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Clock Crashers is a an AU History Crossover Roleplay, where history comes alive in the present.
It is the year 2015 and a disease known as the "Time Sickness" has ravaged the world.
In a matter of months the human population looses millions of able bodied adults in their prime.
Fearing that the sickness will cause havoc with humanity and possibly cause our extinction governments around the world seek a cure.

But the discovery is not that easy.
In time it becomes clear that the cure is scattered throughout the minds of history.
And therefore as good as unreachable, or is it?
A scientist steps forward with a possible answer. Claiming to know a way to bring those minds forward.
He begins to implant some of the worlds most famous minds into the bodies of the recently deceased.
Hoping to find at least one with answers.

But are these people in any shape to give anything up?
They have been placed in a strange body, in a strange time...will they be able to get over the shock in time to save the world?

All historical persons welcome! Any time period, cannon or original.
Also welcome: Cannons or Originals from television shows such as CSI, Bones, Criminal Minds, ect!
No word count, traditional app! All face claims welcome!




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