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Infected Redemption [if] 14vgp3c

The year is 2158. A lot has changed, a lot has happened. All over the world, hundreds of thousands of babies were born. A small percentage of these babies had something in common. All their mothers died at birth because of the same reason. The doctors told everyone they died of unknown reasons, but the truth is that they were killed. Killed because they were superhuman beings known as carriers. And 95% of the time, the fathers, breeders, were nowhere to be found at the time of birth.

All the children were marked with the same tattoo on the back of their necks, along with given a serial number so the government, known as The District, could find them later. The babies were passed around from orphanage to orphanage until they were old enough to live on their own. More of these babies are born each year. Some parents survive while others do not. Either way, The District is hunting down these superhuman beings. Each of these beings possess a different type of power that no human would ever have. The District doesn't want anyone with potential power to overthrow them to exist. If that isn't enough, there are three groups of these beings. One group is trying to keep their actual identity hidden and live normal lives. They find special doctors who will remove the tattoos for a costly price. The second group, however, want their existence to be known. They call themselves The Underground and they want to seek revenge on The District by overthrowing them for what they did to many of their kind. The Underground is constantly trying to recruit more and more of the superhuman's to join the fight. The last group happens to be those controlled and brainwashed by The District, pinning them against each other. Not really caring if their own die, so long as they die.

A war is on the horizon and the secret is on the verge of getting out. Which side will you choose?

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