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Post  LadyVic on Thu Dec 08, 2011 3:02 pm

World of Tomorrow Rgv45

A Steampunk/Post apocalypse RP

The year is 2158 three years after WWIII. The world has only just started to recover, a new government is now in place, cities have been rebuilt, and everyone is at peace standing under one banner. The banner of the mighty Republic. Yet not all is as it seems. They tell us everything they do is for the betterment of man kind but sometimes you just can't help but feel we are more prisoners than citizens. It all started back in 2097 when the war started. Never was there a more bloody war. Sometimes it felt like an extermination, a means to protecting the 'master' race.

Then came the soldiers, genetically enhanced fighters, humans didn't have a chance in hell against them. Yara, Viscar, Reapers, and Jackals. God we can never forget those bastards. New Nazi's they were called on account they were soulless child slaughtering monsters. We all breathed a sigh of releife when the war was over and the soldiers were being hunted down and decommissioned. Peace, that is what they promised us. A perfect world without poverty. We believed it too until people started vanishing.

Now we stand in current times just the government, the rebels, and everyone in between trying to figure out their lives in this new world. There is a whole lot of nasty left behind from the wars making half the planet unsuited for the human race anymore. A lot of tension between citizens and the council running this freak show, and can't forget the lines between good guys and bad guys is pretty blurred. To each their own I guess. Doesn't seem to matter where you stand anyways we have all damned ourselves with our choices now we have to pay for them. Kid you better figure things out quick or you won't last long. If the government dosn't chew you up and spit you out one of their monsters out in the wastelands will. Better stick to your guns and don't forget to keep them fully loaded, sleep with one eye open, their coming for you.

This is Lieutenant Reginald Fredericks of the Rebel Alliance wishing you luck in this hellhole. Oh and kid...

Welcome to the World of Tomorrow.

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