets. It was a pretty good place to grow up, and I had lots of friends there, and family near by. I spent a lot of time with my cousin, growing up, even before what... happened. I was actually really happy when I was little, though maybe not so much as a teenager.

What are/were your social interactions like? Do/did you have many friends and/or relationships?:

I don't have any relationships. Most of my friends are people I work with in the yard or over at Wildwoods. I don't have much time for socialising outside of work and competition.

What prompted you to pursue the career path you are now following?:

I suppose it was pure circumstance. At age fifteen I was sent to live with my mother's brother in Surrey, who runs a riding school and livery. I was put to work there immediately, and working, riding and teaching became my escape. I can't really think of doing anything else any more.

Were you ever a member of the armed forces or of a law enforcement or security agency? If yes, please list rank and branch, or company name and location:


Do/Did you ever abuse controlled substances, including but not limited to alcohol, prescription medications, street drugs and tobacco?:


Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If yes, please list conviction(s) and served sentence(s) below:


Out Of Character Section

Is there anything your character isn't telling us? Do you have more information to add about your character that they would not tell the representative about? Please explain below:

Firstly, Verne- so nicknamed "Darcy" by his cousin on account of his 'quizzical brow' and last name- lied entirely on the question of which life event he would change if he could. The event he mentions there involved his mother- who had had psychiatric issues- losing it one day. During a state of psychotic depression, she drowned Verne's kid brother in the bathtub and tucked him into bed. She then came down to make dinner, with a side helping of foxglove from the garden. The resulting poisoning killed Verne's father and sickened Verne in the process. Due to his small size and potency of the poison, he wound up regurgitating much of the meal, which is ultimately what saved his life. He was able to phone for help, and emergency services apprehended his mother and treated his poisoning. His mother was later sent to a mental instiution after a court appointed psychiatrist found her unfit to stand trial. Verne has not contacted his mother since this incident. He was ten years old at the time.

After his recovery, his father's sister, who lived in the same town and often watched Verne and his brother, stepped in to take custody of Verne. He was soemthing of a strange child after the aforementioned events, quiet and withdrawn from everyone but his cousin Charles, or 'Charlie'. The two boys became quickly inseperable, sharing classes at school, their free time, their bedroom... and ultimately their beds. At age fifteen, they were discovered by Verne's aunt, who banished Verne from her house. Custody was passed to Verne's uncle, his mother's brother, who lived in Surrey, and he was forbidden from contacting Charlie ever after. Verne's uncle was heavily disapproving of Verne's conduct with Charlie and was frequently verbally and emotionally abusive about it. He sent Verne to a child psychiatrist to be 'fixed'.

Character Playby: Ben Whishaw
Player Nickname: Ghost
Chatango Username: GhostDeliverance

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Verne Fitzwilliam Approved
Employee Information & Assignments

    Full Name: Verne Fitzwilliam
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Position: Stablemaster
    House Number: 2 Highgrove Terrace

Final Approval Steps

Before you begin posting, please be certain that you have completed the last approval steps below. Failure to complete these last steps will result in the deletion of your character during the next activity check.

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