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Post  Ghost on Thu Jun 07, 2012 4:25 pm


Good afternoon fellow Highgrovians and STCians.

As you may have noticed, Highgrove is dead as a doornail, just like STC was. In a way, Highgrove simply turned into STC, and while it was the intent to make somewhere slightly familiar, Highgrove was also intended to be different, a clean slate if you will. But as you may have noticed, this did not happen. Through the re-apping of STC characters here and a lot of forming the same character connections as we had on STC, we were just making Hadley in a new setting. I think this may ultimately have been what killed us, as a spill-over from the death of STC. We brought with us the same universe, basically, and that universe was already failing.

Which is why I let this place drop.

For months I did not bother doing anything else. I looked around a few other boards and didn't really find anywhere that I fit in or really felt inspired. Eventually, I conceeded that something had to be done, which is why I wiped Hallowsgate Hospital, and have started it from scratch. And I'm about to advertise this forum to you guys.

However, before I do, there are a few things I want to mention. First and foremost, Hallowsgate is not and will not be STC version 3.0. Hallowsgate is a separate universe. There is no drug testing, and it's an adult facility. We will not be taking duplicate characters from the STC universe or Highgrove. We want a clean slate, a fresh start, and new characters and character connections. This also means that we'd like to see more diversity in who you're playing with.

Because STC is such an old community now, we all have a tendency to only play with certain people that we've grown used to over the years. I for one am very guilty of this trait myself. But it shouldn't happen on Hallowsgate. We want to present ourselves as an all-inclusive community, not an exclusive clique, which I think is how STC started coming across. Be kind to guests and new members, and try to get them involved in your plots! Put up character and plot requests that new people can sign up for! Help us with advertising when we have contests! Let's get a real, large community going, like we used to have.

So, without further ado, Here is Hallowsgate, reopened:


A Clean Slate Hallowsad


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