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Post  Tia on Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:00 pm

The Power of Two 2ajufzn
Plot: It's 2026, the Halliwell sons, Chris and Wyatt have taken the reigns of being Charmed. They are now the Charmed Sons and as their mother and Aunts had done before them, they struggle to balance their personal lives and that of their Charmed duties, but with the help of some familiar friends and new friends, the boys are able to overcome everything. However as they had risen that of Charmed, there is a new Source that was crowned without anyone knowing.

In 2008, just two years after the Final Battle, the demons felt they needed someone to take over as Zankou had done before them and the Triad. So they gathered the best powerful demon they could find and that person became the Source. However, the Halliwells did not see this coming. So what would they-including the new Charmed Ones-do when they find out? It is up to you as well as what else is in store since after all the brothers may be Charmed but they are still humans.

Along with the Source, Prue Halliwell rose too and have a family of her own. As her nephews are Charmed, Prue along with the sisters are not. However, they are still there to help out. Phoebe meanwhile still is married to Coop but the thought of Cole (who escaped the void but for a good reason he helped Piper get back with Leo) still are on friendly terms with her former husband and even accepted him being part of her girls' lives. Paige is still married to Henry and have three kids. However, Paige still sees Kyle and wished she would have ended up with him. Would she?

Lastly, Billie had gained slowly back the girls' trust but not Prue since of what Billie had put them through. However, in 2021, she forgave Billie and now Billie is a strong ally to the sisters though she still wished she would've saved Christy. So would you come and join the Power of Two?

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