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This Application is Backdated Four Years, Making Chester's Falsified Age 31 at Time of Application Posting.

Canon Character Application
Chester Branbury Branch
Out of Character Section

Chester Branbury Gaspard004

    Canon Name: Chester Lloyd Branbury
    Canon Age at Time of Death: 27
    Date of Birth: 17/05/1875
    Date of Death: 23/02/1902
    Gender: Male

    Falsified Date of Birth: 02/23/1970
    Falisified Age: 27
    Falsified Date of Admission: -
    Require Housing Assignment?: No.
    Require Staff Position?: Yes.

Appearance: Chester doesn't stand out much amongst his peers. He's mostly adept at keeping with the times, though he is something of a stickler for 'appropriate attire', as he calls it. He feels scrubs should be relegated to the operating room, and prefers to live in slacks and button-down shirts. He still reserves a penchant for suspenders and waistcoats, but he tries to keep to modern cuts. At a stretch, he may sometimes look a litle eccentric perhaps, but he tries to avoid this. Otherwise, he's of a fairly average height with an average haircut in average brown. His eyes are blue and tend to jump between mirthful or hawkish easily.

Personality: Chester is an all around good samaritan, as his canon description states. He's out to help the other ghosts of Highgrove, as well as the living, in any way he can. It is this need to help people that keeps him sane and drives him onwards. If he had no-one else to help, he very likely might fall prey to madness, most likely depression. The only way he staves it off is by working all the time. He'll disappear for a few hours at night (though he doesn't actually leave the clinic or house while he's 'gone') but otherwise he always seems to be on shift, keeping track of paperwork, medications and patients at all times. He would very much like to be the Head of Medicine, really, and run the department himself, but he doesn't want people looking into his 'past' too far, since it's all fake. Being one-hundred and ten years old, he's exceptionally learned and wise, though he often doesn't take his own advice very well. He can be a bit 'stuck in his ways' after this long at Highgrove, and does not take well to staff or residents who are careless with the running of the medical department. As far as his interactions with others go, he has an excellent bedside manner and frequently comes of as approachable and friendly. But he doesn't really have any friends... It's not that he doesn't want them, it's that he feels he can't let anyone close, in case he is discovered. He wuold also consider it dishonourable to lie to someone about who he is, if they were that close. So really, he's quite lonely though he's surrounded by people.

Merits and Flaws: Chester's most obvious flaw is that he's dead. He's also something of a bleeding heart -though he's no idiot. Genuine medical and psychiatric cases draw his attention easily, and he's very devoted to his work, almost to the point of slefless fault. He rarely stops to think about himself, most likely because he doesn't want to actually sit down and think too much about the past or the future. He tries to just live in the present, though not always successfully. He always has a sunny smile for others, however, even if it's sometimes just learned reflex. His best merit is his medical knowledge and experience. He keeps up to date with modern medical advances through devout study, ordering book or browsing medical journals online. He does not have much chance to practise many new medical advances, but he is confident in his ability to implement many of them. He is a skilled surgeon and a very knowledgable doctor of general medicine, with an arsenal of both modern and old world remedies under his belt for everything from the common cold to an arterial wound.

Current Activities at Highgrove: Chester spends almost all of his time working, save for a few ours when he has to disappear so as not to raise suspicion. Even when he has disappeared, he is still lurking and overseeing his medical department and the wardens of the house. Some might call him an eavesdropper. He also spends a lot of his time and effort in thwarting Nurse Fairfield's attempts against the residents, and he holds a special hatred for the woman. She suspects that he may have had soemthing to do with his death but he'll swear up and down that he didn't. Even though he did. He regrets what he did, if only because he hadn't thought it through, and now se's stuck at Highgrove forever. He'll always regret not just having her fired. He now works in the medical department as a 'nurse' so as notto raise suspicions about his age and abilities. He tries to keep as low a profile as possible, working to evade detection constantly. He has been known to disappear for years at a time when he's come close to being questioned or discovered, however. But he is always present.

Other duties he performs specifically are for the other ghosts of Highgrove. He takes on something of a guardian angel role for many of the 'younger' deceased members of the household, by filing their admissions paperwork and tweaking dates and diagnoses, to try to keep them from being discovered. He can and will alter paperwork and file notes to keep his wards out of trouble that might get them discovered or suspected. Likewise, he will do the same for any of the adult ghosts if he can... And if they're not Nurse Fairfield.

History: Chester Lloyd Branbury was born the second eldest son of Lloyd & Elouise Branbury of Highgate, London. He was one of five children; two sons and three daughters. He was born into money, and no expense was spared on his tutoring and general quality of life. As a child, he was dilligently studious in all of the subjects expected of a young gentleman, and would likely have been content to be married off to the next available rich daughter of a friend, as was expected at the time. However, London of his era was not all parks and parties, and as he grew older, the plight of the impoverished began to weigh on his conscience.

As a young man, he pursued the career path to become a physician, in hopes that he would find employ within one of London's many "Pauper & Lunatic Asylums" where he could put his advantage in life and his education to the best possible use. After recieving his doctorate at the tender age of twenty-five, his family grew concerned with his planned career path, and began trying to manipulate and disuade him from his ideals. They wished for him to be one of London's upper class doctors, or a professor at King's College. Eventually, grated by his family's constant interference, and thus his inability to retain a job in London, he was infomed of a job posting in The Lake District, at a home for orphan children. Naturally, he jumped at the chance, and left London soon after.

When Chester arrived at Highgrove, he quickly decided that it was the perfect place for him. He was generally well-liked by his peers and the children, and grew an affection for them in return, prouldy soon after calling Highgrove his 'home'. But the fairy tale was not to last. During the winter months of his first year at Highgrove, a Scarlet Fever epidemic finally reached the reote village, and then Highgrove House. At least half of the residents were afflicted, along with a number of the staff. Chester worked hard night and day to tend to the sick, never falling ill himself. It was during this time that Highgrove lost one of its residents, not to Scarlet Fever, but to neglect. A young boy placed in seclusion for hostile behaviour had his paperwork lost, buried under stacks of log books while the staff worked night and day to tend to the sick. The boy in seclsion eventually perished of the cld and dehydration, and Chester did not find his papework under the stacks until it was too late. Pronouncing the boy dead, he vowed a slip like this would never happen again.

It was barely a few nights later that Chester was returning from the quarantine ward in the attic, heading down to the administrative wing. As he reached the grand staircase, he moved to descend only to see the very same boy from the corner of his eye. Naturally, he started, turning his head to stare, and he quickly lost his footing and fell to his death. He died of a broken neck, but he would not let it break his spirit. He kept the same vow he'd made over Simon's frozen body. He would not let another resident of Highgrove perish from neglect or avoidable accident.

Child Canon Section - Written Interview
(Leave Blank if Playing an Adult Canon)

Have you ever been diagnosed with a psychiatric illness? If yes, have you ever been hospitalised due to your psychiatric illness(es)?:

(Answer Here)

What circumstances have led to your referral to Highgrove Home for Children?:

(Answer Here)

What was your childhood like? Where did you grow up? How do you feel your childhood has influenced your current circumstances?:

(Answer Here)

How are your relationships with your family members? Do you have any siblings?:

(Answer Here)

How is school? Do you achieve good grades? Do you participate in any after-school activities?:

(Answer Here)

How are your social relationships? Do you have any friends? Do you have any romantic interests?:

(Answer Here)

Have you ever knowingly committed a crime? Do you have a criminal record? If yes, what were your sentences?:

(Answer Here)

What are your hopes and aspirations for the future, and how do you feel you will best achieve them?:

(Answer Here)

Staff Canon Section - Written Interview
(Leave Blank if Playing a Child Canon)

For which position are you applying at Highgrove Home for Children?:


Why do you feel you would be the best candidate for this position?:

I am an accredited nurse practitioner with some years of experience, but I am new enough to the field that I am looking to branch out and apply my talents where they may be most needed.

Do you possess the necessary qualifications and experience to hold this position? If yes, please explain:

Yes. I completed a four year nursing degree program in London before registering with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. I then recieved another few years of hands-on experience, working as both a ward nurse and a trauma nurse at King's College.

Have you ever knowingly committed a crime? Do you have a criminal record? If yes, please explain:


How do you prefer to relax during stressful situations?:

I often find that reading a book, drinking a cup of tea and listening to music can help me to unwind after a particularly stressful day at work.

If you could describe yourself in only five words, which words would you choose?:

Dedicated, optomistic, vigilant, prepared, reliable.

If you were given an order by a superior, to which you felt morally opposed, what would you do?:

I would not breech my own moral code or the Hippocraic Oath on the directions of another. I feel my moral compass to be a fair and well weducated one, and would not compromise it.

What do you hope to achieve by working at the Highgrove Home for Children?:

Purely and honestly, I hope to help others. I want to be a part of a functioning team helping to rehabilitate children who may not have found open doors elsewhere. I wish to be a part of the prevention or the cure, not another part of the problem. Too many turn their backs onf troubled cases, but I feel that such cases, above all others perhaps, deserve my attention and care.


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Chester Branbury
Chester Branbury

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Chester Branbury Approved
Special Canon
Information & Assignments

    Full Name: Chester Branbury
    Age: 27
    Date of Birth: 02/23/1970
    Gender: Male
    Position: Nurse
    House Number: 5 Highgrove Terrace

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