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Post  Ghost on Thu Dec 29, 2011 4:25 pm

Threads That Need Staff Intervention
Thread Busting Branch

This thread is for posting links to threads that need to be busted by Highgrove staff members. If you play a staffer and you're looking for something to do, this is the place to come, and on top of that, you'd be really helping Highgrove out.

    We currently have very few active staff members, and a lot of unruly kids. There are a number of threads that could use some busting. So as an added, temporary incentive, I will be offering an extra five (5) $RP Reward Points to staff characters for each thread that they bust. If you bust a thread that isn't on the list below, drop us a note and a link in this thread so that you can recieve your Busting Incentive!

If you have a thread that needs busting, or you see a thread that needs busting, you would be doing us a massive favour by posting here to tell us about it. Please include the thread title, a link, and a quick summary of what's going on, so we can get it added to the list. You do not have to be a staff member in order to tell us about a thread that you think needs busting. Anyone can help us out on this one!

To bust a thread, simply post your staff member in that thread and then drop us a note and a link here so that we can remove that thread from the list! Remember, if you run into a spot of trouble, you can always post a Staff Channel request for more help! Happy Hunting!

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