The Hunt Never Stops (AU Supernatural & TVD RPG)

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The Hunt Never Stops (AU Supernatural & TVD RPG) Empty The Hunt Never Stops (AU Supernatural & TVD RPG)

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The Hunt Never Stops (AU Supernatural & TVD RPG) Season-3-Poster-the-vampire-diaries-25275004-1024-1166-1-1-1

Things in Mystic Falls are about to change. Vampires and werewolves now roam the small town. Stefan made a pact with Klaus to save Damon, and finding a cure for a werewolf bite. Stefan surrendered himself and is going to let the ripper within him surface once again. The lines between right and wrong about to shatter, and everything you know will change.

Someone will betray them all… Who is the next one to die? Only time will tell.

This is a mature Vampire Dairies role play forum. We allow not only the canon characters from the books and the show, but originals as well. We are starting at the beginning of an alternate version of season three and also branching off into different storylines. We may follow some of the show plots but also come up with some of our own to include original characters as well. So dive in and sink your teeth into the world of The Vampire Diaries!



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