Laundry Day (Open)

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Laundry Day (Open)

Post  Tara Anne Barlow on Tue Mar 06, 2012 1:56 pm

Her hair was half up, half down. One of the only ways she could really wear it that this point. All down and it moved too much. The natural sway exposed too much. She didn't like that. All up and the large bald spot at the base of her neck was painfully obvious. Half and half meant that the top was tight, pulled over what she wanted hidden. The bottom hanging down in a thin curtain. Hopefully masking the problems at the bottom of her hairline. Hopefully, not always.

Tara Anne's expressions were so largely grim that it was hard to tell if she was actually annoyed by her chores, or merely existing as she was want to do. The skinny girl reached deep into the hamper, grabbing the items from the bottom. The ease of cotton on her fingers and the slight spell of them being 'used'. It wasn't too bad. There were worse chores at Highgrove. Tara would much rather deal with dirty laundry than ornery chickens feeding off the cloud of dark and nervous energy that hung over the place. Or the kitchen, where she'd be required to wear a hair net. That was even less appealing. Tara Anne wasn't fussy asbout much of her appearance. She only bothered with make-up occasionally when she was in the right mood, but her hair. It was a tricky story.

She was pushing the laundry down into the bin with one hand. Her other hand plucking out a hair from behind her ear. Feeling that teeny tiny pop of release as the root pulled out of the follicle. Like the breaking of a seal with you flipped a bottle of juice over and smacked the bottom. On the other side of the room she heard a shout of disgust. Clearly her chores partner had would something unpleasant in the other laundry basket. Tara Anne rolled her brown eyes, seeing that the person was grossed out and still empty handed.

The teen mother stomped across the room. Brushing past her squeamish partner to reach into the depths of the offending hamper. She grabbed the offending laundry in a bundle and fished it out. Tossing it into the bin with a bit of a grumble.

"Don't be such a fuckin' baby..."
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