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Buffalo Creek Bay [IF] A wild west RPG Empty Buffalo Creek Bay [IF] A wild west RPG

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Buffalo Creek Bay [IF] A wild west RPG R7vjom
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The early sun peeks up over the mountaintops in the east, kindling a heavy fog off the chilled lake that hangs over the dense forest like a mysterious curtain against a sky ablaze with morning glory. Nestled between the timberland and wide open prairie of the North-Eastern Colorado territory is the ever growing town of Buffalo Creek Bay.

Welcome to a bustling Old West town still struggling through the strife of its youth. Founded by a group of drifters just over a decade ago there is money to be made here if one is willing to devote blood, sweat and tears for it and forgo some indulgences, unless of course those indulgences include whiskey and women. If you can handle the occasional run in with Indians from the north, outlaw drama, tragedy, and manual labor of this quaint late 1860’s town, drift on in, take your boots off and settle down for the long haul.

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