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The Most Happy - AU "The Tudors" (PG-16) Empty The Most Happy - AU "The Tudors" (PG-16)

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The Most Happy - AU "The Tudors" (PG-16) 2ywv31z
Welcome to Court and, as The Queen, I would like to cordially welcome
you to The Most Happy. We are an original, alternate universe rpg based
on Showtime's wonderful presentation of the reign of King Henry VIII:
The Tudors.

Our plot kicks off in early autumn of 1528. It's been mere months since
England was struck by the Sweating Sickness and, as you could have
guessed, not everyone walked away unscathed. While it is undeniable
that many mourn the deaths of family and friends, it cannot be
ignored that all of England mourns the loss felt by the royal family.

Despite His Majesty's best efforts to protect the lives of his wife and
daughter, Queen Katherine was claimed by the disease.

King Henry remains infatuated with Anne Boleyn and means
to make her his wife and Queen, but England has mixed
emotions about the Lady.

With a new queen and talk of a religious reformation looming
ahead, how will England fair in this new life. How will you?
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