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The Mutant 'cure' has been released to the public, allowing mutants who wish to take the opportunity, to rid themselves of their abilities. Some see this as a door to escape persecution, while others see it as a growing threat from the actions of humans who fear the mutant race. Hundreds take to the streets to protest it, while others stand in line for the discovery to cure them. There is unrest in the street.

Meanwhile, at Alkali lake, Jean Grey is found to be alive, after being thought dead after being overcome by flood waters of the destroyed damn. Found unconscious and in a coma, Scott Summers and Ororo Monroe return her to the Institute. Once there, the Professor tends to her, deducting that her abilities had subconsciously protected her from the mass of water that crashed down upon her.

Magneto, angered by the cure, takes the brotherhood to the fight, Pyro and Mystique by his side. Coming under attack by cure wielding soldiers. Magneto with the help of Callisto, a member of the Brotherhood, discovers Jean Grey is alive and more powerful then ever before. Losing the fight against the cure, he decides he needs Jean on his side and decides to pay a visit to the mansion, attacking it and infiltrating the security.

Despite the warnings and arguments against Magneto, the master of Magnetism makes it all the way into the sub-basement of the Mansion where Jean rested. There, Professor X waited, where he stood as the last stand against Magneto, imploring that he re-think his decision. Yet, no matter his decision, history did not have it in the plans. As Jean awoke from her coma, her mind would release an explosion of uncontrollable telekinetic energy. The blast, would encompass Xavier and Lensherr, killing them both. The Fighting stopped, and both groups receded, mourning the loss of their leaders.


Since the loss of their figureheads, each group had found itself a bit more outspoken. Scott Summers becoming the head master of the Institute and finding the role of leadership a bit demanding, questioning if he is ready for it or not. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood began to disband, their larger then life leader gone and not forgotten. The Institute for a moment, began to breath a sigh of relief, finding that one of the groups that caused the most problems for them, had finally given up on it's goal. Yet, another sprung up in it's location.

The Hellfire Club, run by one Emma Frost, began to act in secret around the mutant community. Under the guise of a prestigious school, as well as an illustrious lounge the Hellfire Club and it's Hellions began moving across the once thought empty playing board. Beginning by recruiting their own students much like Xavier's, most delinquants or they came from wealthy families, some even merging from the remnants of the brotherhood itself. This group, though led by powerful mutants and well-organized fell with the sudden disappearance of Emma Frost. Having no leadership, the Hellions disbanded, some going over to Xavier's Institute, some remaining on the streets.

This lull in opposition wouldn't last long though as there is now a new group forming underground. Led by old members of the Hellions and the Brotherhood, this group aims to carry on Magneto's dream and objective that he started: mutant equality and mutant rule. Still gathering power, this group--the Exiles--has so far managed to stay hidden and off the radar. Who knows how long it will be before they start to take action though with the rumors of a powerful new mutant hiding in the shadows.


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