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Resident Therapy Roster
Therapy Roster Branch

Every resident at Highgrove must recieve mandatory psychotherapy and medication for their issues. Below, you will find the list of therapist assignments. Note, the head of household is also qualified to administer psychotherapy. Only the head of psychiatry and the psychiatrist are permitted to prescribe medications.

Dr. Gunner Bjorgen
    Charlotte Travers-Jackson: 15/Female/Substance Abuse
    Elias Ortega: 16/Male/Major Depressive Disorder
    Harold Masterson: 16/Male/Conduct Disorder, Sexual Sadism
    Josephine St. James: 16-ish/Female/Histrionic Personality Disorder
    Michael Courtenay: 14/Male/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, GAD
    Talon Rogers: 16/Male/Substance Abuse
    Tara Anne Barlow: 16/Female/Trichotillomania, Sexual Sadism
    Wayne Cross: 15/Male/Sexual Sadism

Dr. Matthias Savage
    Ace Finn: 15/Male/Major Depressive Disorder
    Dilwen Vaughn: 14/Female/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    Elizabeth Rush: 16/Female/C-PTSD, Trichotillomania, GAD
    Kayla Wright: 15/Female/Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Self Harming
    Laura Richardson: 14/Female/Stockholm Syndrome, GAD, Possible OCD
    Meredith Rice 15/Female/GAD, Avoidant PD, Phobias, Self Harm
    Newton Wood: 16/Male/Hypersexuality, Sexual Fetishism, Oppositional Defiant Disorder
    Remi Durand: 16/Male/Sexual Fetishism

Dr. Maxwell Rose
    Cecil Sharpe: 16/Male/Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Sexual Masochism
    Chance Ramirez: 16/Male/PTSD, Substance Abuse
    Clarice Tompkins: 15/Female/Narcissism, Delusional
    Devon Churchward: 16/Male/Bipolar, Hypersexuality
    Ellen Taylor: 15/Female/C-PTSD, Substance Abuse, Major Depressive Disorder
    Keziah Baird: 16/Female/Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    Maggie Luchak: 15/Female/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    Rueben Westwood: 16/Male/Histrionic Personality Disorder

Dr. Nadiya Zvarich
    {b}Alan Thatcher:[/b] 16/Male/IED, Substance Abuse, Depression
    Bethany Lark: 16/Female/Delusional Disorder
    Eleanor Byrne: 15/Female/Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    Faith Williams: 15/Female/PTSD, Deliberate Self Harm
    Huxley Constable: 16/Male/Histrionic Personality Disorder, Substance Abuse
    Milton Wenceslaus: 16/Male/Dependant Personality Disorder
    Nathaniel Schram: 16/Male/Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Deliberate Self Harm
    Ninian Frost: 16/Male/Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disoder, Hyposexuality


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