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Post  Alandree on Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:29 am

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Fantasy. Historical. Fandom. Cross-Over. You will find
these genres and more, when you log on to Tatty!
We're a community of friendly, talented, creative, and
laid-back artists who come to Tatty to have fun with
the characters we love.

Currently, our RPG network consists of the following:

[size=14pt]OBSCURITÉ MUSICALE[/size]
victorian AU panfandom

[size=14pt]MADSWIT HARBOUR[/size]
1900-1945 AU panfandom

[size=14pt]RECONDITE SUZERAINTY[/size]
medieval panfandom

[size=14pt]CROOKED PIN[/size]
cats the musical

[size=14pt]FOOL'S ACUMEN[/size]
tarot card inspired original high school


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