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Zirkustalia - A Victorian Era Hetalia RP Hetazirkus2
You see the crowd gathered in the market square. As you get closer, a voice raises above the curious murmurs. Pushing your way through, what greets you is a strange man standing with a prideful smirk upon a soap box, hair and skin pale as a ghost, red eyes accentuated by lace-like tattoos. His arms sweep wide as he shouts in a German accent, "Gather around and listen, come see the greatest travelling circus to walk the Earth! Der Zerschmetterten Spiegel Zirkus, the Shattered Mirror Circus, has come to grace your boring lives with acts that will dazzle and amaze you!" With a cackle he produces a handful of flyers and throws them in the air before disappearing into the muttering crowd. Curious, intrigued, you grab one from the air. It wouldn't hurt to take a peek would it?

You find the fairground full of energy and excitement. Everywhere there's jugglers, acrobats, strange and ferocious animals, caravans parked all around and a large striped tent situated near the back. As the sky begins to darken, people flock to the tent, and you find yourself watching with amazement as performers dance out into the ring, lead by the strange albino. You're mesmerized by the sights and sounds, unable to tear your eyes from the wonderful fantasy.

Wouldn't it be fun to run away? To escape life's hardships, the mundanity, those obligations you hold, and join the circus? The troupe is always looking for new acts, no experience necessary (but always an asset).

Zircustalia is a literate Hetalia RP set in Victorian times, where misfits from around the world gather to put on shows for willing audiences. There are plenty of characters and roles available (Nyotalia characters are fine), and OCs are welcome.

Setting | Plot | Tonight's Performers | The Main Tent | Rules | Run Away to the Circus | Job Postings


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