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Post  Guest on Sun Dec 11, 2011 4:33 am

Lourdes Sinclair Resapp
Written Interview

Lourdes Sinclair Crystal-songs

    Resident Full Name: Lourdes Sinclair
    Resident Date of Birth: July 24, 1995
    Resident Age: 16
    Resident Gender: Female
    Current Address: 45 Swallow Lane
    City/Town: Glasgow
    County/State: Glasgow City Council
    Country: Scotland

    Resident Hair Colour: Blonde
    Resident Eye Colour: Blue
    Resident Height: 5'6"
    Resident Weight: 143 lbs.
    Distinguishing Marks: I have dreadlocks, my bottom lip is pierced, and so are my ears

Spoken Interview With Highgrove Representative

Representative: Thank you for meeting with me today. We will now begin the recorded interview. I will ask you a series of standard questions. Please try to answer them to the best of your ability. So, firstly, how are you feeling today?

Resident: Just fucking peachy. And how are you you feeling?

Patient Observation: Lourdes is very relaxed and informal; she seems almost cheerful. She crosses her legs and smiles at the representative.

Representative: And what circumstances have led you to apply for residency at the Highgrove Home for Children?

Resident: Well, Jamie and Stan don't want me back after what I did, do they? They think I've got issues.

Representative: Do you have any medical conditions we should be aware of? If so, please explain.

Resident: I don't think so.

Representative: Have you ever been diagnosed with a psychiatric illness? If yes, have you ever been hospitalised or sent to a special care facility for these illnesses?

Resident: Well, not a psychiatric illness so much as a habit. They think it's an addiction, but I've got it under control. It's stupid to get all worked up over it. They told me I'm a sexual sadist, too, but that's bloody crazy. Just because I like to see them squirm a bit doesn't mean I'm a fucking sadist, for the love of Christ.

I had to go to rehab once, but that was a bunch of bullshit and you couldn't make me go back. That was when I was fifteen, I think. Yeah. Right after I turned fifteen. I was living with Jeff and Sandra Bower, and they turned me right in after they caught me snorting something in their bathroom. Hyprocrites; they had enough Xanax in their cupboard to kill a fucking horse.

Patient Observation: Lourdes shrugs and laughs, shaking her head. She seems to perceive all of this as a joke.

Representative: How does your current state of mind affect your day to day life? Are there any incidences of note which you feel are a direct result of your state of mind, such as suicide attempts, arrests, hospitalisations, et cetera?

Resident: I was arrested once on drug possession, but it was my first offense so I just had to pay a fine. I made sure I never got caught again. Other than that, I don't think so. I feel pretty good, actually.

Representative: have you ever harmed yourself, others, or animals? If yes, please explain.

Resident: I've been in my fair share of fights if that's what your getting at. And then there was Jason, Jamie and Stan's kid. He was always giving me these funny looks. Then he started coming on to me. Well, Jesus, I wasn't going to turn that offer down. He let me choke him. Jamie walked in on us and had a fucking freak out. I wasn't doing anything he didn't let me do. I guess that might count as hurting someone. I don't care though. I liked it.

Representative: We understand you are having trouble at your current place of residence. Could you please describe the problems you are having, and the results or repercussions that have come about because of them?

Resident: I choked their bloody kid...they don't want anything to do with me. I can't say I'm torn up about it. They weren't exactly the best foster parents a girl could ask for.

Representative: What five words would you use to best describe yourself?

Resident: I dunno...weird question, isn't it? I'm fun, I'm adventurous, I'm...kind of scary. That's all I've got.

Representative: Do you have many friends? Could you describe your relationships and where you met these friends?

Resident: I hang out with people. Jessie, Megan, Freddie...they all do drugs too, if you have to know. Jessie, she's like my sister...we lived in the same foster home for a while. We still talk sometimes, and we try to hang out. Megan and Freddie and all the rest are just the lot I hang around with from school.

Representative: How would you describe your relationship with your biological family? Did you spend much time with them? Do you have any siblings?

Resident: My biological family didn't do shit for me. My mum was an alcoholic and my dad was always out gambling. I had a sister and a brother, older then me, but Louis shot himself before I could talk in sentences and Andrea died when my mum crashed our car into a pole. After that, they took me away. I was ten years old.

Representative: Are you sexually active? If yes, are you aware of any sexual preferences regarding gender or situation?

Resident: I'm sexually active, yeah. I had my first when I was fourteen, I think. I'm into guys. But I can't get into it unless I can rough them up a little.

Representative: Where did you grow up, and what was it like there? How do you feel about where you grew up?

Resident: I grew up all over the bloody city of Glasgow. After they took me from my parents when I was ten, I went through a ton of foster families. At first I was scared, but then I really started to hate all of their fucking guts. The Browns hated me, the Jordans made me sleep on the floor, the Bells didn't want me because I curse, the Bowers send me to rehab to get rid of me...the list is long, alright? By the time I got to Jamie and Stan, I just didn't give half a shit. I suppose they've given up on sending me to another home and just decided to send me to a place for mental kids instead.

Patient Observation: Lourdes is still smiling, but it looks forced. Talking about this is obviously somewhat upsetting.

Representative: How is school? What are your grades like, and do you enjoy it? Do you participate in any after-school activities?

Resident: Oh, fuck school.

Representative: What do you hope to find at the Highgrove Home, and how do you feel about potentially becoming a resident there?

Resident: I'll give it a shot, I suppose. I just hope they don't try to shock me into being normal or anything weird like that.

Representative: Lastly, how do you feel about what you have done so far with you life, looking back on it. If you have done unacceptable things, how do you now feel about those?

Resident: What? Do you want me to feel bad or something?

Patient Observation: Lourdes looks stubborn and frowns, obviously not intending to answer this last question. When the interview ends, she leaves the room angrily.

Out Of Character Section

Is there anything your character isn't telling us? Do you have more information to add about your character that they would not tell the representative about? Please explain below:

What Lourdes isn't mentioning is that besides choking Jason, she also burned him with cigarettes and tied him up. She also didn't mention how the death of her sister Andrea affected her; she has unresolved feelings of hatred toward her mother for killing her and feelings of sorrow over the loss of her sister. Other than that, the truth has been told in its entirety.

Character Playby: Crystal Bowersox
Player Nickname: Spring
Chatango Username: Springrollz
Preferred Chore Assignment Group: Kitchen Chores


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Post  Nebby on Sun Dec 11, 2011 4:11 pm

This Application Is Currently Pending
Lourdes Sinclair Branch

But don't fret! Just follow the steps given to you below and edit your application appropriately. When you're done, please reply to this thread to let us know that the application has been edited, and we will review it again.

  • Lourdes need a bit of work before she joins us at Highgrove. Right now, I feel like I know next to nothing about her. There's very little detail in the application in general. We'll get into specifics as the pend continues but every question must be filled out with the appropriate information. Even if Lourdes has a bad attitude and wants to get smart with the interviewer the staff need to see the character through her answers. She can be a jerk but she's still got to tell us what we need to know.

  • I don't know anything about Lourdes drug use or her time in rehab. What is she on? How did she get started? How does she afford it? Who does she get it from and how often does she take it? These are important details that we, the staff, and Highgrove need to know. There's a brief mention of her snorting but that doesn't necessarily narrow it down. Then she goes to rehab but we still get no detail. It's said she was fifteen when she went in but how long was she there? What happened while she was there? Why was she let out if she was showing no progress?

  • To be diagnosed as a sexual sadist Lourdes would need to cause people pain in order to achieve any sexual gratification. Simply "roughing them up" to get into it wouldn't be enough. If you're sticking with it then we need details on this too. How did she discover that she liked it? How does it make her feel? How many partners has she had and have they all been consensual?

  • The family needs some attention as well. As this is what started Lourdes' life down the path it's currently on she needs to tell us as much as possible. How old are her siblings, what was her relationship with them like before the incidents, what was her relationship with her parents like? This will set the stage for the later details. For starters, how did Louis get a gun when they're banned in the UK? How old was he when he took his own life? Why does Lourdes blame her mother for the accident? Do they know what caused her mom to crash into the pole? What happened to dad afterward? Was there no next of kin to take her? These all need to be in the application as much as possible. Even if she hates talking about it or wants to act like it's no big deal she still needs to tell us.

  • A little more detail on the previous foster families would help us get a better feel on Lourdes as well. None of them could handle her and we get a few snippets as to what she went through but if she went from scared to this we need to see the transformation.

This Application Was Reviewed by: Nebby, Space and Ghost.


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Post  Zillah on Wed Dec 14, 2011 5:59 pm

This Application Has Been Marked as Dormant
Lourdes Sinclair Branch

This application has been inactive for three days, and as such it has been marked as dormant. If you wish to continue the application process, you must make the appropriate changes listed in your pending notice, and reply to this thread within the next two days. Failure to do so will result in this application being denied, and you may not apply to play this character again in the future.

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Post  Ghost on Sun Dec 18, 2011 1:53 am

This Application Has Been Denied
Lourdes Sinclair Branch

We apologise for the inconvenience, but this application has unfortunately been denied. The reasons for this denial are listed below. We encourage you to make another character and try again, but you may not use the same character name and primary issues for your next application.

  • This application has been marked as dormant.

This Application Was Reviewed by: Ghost.

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