Ancient Greek RPG with Legendary Heroes back!

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Ancient Greek RPG with Legendary Heroes back! Empty Ancient Greek RPG with Legendary Heroes back!

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Ancient Greek RPG with Legendary Heroes back! I77u50-1

Twenty five years after the Trojan War, a stranger comes with knowledge long forgotten into a world still restless with plagues, wars and famine. With the Epirus bow in hand, he unleashes again the Titans. Was he ignorant to their past deeds? Did he hope to chain them to his will to alleviate the plights of mankind? Or was he a follower hoping to gain rewards from the old gods?

The Titans have prepared quite differently this time for their release. Now, they wreak havoc among the humans, masked as their kind, hiding their schemes for final revenge on the Olympians above. Unprepared for the more strategic tactics of the Titans this time and spread too thin at having to assert their powers in the affairs of the mortal plane as well as prepare to defend Olympus, the Gods are failing. Humankind is at risk of extinction as the Titans play them like pawns in an immortal game of strategy, and the Gods are breaths away from shattering the delicate balance between the godly and the mortal realms.

Enraged and fearful for the future of the world, Zeus has petitioned Hades and made the decisions to awaken the legendary heroes of the Heroic Age to rise up and join the battle. These newly re-birthed heroes have sworn to fight as extensions of the Gods on the mortal plane and in return, be gifted a power from the Olympian they have pledged allegiance to in their second life. Zeus has planned for these legendary mortals to combine their individual greatness and team against the Titans below, allowing the Olympians time to put their own efforts into finding a way to destroy the Titans' existence without throwing both realms' existence into an irreparable chaos. Some of the resurrected have their their own personal agendas as well, but all are teamed with the Gods to save humankind from the Titans' deception. At least that was the way things were supposed to be when Zeus rose them from the Underworld and touched them with the power of the Olympians.

Those unforgettable names that have been fading away on parchments and in the minds of so many despite their heroic and legendary feats are now very much alive once more. Their bodies restored, as well as their free-will, the ancient heroes come to face their most difficult battle ever. But, at what cost to the world around them?


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