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Officially open since Sept 24, 2010.
We are a very active community of dedicated writers and storytellers with
daily posts and a ton of potential to grow new stories into epic proportions.

Vampires, Lycans & Ghosts -- oh my!
* An original, adult, occult-horror role play for intermediate to advanced writers.

Your soul is on fire. You hear voices and you dream dreams. You've perhaps been seduced by a morbid curiosity in the occult. You're hungry for something. You aren't sure what is it yet, but it drives you to seek answers in the strangest of places located all throughout New York City; a few of which serve as a portals to another plane of existence via solving the riddle of a peculiar little Puzzle Box. Only four of these mysterious Puzzle Boxes are known to remain in existence. And only the hungriest, most devout souls will be shown the way. For when the box opens and yields its secrets, your eyes will be opened to the Truth.

The entire city of New York is blighted with reports of hauntings and demon possessions, keeping the New York Paranormal Society -- a cult of doomsday and conspiracy-theorists ever on its toes with ghost-hunter-style investigations and exorcisms. On the opposite end of the spectrum however, are the Enlightened Ones -- an elite cult of so-called Devil Worshipers, whose mission may well be to bring about the cataclysmic end of the world. Caught in the middle between the crossfire of these two opposing cults are the countless faces comprising the sea of humanity for whom, with their devil-may-care revelry and callus attitudes, life is just one endless party.

Learn the mysteries of life and experience no boundaries in both pain and pleasure. Whatever it is that you seek, you shall find it in spades along this journey of souls on fire.

  • Characters/Creatures accepted are: Human, Vampire & Lycan
  • Skill level is Intermediate to Advanced
  • Story is set in the Present modern world
  • No word-counts, though quality is essential
  • Easy App
  • Site rating - Mature (Adult, R)
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