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“On distant sands, in savage lands, a war was fought and won. But the king lay dead, and in his stead, chaos pushes on.”

Forsilvra was a land born of blood, won through the lust for power and the sheer force of steel and might, so perhaps it is only fitting that in the end it is those some factors which are tearing it apart. The balance of power has shifted. Once in the hands of the Sterlyn king, the crown is now falling to history as the lands splinter into separate realms once more. There are those who claim, by right of blood, that they are the ones who deserve to rule, and they will stop at nothing to win the fealty of the lords… or enforce their dominion over them, but there are others for whom blood only matters when it is spilled, and they are determined to spill as much of it as they can.

They will sing songs of these battles, of these days when kings are made and toppled with the ease of children at play. They will make heroes out of the victors and cowards out of those who could not prevail. Whose name will they sing with pride, whose tomb will they adorn with flowers and riches? Whose noble house will be exalted for the deeds of the few who now spend their days burning villages and sacking cities? In a land without a true king, torn by civil wars and ancient strife, glory is yours for the taking. But when you reach for it, remember to look as you go, for in this world not even a king can escape the cold, cruel hand of Death.

Game Details:

Format: Messageboard // Vbulletin Software (no ads!)
Genre: Original Medieval War RPG
Age Limit: 18+
Contact: Summer *Email: lunarity[at]
Inspiration: GRR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire
*(You can also find the staff members in the cbox)

What we offer:
- An rpg with only original characters
- An original world that gives you flexibility to create
- Ability to create your own noble house with back story, or simply join someone else's
- Secret plot points meant to enhance your plot and your game experience.
- Extremely active game
- A true RPG experience where every action determines not only the path of your character, but contributes to the progression of the overall plot.


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