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For centuries, Sepulchre City has served as the stronghold of vampires. It is controlled by an alliance of four clans: the ambitious and power-hungry Artois, the mercenary and ruthless Saxen, the decadent and sensual Viceora, and the ferocious and bloodthirsty Incatasi.

The modern-day Sepulchre City is a place of festering opulence, a corrupt remnant of its glorious past. With the recent murder of Cornelia Viceora, the much respected founder and leader of Clan Viceora, tensions within the alliance are at an all-time high.

Nailed to the cross atop St. Bernadette's Cathedral and set aflame, the gruesome death of Cornelia Viceora serves as a reminder of the treachery so innate to their kind. With the responsible party still at large, suspicion and resentment are abound. Whispers of a conspiracy to unseat the ruling Artois have spread across the city like wild flames and threaten to plunge all into chaos.

More trouble brews in the form of the Society of Absalom, a human resistance group determined to put an end to the city’s flourishing slave trade that feeds the vampires’ appetites and lusts. Armed with ultraviolet ammo deadly to vampires, they have finally emerged from the shadows to reclaim the city.

And thus, the age-old struggle for power begins and only the fittest will survive.

Choose your side wisely.

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