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Brass Roses - faeries, steampunk, dystopian Empty Brass Roses - faeries, steampunk, dystopian

Post  BRoses on Thu Dec 08, 2011 3:17 pm

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The Fey have been enslaved.

Humanity, fearing the power the mostly secretive Fey population is rumored to hold, have begun a wide-spread hunt to find and imprison any faery person living on Earth - with a handsome reward to each person who turns one in. After being found, they are kept in slums made mostly of iron, and are policed and watched 24-hours by fearful human guards who have channeled their power through their own technology and turned it against them. Fey are not allowed to meet in more than groups of two - because of which, families are routinely torn apart. They are forced, like dogs, to breed and produce more of their (previously rare) kind, and their children are taken from them after birth. After they reach the age eighty - the average human life-span - they are terminated and their bodies burned.

Daily, Fey are carted to government buildings where they are hooked up to primitive electro-shock machines and forced to glamour. Their magic is then harnessed and used to better the technology and weaponry of the people that oppress them. Due to this, technology and weaponry is a good ten years ahead of it's time and rapidly increasing.

But there are Fey who have been able to remain undetected, and there is a revolution brewing. After the public execution of Queens Titania and Mab, the new Seelie and Unseelie Queens have come together and, in order to protect their identities, picked the most powerful amongst their courts to lead their revolution - if only he weren’t so reluctant to lead it in the first place. With the human government coming closer and closer each day to finding and eradicating the entire Fey race, it is becoming more and more pertinent for the few remaining undetected to ban together and take their rightful place - or rather, to fight to be left in peace.



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