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Resident Chores Assignment Roster
Resident Chores Roster Branch

All residents are assigned to a chore group upon admission to Highgrove. Their diagnosed issues may indicate which group they will be placed into. (For example, self harming residents may not be permitted in the kitchen or the garden shed, etc.) Chore groups may be changed by the head of household of a therapist upon revision of the resident's behaviour.

Kitchen Chores: May include washing dishes, cleaning, simple food preperation and/or serving.

    Josephine St. James
    ◦ Laura Richardson
    ◦ Ninian Frost
    ◦ Michael Courtenay
    ◦ Meredith Rice
    Rueben Westwood
    ◦ Talon Rogers

Household Chores: May include making beds, collecting laundry, sweeping, dusting, and cleaning bathrooms.
    ◦ Alan Thatcher
    ◦ Ellen Taylor
    ◦ Harold Masterson
    ◦ Tara Anne Barlow
    ◦ Kayla Wright
    ◦ Newton Wood

Grounds Chores: May include weeding, mowing, clearing scrub and planting.
    ◦ Charlotte Travers-Jackson
    ◦ Huxley Constable
    ◦ Bethany Lark
    ◦ Eleanor Byrne
    ◦ Devon Churchward

Stables Chores: May include cleaning and polishing tack, mucking out stables, grooming horses and general yard maintenance such as sweeping.
    ◦ Ace Finn
    ◦ Elizabeth Rush
    ◦ Keziah Baird
    ◦ Maggie Luchak
    ◦ Cecil Sharpe

Farm Allotment Chores: May include tilling, weeding, watering, pruning, harvesting and planting.
    ◦ Harold Masterson
    ◦ Dilwen Vaughn
    ◦ Nathaniel Schram
    ◦ Remi Durand
    ◦ Wayne Cross

Livestock Chores: May include feeding and watering of livestock, moving livestock, collecting eggs, and basic livestock grooming.
    ◦ Chance Ramirez
    ◦ Clarice Tompkins
    ◦ Elias Ortega
    ◦ Faith Williams
    ◦ Milton Wenceslaus


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