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SPECTRUM Tumblr_luj4vwK2Bf1r6t3lxo1_500

Genetics are a tightly woven web. Recessive, dormant, dominant, genotypes, they're complicated
and fascinating and hidden somewhere inside of them is a very peculiar gene. Let loose into the
bodies of humans years ago, it spread like wildfire. An uncontrollable pandemic, it snuck into the
genetic makeup of people everywhere. It's an unpredictable thing. It chooses to rear its head in
the most unlikely hosts, after lying dormant for generations. Or sometimes it becomes as much
a part of your family tree as a familiar surname.

Set in New York, the most populous city in the United States, there is no doubt there are many of
the gifted scattered all around. Its carriers vary as widely as the gene does. It affects relationships,
jobs. It touches on both the gifted and the non-gifted. Knitted into the fabric of the city, you never know
if the next person you meet will be the one to introduce you to this world. Are you willing to step
into the spectrum?

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