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Resident Dormitory Roster
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Each of Highgrove's dormitory rooms is home to three bunk beds. Dormitory assignments are non-negotiable out of character, though your character is welcome to try asking a member of Highgrove's administration about moving to another room if they have a viable reason. Every resident is provided with a chest or drawers and a small wardrobe for their personal possessions.

Dormitory 1
    Bunk 1 Top: Harold Masterson
    Bunk 1 Bottom: Ninian Frost
    Bunk 2 Top: Elias Ortega
    Bunk 2 Bottom: Michael Countenay
    Bunk 3 Top: Nathaniel Schram
    Bunk 3 Bottom: Chance Ramirez

Dormitory 2
    Bunk 1 Top: Newton Wood
    Bunk 1 Bottom: Huxley Constable
    Bunk 2 Top: Ace Finn
    Bunk 2 Bottom: Remi Durand
    Bunk 3 Top: Devon Churchward
    Bunk 3 Bottom: Talon Rogers

Dormitory 3
    Bunk 1 Top: Cecil Sharpe
    Bunk 1 Bottom: Milton Wenceslaus
    Bunk 2 Top: Rueben Westwood
    Bunk 2 Bottom: Wayne Cross
    Bunk 3 Top: Alan Thatcher
    Bunk 3 Bottom: ________

Dormitory 4
    Bunk 1 Top: Faith Williams
    Bunk 1 Bottom: Ellen Taylor
    Bunk 2 Top: Maggie Luchak
    Bunk 2 Bottom: Keziah Baird
    Bunk 3 Top: Bethany Lark
    Bunk 3 Bottom: Laura Richardson

Dormitory 5
    Bunk 1 Top: Josephine St. James
    Bunk 1 Bottom: Charlotte Travers-Jackson
    Bunk 2 Top: Eleanor Byrne
    Bunk 2 Bottom: Tara Anne Barlow
    Bunk 3 Top: Dilwen Vaughn
    Bunk 3 Bottom: Kayla Wright

Dormitory 6
    Bunk 1 Top: Elizabeth Rush
    Bunk 1 Bottom: Clarice Tompkins
    Bunk 2 Top: Meredith Rice
    Bunk 2 Bottom:
    Bunk 3 Top:
    Bunk 3 Bottom:

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