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Huxley Constable Resapp
Written Interview

Huxley Constable 2wegcck

    Resident Full Name: Huxley Constable
    Resident Date of Birth: 10/31/1995
    Resident Age: 16
    Resident Gender: Male
    Current Address: Healing Hearts - A Home for Boys, 11 Cornwallis Street
    City/Town: Liverpool
    County/State: Merseyside
    Country: England

    Resident Hair Colour: Brown
    Resident Eye Colour: Hazel
    Resident Height: 5'10"
    Resident Weight: 150 lbs
    Distinguishing Marks: I have a nose piercing. My mate James did it for me last year. I've been told I have an impish grin. Does that count?

Spoken Interview With Highgrove Representative

Representative: Thank you for meeting with me today. We will now begin the recorded interview. I will ask you a series of standard questions. Please try to answer them to the best of your ability. So, firstly, how are you feeling today?

Resident: Alright, I guess.

Patient Observation: Patient lowers eyelids, bites lower lip, and smiles, almost coquettishly, as if trying to play at coyness.

Representative: And what circumstances have led you to apply for residency at the Highgrove Home for Children?

Resident: Well, I'm not wanted anymore, am I? Too many parties, too many incidents... Mum and dad can't deal anymore and no one else wants me. They've got me in this group home for boys at the moment. I've only been there a few weeks, but they're already working with some shrink my parents took me to a couple times, trying to figure out a more permanent arrangement for me. Mum and dad hoped this would only be temporary, that I'd get straightened out, but the staff says I'm being too disruptive to stay and don't want to be helped. I'm interfering with their pacifistic approach to healing, disturbing the peace or something. I've made "inappropriate advances" on some of the boys here and instigated a fight with another. I accidentally broke his nose. It really was an accident. I didn't mean to, but he insulted my hair and I didn't think before I hit him. He got a couple of good blows in before we were separated, but I was the only one punished. Apparently I started it and he was just defending himself. They sent me to solitary a week ago and haven't trusted me enough to let me out since. My parents have pretty much given them the go-ahead to find a more suitable placement for me. They don't know what else to do.

I guess my biggest problem is that I like attention, and that makes me act out. Drugs too. Booze, fags, grass, coke. Before I went to the boy's home, this shrink fed my parents some bullshit about me having this "condition" called Histrionic Personality Disorder. Yeah, I like attention, but it's not that bad. They're mental, really. I'm just a normal teenage boy, acting out in the way any normal teenage boy would do. I'm just having fun, you know?

Patient Observation: Huxley's body language and manner of speech are nonchalant at first, but grow increasingly agitated and defensive as he speaks. After falling silent, he leans forward, leans backward, crosses his arms over his chest and begins to shake his left knee up and down in rapid succession. He appears nervous.

Representative: Do you have any medical conditions we should be aware of? If so, please explain.

Resident: No, I'm perfectly healthy. Everyone keeps going on about how I'm going to ruin my health if I keep doing drugs, or how I might even die, but I feel fine right now.

Representative: Have you ever been diagnosed with a psychiatric illness? If yes, have you ever been hospitalised or sent to a special care facility for these illnesses?

Resident: The shrink mum and dad took me to - Dr. Watson, I think his name was - wanted me to stay in hospital three nights for observation. This was a few months ago. Guess the good doctor couldn't have been too sure of his diagnosis if he needed to watch me for a few days to see if he was right.

Patient Observation: Here Huxley leans forward and clasps his hands between his knees, trying to look convincing.

There's nothing wrong with me, really. This is all a big mistake. I've never had anyone fuss over me like this before. The attention is flattering, but I want to go back to my normal life already. I feel like a celebrity being hounded by the paparazzi. Nobody leaves me alone these days. I miss my anonymity. Maybe I wouldn't have lost it if I hadn't been so careless, but then people shouldn't have stuck their noses in where they bloody well don't belong. How I conduct myself is no one else's business but mine!

Patient Observation: Huxley is now beginning to look a bit desperate and imploring, his eyes wide as if begging for understanding.

Representative: How does your current state of mind affect your day to day life? Are there any incidences of note which you feel are a direct result of your state of mind, such as suicide attempts, arrests, hospitalisations, et cetera?

Resident: There's nothing wrong with my current state of mind. Like I said, I'm just a kid having fun.

Patient Observation: Huxley pauses and leans back, looking thoughtful when prompted further.

Maybe it's a little more than that. I mean, I guess I'm pretty disruptive to other people. The attention's gotta be on me all the time, and if it's not, I get angry and do pretty impulsive things. I say mean things. I act cruelly. I feel bad about it afterwards, but I can't help it in the moment. I just can't stand being ignored. It's rude and I deserve better than that.

I got really angry in school this one day. I saw this girl I like talking to another guy in the hall between classes. I tried to say hi but she totally blew me off. And I was mad, you know? Wouldn't you be? She could have said hi or just waved but instead she completely ignored me. I wasn't okay with that, so I grabbed her by the arm and wrenched her away from the guy. She shouted down the whole corridor like the goddamn building was on fire until security took me away. I was suspended from school for a week. I didn't even do anything! I just grabbed her. It wasn't like I was going to hit her or anything. I just wanted her to notice me. I want everyone to notice me though, so I guess that's the problem.

Representative: Have you ever harmed yourself, others, or animals? If yes, please explain.

Resident: I wouldn't hurt an animal. That's sick. I wouldn't hurt myself either because, well, I like the way I look. I don't want a bunch of ugly scars on my body. But I guess I've done some things that could have given me scars. I jumped off the roof of a friend's house into the pool once at a party. I scraped the bottom of my foot but I was lucky I didn't hit my head or something. I just wanted to make a get it?

Patient Observation: Huxley pauses here to laugh at himself.

What, you don't think I'm funny? Fair enough, I guess. You're just an old stick-in-the-mud anyway. A paper pusher. Why should I care what you think?

Anyway, they said I left bruises on Sara where I grabbed her. I never saw 'em though. I was also a bit rough with this guy at another party. I was pretty drunk and he was refusing my advances, but I knew he wanted me. I had him up against the wall, trying to sweet talk him, and I guess I got a little too aggressive. I left scratch marks on his hips. Somebody got nervous and called the cops, and I got hauled in until my parents could bail me out the next morning. I already told you about what happened at the boy's home, getting in that fight. The other stuff was completely consensual, but we're not supposed to be intimate with each other so I got in trouble for it anyway. I really try not to hurt anybody. I don't like that I've hurt people, but sometimes it's the only way you can get their attention.

Representative: We understand you are having trouble at your current place of residence. Could you please describe the problems you are having, and the results or repercussions that have come about because of them?

Resident: I already told you about the boy's home and why I'm having trouble there. My parents agreed to send me because I was constantly getting in trouble at school and breaking curfew at home and they didn't know what to do anymore. Dr. Watson was the one who brought it up. He thought it'd be the best place for me out of all the ones he knew around Liverpool. They didn't want me to go too far if I didn't have to. Like I said, they hoped it'd be a temporary thing. I agreed to going just to get them all off my back. Also, my little brother, Aldous, is apparently scared of me. That's what my parents say, anyway. We still get on alright as far as I can tell. Until I got sent away from home, I tried to do brotherly things with him, you know, when I was around. He's so innocent. I've always really liked spending time with him, but it bothers me that my parents love him more than me. They do. They praise him all the time. He's a perfect student, a budding genius at 10 years old. I'm just the royal fuck-up, the black sheep, the dirty little secret. I can't compete with him so I don't even try. I just get their attention in other ways. They're not amused anymore, haven't been for a long while, but they're finally doing something about it now.

Representative: What five words would you use to best describe yourself?

Resident: Just five?

Patient Observation: Huxley pauses and reflects, looking at the ceiling and humming softly.

Energetic, outgoing, enthusiastic, eccentric and...okay, dramatic. That's what you want to hear, isn't it?

Representative: Do you have many friends? Could you describe your relationships and where you met these friends?

Resident: I know a lot of people from school, don't know how many of them are actual friends, but I like to think I've got something special with all of 'em. We've had some mad times together. That quacky Dr. Watson said that's one of the symptoms of my "disorder". Something about thinking my relationships are more intimate than they actually are. We really are close though. I mean, I party with the same people every time, even if the venue changes. We all find each other and stick together. They get annoyed with me and my antics sometimes, but it's all in good fun. Tori's one of my best friends. I know we're close. She and I like to go to parties and see who can get laid first. If neither of us succeeds, we end up sleeping with each other. It's a pretty good arrangement. Or it was, anyway.

Patient Observation: Makes air quotes with his fingers around the word "disorder", clearly not taking it seriously.

Representative: How would you describe your relationship with your biological family? Did you spend much time with them? Do you have any siblings?

Resident: It's not good. I spent a lot of time with them growing up, but less as I got older. I had more important things to do than hang out with my squeaky clean, hippy-dippy parents. They're all into green living and shit like that, organic food, canvas grocery bags, baby blue Prius. Total hypocrites. They did all kinds of drugs when they were younger, I've heard the stories. LSD and mushrooms and all that. For some reason it's not okay for me to experiment. You should've seen the way they freaked out when I told them I've tried cocaine. The weed didn't bother them as much, because, you know, "it comes from the earth, man." At least they were cool with the dreads. Same friend who pierced my nose did 'em for me. I got tired of blending in.

Patient Observation: Huxley rolls his eyes and runs a hand over his hair.

I just have the one sibling, Aldous. He's 10 years old. I've already talked about him, and yes, my parents are really into Aldous Huxley. How could you tell? The Doors of Perception, Brave New World...yeah, I know about it all. A side effect of living with aging flower children. Born a bit too late to be actual flower children, but they like to think they are.

Representative: Are you sexually active? If yes, are you aware of any sexual preferences regarding gender or situation?

Resident: Oh yeah. And I'm not picky, they just have to be pretty.

Representative: Where did you grow up, and what was it like there? How do you feel about where you grew up?

Resident: I grew up in Liverpool. Mum and Dad always made a big fuss because The Beatles got their start there. I guess that's pretty cool. We lived in a mid-size apartment I always felt was too small for the four of us, but they said we shouldn't try to live above our means. Liverpool's alright, but I like London better.

Representative: How is school? What are your grades like, and do you enjoy it? Do you participate in any after-school activities?

Resident: After-school activities, parents always tried to push me into them. Aldous is in choir and participates in all the school plays. Like I said, he's the golden child. He's made up for all of my glorious disappointments. School is school, anyway. I've not been good about going in the past year, which is another reason everyone's so mad at me. They were threatening expulsion before I got sent away from home. My grades have never been good because I've always had a hard time paying attention. Mum says I'm bright and I just don't know it, haven't applied myself enough.

Patient Observation: Huxley shrugs and picks at the knee of his jeans.

Representative: What do you hope to find at the Highgrove Home, and how do you feel about potentially becoming a resident there?

Resident: I don't know. Everyone wants some sort of stability for me, but I think that's boring. I don't like routine. I guess I need to learn a healthy way of dealing with my feelings though. I've tried escaping into drugs but sometimes they only make the need for attention worse. I'm alright with the idea, I suppose. It'll get me out of here, which is probably what's best for me at this point. I know this means there won't be any parties for a long time, but I've got all the time in the world for that later, and I'm sure I can make new friends at Highgrove. I'm actually kind of interested to see what you think you can do for me.

Patient Observation: Huxley snickers.

Representative: Lastly, how do you feel about what you have done so far with your life, looking back on it. If you have done unacceptable things, how do you now feel about those?

Resident: Like I said, I'm not happy about hurting people, and that's why I need to find a...mature way of dealing when I feel bad. Sometimes I feel like this is all a big misunderstanding. I know I've screwed up my life, but I feel like that's my choice to make. I guess I'd like to make my parents proud of me. Negative attention is still attention, but it would be nice if it was positive for once.

Out Of Character Section

Is there anything your character isn't telling us? Do you have more information to add about your character that they would not tell the representative about? Please explain below:

Huxley has been fairly forthcoming with his answers, and hasn't left out any major incidents. He knows he needs help but doesn't want to admit it. Despite the bad things he's done, he likes who he is and resents being asked to change. He'd rather work through his issues on his own (or just ignore them completely). What he has failed to mention is that he feels like he hasn't been loved enough, though one can potentially glean that from the answers he's already given in the written interview in regards to his parents and Aldous. When his brother was born, Huxley went from being the center of attention to an afterthought; though he loves his brother, he's also jealous of him. Huxley feels that negative attention is better than no attention at all, but he secretly wishes someone would see and accept him for who he is without wanting or asking him to change. He truly feels as if he has a lot to offer others, and is blatantly-attention seeking and disruptive so that they might notice. He doesn't know how else to act and fails to realize exactly what he is doing wrong.

Character Playby: Samuel Larsen
Player Nickname: Zillah
Chatango Username: zephyr13
Preferred Chore Assignment Group: Grounds Chores

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Huxley Constable Approved
Resident Information & Assignments

    Resident Full Name: Huxley Constable
    Resident Age: 16
    Resident Gender: Male
    Known Diagnoses: Histrionic Personality Disorder, Substance Abuse

    Dormitory Number: 2
    Bunk Number: 01Bottom
    Assigned Chores Group: Grounds Chores
    Assigned Therapist: Dr. Matthais Savage

Final Approval Steps

Before you begin posting, please be certain that you have completed the last approval steps below. Failure to complete these last steps will result in the deletion of your character during the next activity check.


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Therapy Report
Huxley Constable Branch

    Resident Name: Huxley Constable
    Therapist Name: Dr. Gunner Bjorgen
    Patient Observations: Anxious but quiet in body language and behaviour, he mostly kept to himself, displaying some discomfort at the admissions of others as to why they are at Highgrove- notably those with a history of violent thoughts and deeds.
    Therapy Report: When asked why he is at Highgrove he responds that he has done many drugs and likes attention so much that it has caused him to harm others. He also adds that he shouldn't be at Highgrove, and when asked to elaborate, states that he is only being a normal teenage boy and diminishes his own responsibility by stating that he is not the only one to display such behaviours. Denial of responsibility issues.
    Notes: Medication not recommended. Use of benzodiazepines and narcotics prohibited except in extreme cases posing potential risk to the safety of the patient or others. Follow-up therapy recommended to address diminished sense of responsibilities.

Dr. Gunner Bjorgen
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Therapy Report
Huxley Constable Branch

    Resident Name: Huxley Constable
    Therapist Name: Dr. Matthias Savage
    Patient Observations:Huxley entered the session with rigid body language that became more relaxed as the session went on. He was also very forth coming with commentary and seemed to make quick friends with Eleanor Byrne.
    Therapy Report: The topic of the session was fear. I asked each resident what it is that they are afraid of. The purpose of the exercise was to give the residents the opportunity to be honest with themselves and gain some insight into what motivates and influences their actions. When I asked Huxley what he was afraid of, he replied: “I’m afraid of being invisible, forgotten, unnoticed, unimportant.” I asked him if it would be such a terrible thing if those things were to happen and what would happen if those things did happen. He replied that he would be alone and that being alone might be the real thing that he’s afraid of. He seemed to suffer from some discomfort at revealing this to the group but he literally held his head high. Throughout the rest of the session, he seemed to take an interest in Ms. Byrne. I think it’s even fair to say that he enjoyed being the only male resident in the small group.
    Notes: Aside from continuing his therapy sessions with his assigned doctor, I would recommend that an eye be keep on Huxley and his budding friendship with Ms. Byrne.

Dr. Matthias Savage
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